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I'm surprised how few people have said OOTW. That's my favourite. Then it's the Shuffling Lesson and the valentine's day card trick(soul mates). Until last week even I didn't know how it worked!
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If you have a computer with a high speed cable connection, then try Scott Imler's Cyber Card. This is one of the best self-working trick IMO.
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On 2006-03-18 12:22, landmark wrote:
SImon Aronson's Shuffle-Bored.

Jack Shalom

Check out John Bannon's work on that principle in Dear Mr. Fantasy. Brilliant.
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My vote goes to Stonehenge, by Lennart Green
Eternity by Emran Riaz (Gimmicks + Download) An IMPOSSIBLE prediction of ANY number, ANY word, literally ENGRAVED in a medallion they've been holding THE ENTIRE TIME.
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Funny that Poker Player's Picnic in RRTCM is mentioned only once in this thread! It is possible to reverse engineer, but it seems that even clever mathematicians struggle. Also, it might be given a "mental touch" with certain spectators (the ones that belive in horoscopes and angels).

With good presentation, I think it can work nicely from a completely shuffled deck too; just remember the four top cards and predict them at the end.
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It's interesting that someone pointed out Lennart Green's self working mechanisms from his 7th volume, and I would concur, agreeing that you could do his self working trick titled "rain man" and "4 aces squared", followed by a colour separation of him while everyone is still gawking at how you did what you did, then doing the "$26,000 bet".
A recent favourite table routine of mine.
Geoff Williams
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Little Bunny's Card Trick
by Bill Goldman

(a variant of "Shuffle-Bored" by Simon Aronson)

This wonderfully charming version gets a HUGE reaction and there aren't any sleights at all.

"Saját légpárnás tele van angolnák."

(Hungarian for "My hovercraft is full of eels")
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Any of the UnDo Influence effects in Simon Aronson's Try The Impossible book...killer effects. I also vote for untouched and overkill.
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Untouched, IIRC, is also available on Ammar's Easy to Master Card Miracle series -- volume 4. Lazy Man's Card Trick is also on the same DVD.

Interesting thing about Untouched is that I didn't think it was that strong. It was interesting, but I never thought much of it. Of course, when I've been performing it recently, it's getting knock-out reactions. After the performances, people have been asking me about that "trick where you think of a card and I find it."

And of course Bannon's 'Degrees of Freedom.' This seemed more like a stunt than a trick when I first read it -- but wow, people love it. (Even if I have to sometimes explain what a 'Royal Flush' is.) And I, like others, I suspect, just do the trick occasionally to see it work. It's fascinating.
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Yes, Degrees of Freedom is really much stronger than it might read. I normally don't like any effects where you make a bunch of piles with the cards or put them in some kind of a matrix (a la the 21 card trick). But the "origami" or "folding" idea of Degrees of Freedom is really cool, and the ending effect is just brilliant.
Vater Araignee
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I still like "The Fastest Trick in the World" with my own little spin on it, then I go straight into a single deck "Do as I Do".
They where made for each other.
"Good enough never is." - Vater Araignee
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Personally, I like both shuffle cut deal and ditto by Jay Sankey, as well as Unemotional Reaction by Jerry Sadowitz (I've yet to see the Vernon original version) and Derren Brown's extreme mental effort, which is so so so much bang for so little buck.
James England
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Giobbbi's Gambler's Dream
Never regret something that once made you smile
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Thought I would try to summarize for everyone:

