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With regard to Outlaw book tests(experiences), one is often faced with the question: where did you get those? I'd like to hear some original responses, serious ones if possible.
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EBay. You can get anything off that, I explain.
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What's wrong with the many ideas on the outlaw forums and in the performance manuals?
"I've always been mental, I'm sure of it" Boris Pocus Smile

"Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny". . .Bruce Springsteen
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Bought it from a guy in California. Smile
Paul Carnazzo
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I live pretty close to Salem, Mass. so whenever I'm using an "old witchcraft item" I usually say I picked them up at an estate sale in Salem.

I realize not all of the books at Outlaw are "witch" themed, but the same idea can be applied to their other books; estate sale of a psychiatrist, detective, etc.
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Inheritance from a weird aunt or great aunt of yours. Or I simply tell them Im a antitque collector, and I have collected old books from various stores, some online as well. this has worked for me so far, nobody has doubted it or ever viewed them as trick/prop books Smile
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I had a great grandmother who was into "weird" things and was rumored by some in the family to be a witch. I really didn't put much stock in the story until after my grandfather died. He was kind of the family historian and kept family records and various family heirlooms. While going through his things, I found some strange books, antique tarot cards, and painted bones along with some notebooks with diary entries that hinted at their use. It was then I began to think that maybe the rumors were at very least partly true.

The best thing about this story is it is entirely true. I just added some of the Outlaw books to this collection of family treasures and went from there.
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How about telling us how you perform first? A suggestion is useless if you can't use it.
It's like calling a mechanic to ask how to fix a problem with your car but not telling him what kind car it is.
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Though my extended family is in the U.S., I have a nephew who studied at Oxford. I rarely see him, so it has been safe to tell people that my nephew found my Colney Hatch key box with patient register at a small junk shop. He knows I am interested in such things so sent them to me as a gift. If only he hadn't, my sleep might be less disturbed....

The clincher is when people learn Colney Hatch was real.
Dr Spektor
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A running callback I sometimes use is

"while wandering the dark back alleys of marakesh I happened upon a strange little bazaar.... Etc etc ..... Take it, said the shop keeper- it's yours - it always was...."
"They are lean and athirst!!!!"
Bill Cushman
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I think my name is listed as a doctor in the 1935 Luna (Thank you Doctor!) so I tell them I found the books in my Grandfather's belongings, who I am actually named after. I love those little touches of honesty mixed with lies!

I told a retried Homicide Captain that I got my copy of Homicide at a used bookstore and asked him to authenticate that I wasn't just getting a repro but something actually used back then. Which he did.

My mother-in-law is listed as the author of one of the WA quotes, but it is perhaps better I don't go there. She wasn't amused as I was.
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An old, out-of-the-way Curio Shop. Funny thing is, when I went back there the next day, it was no longer there! No sign. No door. No listing in the phone book. Nothing! ;-)
"I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief"

--Gerry Spence
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I say I found it in a pile of old books in an antique store (the street next to mine is a well known street with antique shops. Some of them have beautiful old trunks filled with old books that date back to the 20's). I found the contents fascinating, and got it for one euro - and I don't have a clue as how it got there, since I bought it on the European mainland. That's what I say about Luna.
With Phantoms, I tell them I read about the original Gray story, and started digging into the history of it - after which I found the book on eBay for a very modest price.
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The Colney Hatch Materials are from Camden Market...
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My default thought is that I have a personal friend: an old retired university professor; a psychological investigator who has travelled extensively and has, over a lifetime, collected various interesting objects during the course of his work with psychiatry, psychology, and parapsychology. He is now quite old and didn't mind gifting me with some of his collectibles.
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The beauty of the Outlaw books is that even though we may all do the same basic effect, we will each have our own story to tell so that each performer appears to be presenting something entirely different. The Outlaw books are perfect for a good story teller.
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While wandering around England I stumbled upon the greatest town in the world for a book lover. It is Hay-On-Wye, an entire village filled with nothing but used books from one end to the other. In this town you can find the strangest and most wonderful old books in the English language. Certainly every book from Outlaw could have had a home there. If only I could wander through that town every week. Of course, if that were possible I would be living in a tent unable to afford either food or shelter.
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You were poking around in an antique store and found an interesting looking little book.
You can purchase my works at:
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I think once of the inherent weaknesses of anything dark and spooky is when we constanly use some of the good old fashioned ruses/guises... if something sounds too familiar and cliched then I personally feel it can lose its impact and any amount of believeability....

I have one of ed fowler's haunted keys...and made myself an ebay receipt on photoshop, and keep it in a self-seal sandwich bag (plastic)...

and I say "look...i feel a little silly even showing you this, but its been freaking me out...despite myself, knowing that it was going to be a fake...i couldn't help myself...i bid on this key I found on ebay searching for memorabilia on my favourite *insert author/artist/whover* and found was supposed to be the hotel key they found their body in...."

and make sure the ebay receipt matches obviously...

its still hokey in some ways, but at least (in my opinion) has a modern day connection...

no offense meant towards anyone on this thread either *smiley face*
I've asked to be banned
Tom Jorgenson
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Here's how I used Ebay for the provenance of one of my Higley-Fish:

Take a good picture, and use it for a legit Ebay auction. Do the write up as you wish and when the auction is up online, just take a screen pic or print it out.

Then immediately cancel the auction and pay your $1.50 to Ebay for the cancelled auction.

Very cheap, quick and easy, and no photoshop experience required.
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