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I love my Ripped and Restored by Yves Dormigue (sp?). Very convincing and easy.
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Magical Dimensions
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It has been written:
Is the effort, practice and set up required worth it? I learnt Reparation but the reactions I got were Luke warm at best.

Have other workers got better reactions?

Answer: I have done this at my stage shows. I would have a woman sit in a chair, the lights go out as a spotlight light us, then music starts to play.

I then do the effect without speaking a word. I walk up to the lady, (keeping beat with the music) and hand her the deck. I motion for her to mix the cards. I hold out my hand and she returns the deck. I have her select a card. I pocket the deck as I hand her a marker. You do all this while moving with the music.

Once the card is signed I take it and show it to the audience. I step back two to three steps and start the tearing. After a tear, I will step forward (keeping beat with the music) to the lady and show her the torn pieces. Then I will step back again.

I restore the card and hand it to the lady. She takes hold of my hand as I help her to her feet. I have her bow, as I along with the audience applaud. She returns to her seat. Once she sits. The music stops, and the spot is turn off. Then back on, as I take my bow.

I get really good reactions doing it this way. I just take something small and play it big. Try it, you'll see that it kills, if you set the mood and add a little music and drama.

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Don't forget Vinny from the Café has some great handlings that definitely need a look.

Frank Hand Crafted Magic
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Don Wilson
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Or if you want to cheat and use a gimmicked card, look into Bob Swadling's Torn & Restored Card. The card doesn't restore one piece at a time, but all at once. The effect -"A card is selected and torn into pieces. In a FLASH of FIRE, the card is RESTORED IN MID-AIR."
Bob Swadling is from the UK, but this item has been carried by Hank Lee in the past.
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[quote]On 2003-09-22 07:52, marko wrote:

The whole process of tearing up a card only to restore it piece by piece seems a rather clinical demonstration of pointless skill.

Perhaps it's clinical, in a way (as in to a magician), but would you really consider the ability to mend that which has been destroyed a pointless skill?


If that skill is used to restored somthing as worthless as a playing card. Why tear it up if you want it restored?

Darwin Ortiz has the only T & R card I have seen with a STRONG justification for tearing up a card only to restore it seconds later.
Pete Biro
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Here's an excuse/reason I use....I explain how a gambler might put a mark or crimp in a card. I take out a tiny pair of scissors and say, "They might be pretending to trim a fingernail, but in fact will put a tiny cut in a card (I do so)." I then ask someone if they can see it (it is really small) and usually get "No," as an answer.

"Well, let me make the cut a little bigger." I then cut the card nearly in half. "Oooops..." and then pull the card into two pieces, saying, "Well, now can you see the cut..." etc etc.
Larry Davidson
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I've posted this before but will post again here since it concerns motivation for tearing and then restoring a card. Here's my motivation, which admittedly is very bizarre.

I talk about a strange phobia that I have, and explain that while I was researching it on the internet, I learned about even stranger phobias, including Allodoxaphobia and Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (look these up on Google -- I found them incredibly funny).

I talk and make a joke about the two above phobias, and then I explain that my own strange phobia is a fear of ripping playing cards. I relate how my doctor told me that it's important to face your fears, and I slowly rip a card while making pained facial expressions. I explain that my doctor told me that if you face your fears, everything will eventially turn out okay, and I then restore the card.

I'm sure it's hard for you to get a feel for this routine without knowing my comedic performing persona and without seeing my facial expressions and choreography, but just thought I'd mention it as an example of thinking outside of the (card) box.

Larry D.
Dave Shepherd
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Nice ideas, Larry!

Having worked with both Reformation and Reparation, I would have to agree that I really didn't find that much difference in difficulty between the two. And Reformation always felt more convincing to me.

But I also have to admit that I don't perform either of these regularly... Smile
MJ Marrs
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I agree that the end result of doing an instant restoration of a card and a piece by piece restoration of a card is the same: the card is restored. Furthermore, I'll bet that many spectators probably wouldn't be able to recall, years later, if the magician restored the card all at once or one piece at a time anyways. However, in my mind, an instant assembly reeks of a "switch." A layman might not know HOW you're switching the individual pieces so quickly, but I'd reckon that the idea of switching is in the forefront of their mind.

With the visual piece-by-piece restoration, how could they be thinking switch? The pieces are melding right in front of their own eyes. They're bound to be thinking that glue or tape are being employed. Then you hand out the pieces and they're like, "There's no friggin' way!"

I think that both methods have merit, just like both the ungaffed and gaffed versions of three-fly are very strong. But I don't want to settle for very strong, I want the "ultimate." Even if this means that I'll be spending lunchtime for the next two months practicing the "Reformation."
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Frank thanks for the kind words about my Warped and restored.
Warped and Restored is very easy to do and only requires one card. This effect can be done surronded and is impromptu , with no palming or gaff or duplicate cards, This effect like all other s has it's strong points as well as it weakness, and this trick is cheaper than all others it is free to any one who wants it. All I ask is $5 dollars to cover the shipping. If interested contact me at vinsmagic@
I also have my Top gun control on this cd which is also a color change down load the demo to check it out.
Come check out my magic.
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With the visual piece-by-piece restoration, how could they be thinking switch? The pieces are melding right in front of their own eyes. They're bound to be thinking that glue or tape are being employed. Then you hand out the pieces and they're like, "There's no friggin' way!"

maybe that is why a lot of flash restorations also include a tranposition. (i.e. the card is restored AND it is in the middle of the deck)
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I have never had any questions about the torn and restored plot. "Why tear a card up if you want it restored?" could be argued with "Why vanish something if you're gonna reappear it?", or "You're a magician, why let me pick a card when you're going to know what it is anyway?". I love the T and R plot. MY favourite are Torn, Torched and Restored, and Warped and Restored, a beautiful one card Torn and Restored. Be sure to check them out.
The T&R Project.
A revolutionary take on the Torn & Restored card.

Available now at
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