Karl Fulves -Ultimate Coincidence by
Karl Fulves -Gemini Twins from "More Self-Working Card Tricks". (variously called Quintiplicate coincidence/Stolen Cards/Rainbow deck
Karl Fulves' Stop" in Self-Working Card Tricks
Harry Lorayne's Poker Deal –
Harry Lorayne -Out of This universe
Harry Lorayne's Out of This Universe
Harry Lorayne's -"Stop" Close Up Card Magic"
Harry Lorayne's - Impromptu Out of this World (or Ammar)
Harry Lorayne's -Lazy Man's Card Trick (in Close Up Card Magic)
John Bannon's -Play it Straight Triumph
John Bannon's -Dead Reckoning (in Dear Mr Fantasy)
John Bannon's -Timely departure from his book Smoke & Mirrors
John Bannon's- 'Degrees of Freedom
Dai Vernon -Emotional Reaction
Dai Vernon -Emotional Reaction
Dai Vernon's "Royal Marriages"
Royal Road to Card Magic -Poker Players Picnic
Royal Road to Card Magic -Mountebank Miracle-
Royal Road to Card Magic -Gray's Spelling Trick -
Lennart Green -The Eye of Stonehence –
Lennart Green - Stolen Cards
Lennart Green -Stonehenge,
Jay Sankey -astral projection
Jay Sankey -Shuffle Cut Deal
Jay Sankey -shuffle cut deal
Jay Sankey - ditto
Do as I Do.
Do as I do (Oz's penguin involving 2 reversed cards
Triple Coincidence.
Daryl's "Untouched
Neither Blind or Stupid
Dan Harlan's self working card trick
Juan Tamariz's Blown Away.
Daryl's Untouched, (as well as Aaron Fisher's version of Untouched)
Aldo Colombini's Predeckability
J.C'S Super Closer -Ammar's Easy to Master Card Miracles Volume 4 I believe.
'Overkill' it's in Paul Harris AoA 2
copper and silver
Bob Long's "The world's best card tricks"
Poker Control--out of this world.
Richard Lyn "Tricky Ricky"
Galaxy, the Paul Harris version of Out of This World (AoA)
the work of Phil Goldstein or Simon Aronson
'A Potent Presage' by Jack Carpenter
Cheek to Cheek
Overkill and JC Super Closer
Bob Solari's "premonition
Gustaferro -Ultimate Fate
Kenton Knepper -Delight
Degrees of Freedom, also from Dear Mr Fantasy
Darwin Ortiz -Against All Odds
Larry Jennings -Impossible.
Dan Paulus-Blind luck by
Simon Aronson's "Point Spread"
Simon Aronson's Shuffle-Bored
Scott Imler's Cyber Card.
Little Bunny's Card Trick by Bill Goldman (a variant of "Shuffle-Bored" by Simon Aronson)
"The Fastest Trick in the World"
Jerry Sadowitz -Unemotional Reaction by
Derren Brown's extreme mental effort
Giobbbi's Gambler's Dream

NOTE - Gemini Twins is published in Karl Fulve's book of self working card tricks (the first trick in Volume 2, I think) and is a true self working trick. The other is Bro. John Hamman's Twins that uses the sleights you mention including the Gemini Count which is why the two are often confused with each other.
Harry Lorayne
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For those who care - all of the few items of mine listed in the above post are in LORAYNE: THE CLASSIC COLLECTION, VOL. 1. Best - HL.

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If you like the ACAAN effect, try with:

Tommaso Guglielmi Random ACAAN.

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Well .. I believe most of the best have been covered here so I'll post one that hasnt been yet. I consider it to 98% self working. Aaron Fisher's "Search and Destroy" plays extremely well with spectators. After the inital move, which is nothing at all, the spectator does the rest. A fella in the "Search and Destroy" thread talks about how he gets kids at events (weddings) to walk around with him and do the card cuts, which plays huge with the people. This effect really flies under the radar somehow. In my view it should be much more popular than it is .. which is probably a good thing for people like me who perform it. Some other fav's include Sankeys Shuffle Cut Deal and Out of This world!

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Untouched and Overkill get a hefty vote as well
Harry Lorayne
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A few have called me to ask why I don't mention my effect 12/21 (in SPECIAL EFFECTS) here, in this thread. Well, okay, I really was a bit sorry that I included it in that book - I still fool the heck out of knowledgeable cardmen with it; laymen go without saying - should have kept it to myself. But...what the hey - and I'll expect the two or three "jealousnicks" that usually do to rant and rave about me "pushing" my own books, although I'm not suggesting to anyone that they BUY the book...I'm mentioning 12/21 here. Do with that information whatever and however you like. Best - Harry L.

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