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Stephen Long
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In a thread recently, Masterofthecoin told an excellent little story about how he used his D'Lites to attempt to make up after an argument with his girlfriend.
(The lights represented the "bad thoughts" about him which he seemingly plucked from her head.)

The great thing about this is that it worked.

This got me wondering...
Are there any other stories like this one out there?
In what ways have you brought magic into your social lives (for better or for worse)?
Has magic ever helped you out of a sticky situation?
Has magic been the reason you met a future spouse (or other significant person in your life)?
Has magic ever helped you out at a job interview?
Has magic ever gotten you into trouble?

I think I'd just be generally interested in hearing any magic related stories anyone would care to share.

Many thanks,
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I don't know if this actually helped, but when I was dating my wife I put on an impromptu magic show for her and her dad and sister. I can't even remember what I did, but I'm sure I included some coin, cards, and TT work. My wife tells the story that her sister leaned over to her and whispered, "You must have a great sex life!" Since we waited for marriage, I'm not sure if that statement intrigued her or not!

Now people probably know way too much about me. Smile
Stephen Long
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Any more for any more?

Smile Smile

Greg Arce
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When I was younger magic got me a couple of dates... the usual thing of being the life of the party and getting noticed. I had a cousin I once rescued from a pair of handcuffs. He had seen me get out of a pair so when a friend of his got some he tried them on. The problem was that no one had the keys. For several hours his whole family wrestled with the situation and by accident someone locked them tighter so they were starting to hurt. I was called in to pick them. I've also done the picking thing when so family members needed to get into a lock room in their house.
I got one illegal story:: My father had some friends in one of the Carribean Islands and they needed to get some money out of there for their family in Miami. At the time it was noted that the government was taking away any large quantities of cash that were seen at the airport stops.... especially if you were a native. I gave him my two himber wallets and they came back and forth a few times with the cash. I felt like a spy at the time, but it was for a good cause.
One of my favorite quotes: "A critic is a legless man who teaches running."
Pakar Ilusi
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It has won me a lot of friends. Smile
"Dreams aren't a matter of Chance but a matter of Choice." -DC-
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Here's a few stories:

In college I met an old man, I think from the Philippines, who I showed a few tricks too. Flabbergasted, he said, "You... you're Jesus!" Before I had a chance to explain that I was, in fact, not Jesus, he went on: "We should go to Vegas!"

It was an interesting insight: If someone actually believed they were standing in front Jesus, risen from the dead, I wonder how many people's top priority -- their first order of business when standing before the divine -- would be to invite them to Vegas and make money at cards. Probably more than I'd suspect.


I'm a lawyer, but I have magic on my resume under "Hobbies and interests." The last line reads something like "Magic with cards and coins; chess, pool, poker, and other games of skill." It was intentionally a little provocative characterizing poker as a game of skill -- at least amongst stuffy lawyers in Boston.

So at some point, I'm interviewing for a job at a fancy firm. This is my second round of interviews, where I'm now talking to the managing partner of the office and the group leader of the group I want to join -- one after the other. The managing partner and I talk for half an hour about all the usual work topics. When we're done, he calls over to the next guy.

Apparently the next guy had an unexpected call from a client, so he needed five minutes. The first guy hangs up the phone with kind of an exasperated look. After all, we kinda talked about all we need to talk about, and now we need to kill five minutes. In desperation, he looks again at my resume.

"Poker and other games of skill, huh? Isn't poker as much a game of chance?"

And I said, "Oh, if only I had a deck of cards here, I'd show you what I mean..." (I don't carry cards on me in an interview. If they ever came out, it would just look forced.)

Then he pulled out a deck of cards from his drawer. Awesome. So I did an impromptu ACAAN thing. (He names a card and a number, I go through the deck to make sure his named card is there, c*ll it, ostensibly shuffle it to his desired location, and then do se**n* d**ls until I get to his card. I gave it a gambling demonstration feel, rather than a mentalism feel.) I did a quick little ambitious card, and then finally that ancient speller trick, where he shuffles his card to the right location.

At the end, when he spelled T-W-O-O-F-C-L-U-B-S and turned over the 2C, he was amazed. He asked, "what if I had picked the three of clubs?"

And I gave my usual smart-ass magician answer: "Well, that's kind of a metaphysical question, isn't it? After all, how can I say -- how can ANYONE say -- what the universe would be like if it weren't what it is?"

Only then did I realize, this dude is kind of a heavy hitting partner at a heavy hitting firm, and I'm here looking for a job. I should probably not screw with him. He then asked, "how did you do that?"

I said, "I'll tell you next time I see you." The implication being, that wouldn't happen unless I was hired.

I did get the offer, and I ended up accepting. But fortunately, I never made good on that promise.



I went to grad school in Penn State, and I had no driver's license. For those that don't know, it's in the dead center of Pennsylvania -- a relatively rural place. It's easy to get around the main campus by foot, but that's basically it. In particular, the department of motor vehicles was like a 45 minute drive.

The day came where I needed a driver's license. My friend drove me out there, but seeing the line out the door, he said he'll just come back in two hours rather than wait around. I got to the front of the line and did all I had to do, except pay the $10 fee. They only took check or money order; no credit cards, no cash. Moreover, there was no ATM machine and I only had $6 in cash on me. But I had a deck of cards!

I asked the lady to hold on to all the paperwork I had, and explained that I'm about to go raise $4 busking in line. She said that the manager of the office was actually a huge magic fan, so I should go in the back and start with him first. Awesome...

So I approach his office. His door is opened, and I hear him shouting into the phone. Along the lines of, "WHAT?! NO!! Look, I ALREADY TOLD YOU that that isn't going to work! Can't you follow directions!?" He finally slammed down the phone, looked up at me, and greeted me with, "what?"

I sheepishly explained, cards in hand, that I heard he liked magic. His mood instantly changed. I was in there for half an hour with him doing tricks. At some point, another guy wandered in to the office to catch part of the show. They were both great spectators. At some point, I looked at the clock and saw I was running out of time. So I abruptly stopped and said, "okay, I gotta go. But I need $2 from each of you, right now."

No questions asked... I didn't even need to tell them why, they just forked over the money. The day was saved. Smile
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