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Brad, I know ya want simple and effective, so I'll do my best.

#1. Reality Twister is GREAT! It's now marketed as Lubor's Lens. If you tell the right story...woo!

#2. The Amazing Jumping Arrow. I carry it with me everywhere! I explain it was found in a pile of junk supposed to part of a crashed flying saucer...

#3. Sponge Balls. Brad, learn a good routine with those! Penguin has 'em! Not expensive.

#4. Cards. Stay away from "pick-a-card" stuff. Do something different. Packet tricks are great, the best is Color Monte. If ya go for trick decks, learn a switch. You will get challenged eventually, and it's always good to have an "out".

#5. Rope magic. Learn a good cut & restored. Then learn Professor's Nightmare.

And Bella is right. An ivisible deck is invaluable! And TT's! Miracles seem to happen with a TT!

Stay away from the hype. Once in awhile a good effect comes out. It's usually priced way out my range, so I cannot recommend anything new...

Myself, the AJA and the Reality Twister are my two most effective. Smile

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Powerball 60 never fails to get a favorable reaction!
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I go Scotch & Soda. Easy, fast reset, does not require a surface, can get accidentally wet (bar situation) and does not take up much room in your pocket. Only advice I would give is keep it seperate from other change. I have given at least 2 sets to salvation army santas by accident, which is about a $30 mistake.
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If simple yet impactful is the goal the Scotch & Soda suggestion is great.
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For me;

- A good vanish and production of one coin (Joshua Jay teach a good vanish at his dvd 'Method in Magic - Live in The Uk').
- (sucker) Torn and Restored napkin.
- First to vanish a pencil behind your ear, after three taps with the pencil on the coin in your hand. Then vanish the coin with a 'strike vanish'.
- CMH (how original....!?)

You can entertain an audience for sure with this material!!
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CMH and Touch
Roy the Illusionist
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My sponge ball routine is by far my simplest, most effective close up trick. Some might disagree as to whether or not it is simple once they've seen it.
Are you watching closely?
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On 2012-08-06 15:35, Dougini wrote:
#1. Reality Twister is GREAT! It's now marketed as Lubor's Lens.

Both of these items are available for sale. Does anyone know how they differ? Or are they the same?

Reality Twister =

Lubor Lens =
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Greg Wilson's On the Spot has some really great, fully fleshed out promptu style effects.
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- TT (Osterlind's Sweet N Low - or anything you want .. best thing to have)
- Stealth Pen
- Bite Off Coin
- Double Back (Jon Allen)
- Balloon (Pressure)

Those are just what I carried today and I performed all over the place. I set Double back on top of the deck and open with it then perform a bunch of impromptu card stuff (if Im having a "cardy" day)
Gerald Deutsch
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The Balducci Levitation
Bob Sanders
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Vanishing salt shaker!
Bob Sanders

Magic By Sander / The Amazed Wiz
Dick Oslund
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Alexander Pope said it very well:

"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Drink deep or not at all from the Pyrhean Spring.

There, shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, while drinking largely sobers us again."

Your FIRST sentence in your OP, concerns me. At the risk of sounding a trifle harsh, you appear to be a little like the young man who asks a doctor to "teach me a little about brain surgery!" -or- "What instruments do you use to do an appendectomy?"

Your job or profession (take yer pick) is a highly technical one. How much respect would you have for an associate who only wishes to "dabble" a bit?

Please do not misunderstand me! I'm a retired professional magician--but, "professional" is not just about money! "Professional" is about ATTITUDE!!!

For me to recommend a particular EFFECT (not TRICK--"tricks", like music, only exist while they are being performed. might be compared to a doctor offering you an aspirin and a Band-Aid for cancer of the brain!

Ken Weber wrote "MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENT" a few years ago. It might help you gain a slightly different perspective. THERE AINT NO TRICKS IN IT! I've never met Mr. Weber, but, to use the old cliché: I WISH I HAD HAD THAT BOOK IN 1945, WHEN I WAS 13!

Mark Wilson's "COMPLETE COURSE IN MAGIC" is not really a complete course (the title, like the banner line on an old circus side show, is intended to get you "inside") but it does give a neophyte a very good start. (I don't remember for sure, but, I think it was ghost written by Walter Gibson (who probably wrote more books on magic than anyone!) The effects explained are good examples of my favorite acronym: KIS MIF. (Keep It Simple Make It Fun)

When you read it, you may begin to realize that magic is not inherently entertaining. The performer is more important than the prop! The performer, and his presentation are what make the performance of the trick ENTERTAINING!

I am sure that you didn't learn what you do for a living, by dabbling. (Look back to Pope's "A little knowledge" above!

A real AMATEUR MAGICIAN, L O V E S "MAGIC". (see definition of "amateur"--it is from the Latin: "I LOVE"). I have many amateur friends, and I have utmost respect for them -- not just for their performing ability, but also for their philosophy regarding "magic". --Believe me, THEY AINT DABBLERS!

I sincerely hope that you will invest some of your most precious "possession" (TIME) in LEARNING about what CAN be a wonderful hobby.

You OWE it to those friends who invest THEIR TIME in watching your performance!!! (In watching, they aren't paying you with cash, but with THEIR most precious possession!)

I'll "wrap this up" with a story that I've told many, many times. It may help you to understand!

A ship is heading out to sea. An old sailor, and a very young sailor are standing at the ship's rail. The young man remarks, There's a lot of water out there!" The old man replies, "What you see is just the TOP OF IT!"

Yours, 'til the curtain closes~

Dick Oslund
Sneaky, underhanded, devious and surreptitious itinerant mountebank!
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What Dick Oslund said!!!

Here's my suggestion:

Get Bobo's Modern Coin Magic.........Then devote some SERIOUS time to mastering what you will see inside...and you will ALWAYS be ready to PERFORM AT A MOMENT"S NOTICE any time....

Making it entertaining, however.....well........that's a whole different story!
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Aquarius cap in bottle
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Sponge Balls Kills:)
A World without Magic is a World without Dreams and Hope:)

Creator of: STEEL (performed by Dynamo), X-RAY, Real Coin Bend (performed by Dynamo), Totally Crazy Bands, Rasmus Haunted Deck, MCF CARDS, Jawbreaker, CRAZY CARD CHANGE, POLTERGEIST, STEEL Stage Version,
X-RAY Stage Version
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Ring-thing by Garret Thomas. Simple, effective, and I could easily move into a routine that utilizes there ring if they want to see some more magic.
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Coins Across
Levi Bennett
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I'd say for simplest and most effective it's S&S for me. It's too easy and people really are stunned.
Performing magic unprofessionally since 2008!
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Now that I have "Skycap", I have used the pen thru card/cap version a couple of times followed up by "Re-capped" after explaining that its all done with the magic pen!

Re-capped remains one of the funnest and simplest impromptu routines that I still frequently perform.

"A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway" - Griffin

"Any future where you succeed, is one where you tell the truth." - Griffin (Griffin rocks!)
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