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Cameron Roat
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Richhead, please excuse my forgetfulness. Marlo's Miracle Routine also has bottom deals and such. The only moves I could think of, however, were the two Faros. This is probably because I usually omit the Bridge and Rummy hands, as few people for which I perform know the concepts of these games.
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I think Overkill and JC Super Closer are the best self working tricks
Parson Smith
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I know that it is simple, but I do like Gemini Twins.
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I have to agree with Parson, Gemni Twins is "The Best" self working card trick.
An amatuer practices untill he gets it right, a professinal practices untill he can't get it wrong.

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My favorite "self-working" trick is John Bannon's Timely departure
(from his beatiful book Smoke & Mirrors).
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Alejandro Peterson
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Ultimate Fate by Gustaferro is in my opinion the strongest self working effect, in fact one of the strongest effects with a regular deck of cards
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MacGyver wrote:

-- I also really love to do this one I have changed a bunch to suit my own style
-- and handling, but it is basically a self working trick where first you find
-- their card by using math, then you find their card by using a little bit of
-- mentalism, then you change the back of their card. Entirely self working.

Hi MacGyver!

I wonder if you're referring to the "Maths-Mind-Magic" routine that I posted on Magic Dan's site ( which I originally found in a 'Magic' article by Jim Sisti? If so, I'd be interested in how you've modified it for your use. By all means PM me on this.

For my own part, I still love the trick - great layman impact - but I tend not to use it for strolling (it's too long), just for 'parlour' magic. Also, I've found that when I've shown magicians, the bit where you clearly and fairly mix the cards just before the 'mind-reading' revelation, really throws them! Great stuff.
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Emotional Reaction by Dai Vernon.
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Poker Players Picnic from Royal Road to Card Magic. Once you set it up, you don't touch the cards.

On a funny note, I had a friend begged me to show him how the trick was done. I didn't, but he managed to reversed engineered the trick in a dream. He says he woke up screaming with joy.

Miguel Rangel
"Excellence is not a single act; it's a habit" Shaq quoting Aristotle after winning NBA MVP.
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Bob Solari's "premonition" is a nice self working card trick. A jaw dropper ending.
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Probably Untouched by Daryl...
"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."

~ Albert Einstein ~
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Surabaya, Indonesia
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The Eye of Stonehence - Lennart Green is killer
great stuff......
I always get great reaction for this
"Good performance comes from good practice, Great performance comes from the heart - Andre Limantara"
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Another vote for "potent Presage", by jack carpenter
Mago Gregorio
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- Overkill P Harris
- Untouched Daryl
- Gemini Twins 5have a look at Hank Lee version Quintuplicate coincidence, which makes it even stronger)
- The Power of Poker J Bannon
... are my favorites self working tricks !

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Another shout out for Gemini Twins.
Look at Ackerman and Aronson and Gastufaro for some other version.
What a stonker - there was a marketed version called The Kick which used a blank deck and just 4 face cards - Harry Baron
I have a non self working version that which is just superb - even if I do say so my self - lol
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I agree with the special-deck take on Gemini Twins, variously called Quintiplicate coincidence/Stolen Cards/Rainbow deck.
Ellusionst discussing the Arcane Playing cards: "Michaelangelo took four years to create the Sistine Chapel masterpiece... these took five."

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Carlos the Great
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Many of the SW tricks I perform are listed here. However I am starting to become partial to Dead Reckoning (in Dear Mr Fantasy by John Bannon). Here is a brief description:

"Dead Reckoning" is one of the sections worth the price of the book. The routines in this section artfully blend multiple principles one on top of the other yet somehow -- and having spent hours reading this section, I still can't say for sure how exactly some of them work -- the routines are all as straightforward as you could get. "Dead Reckoning", the first trick in this section, explains all the principles and the workings in a simple but completely impossible card location. In effect, the spectator picks a card from a cut-off packet, shuffles the packet, put the deck back together, the deck is cut, and the card's value mentally spelled out by the spectator as the performer deals. Naturally, on the last letter the spectator spells silently, the performer stops dealing, and that last card is the selected card.

(from Now, this is not a "key card" trick (see for a more in-depth description of the trick). The most brilliant part of the trick, for me, is that the trick resets itself and you are ready to do it again as soon as you finish.

One note, I have been playing with different methods of "counting" as I have run across some issues with people not spelling correctly and, obviously, not knowing that they are not spelling correctly. Ideas include them writing the card and crossing off letters each time you deal a card (less chance for random mistakes but a little icky), asking for the card and spelling it out (lose some of the effect but no chance of misspelling), and so forth.

Props also need to go out for Dunninger's Delight by Kenton Knepper. VERY SIMPLE yet, properly performed, a real mindblower!

Personally, it all depends on what one means by self-working. Is a single double-undercut or cull mean it is not self-working? What about a cross-cut force? Degrees of Freedom, also from Dear Mr Fantasy, might need to be included in some way as well. I think somebody mentioned Galaxy by Paul Harris (self-working and no prep needed when a new deck is taken straight out of the box), then there is Shuffling Lesson, a great trick also available in the AOA series.

Against All Odds, from Darwin Ortiz (Cardshark, I believe, but I may be wrong) is another self-working trick that can be done immediately upon opening a deck (instead of an envelope, have the spectator choose any card they want, the rest should be easy to follow).

These are just a few that come to my mind. Good luck everybody!

Cognite tute
Steve Haynes
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On 2003-09-30 15:21, Frank Starsini wrote:
On 2003-09-08 08:39, Leon of PrimRose wrote:
My favorite self-working trick is where the spestators handles the cards at all times during the trick. I don't remember the name of it but the magician picks the card. I've gotten great results from it and they'll never figure it out, EVER.

This doesn't sound like magic to me.
It sounds like a puzzle to be solved or a trick or something that might get the compliment... "that's clever".

Sounds like this might be UNTOUCHED by Daryl.
Which is a very strong very easy hands off effect.

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I realy like the rising card.
You don t even touch the deck and it does it all by itself
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Impossible. Larry Jennings.

Sal Piacente's packet trick.

And there is a real gem in Derek Dingle's Complete Works... I'll let you find it.
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