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Paul Menzel
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I really enjoy this effect (the specific version in discussion), though I have made a few changes in the handling to reduce the setup and eliminate some points I didn't like. This is all about having fun with the presentation.

Maybe one of my other solutions can help you resolve your issue:

One problem I have with the original write up is the part about looking for the lucky 14th card. If I need "precisely 11 cards to perform the classic eleven card trick, the trick with eleven cards," why would I suddenly want 14 now? Simple solution. I don't. Instead, I only count 13 cards once and play it as just one more failed attempt at reaching 11. After I return two cards to the deck, I count 10 cards again (instead of counting 13 a second time then looking for a lucky 14th card). I look for a lucky 11th card, add it to the packet of 10, then the participant counts the packet and ends up with 10 again. This is where the backwards count comes in. Since I have all along been desperately trying to get preciselyeleven cards, I explain that I have one last idea for how to accomplish this--count backwards. ("So, we started with 10, 9, 8...") If you treat it casually it should breeze right past them. If you seem uncomfortable, like you are fishing for justification, they will latch onto that. At that point, there are 20 cards laid out. Since I am playing this humorously, as Harris does, I keep referring to the 20 cards as eleven through the end of the effect. Instead of coming back to the backwards count, I've found that people return to the 20 as 11 with a smile, eye-roll, and a head shake, saying, "Eleven cards..."

Okay, so I probably went overboard with that answer, but maybe it is clear enough that you can pick out something that may help.

As for anyone wondering if they should take the time to learn this, I say, absolutely not! Leave it for those of us who know we like it! Smile
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Paul thanks for that answer! ill try your suggestion
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I think the whole 10-1 then back to 11 should be said in a joking manner. Like 5-4-3-2-1..give a bit of a puzzled look then count back up to 11 and play it off as if you really have just 11 cards. I haven't read the whole trick yet so I don't know if this will make any sense, but it should.
Yves Tourigny
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Mike Skinner performs a magnificient version on the third volume of his performances DVD. Check it out. Also Roger Klause has a great version with only ten cards which is one of my favorites. He uses a special count that is not too difficult. It is on one of his tape by Stevens Emperium.

Curtis Kam
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I've done this in different variations ever since the Dingle handling came out in "Complete Works". It is one of those basic illusions that you can adapt to any audience, and for some, it is a very deep mystery.

I am skeptical of the idea of using the revelation of a selected card to end this effect. It's not about a selection, and the task of remembering the card through all the counting is an unnecessary burden on the audience. The effect is all about the number of cards, and the ending should be likewise. For that reason, I used to end on the reverse count sequence, and that worked well. I'll note that David Williamson's routine also ends with the number of cards seeming to grow.

It may seem like cruel and unusual punishment, but for audiences who are really into it, I find I can do the sequences from the original Victor routine, and then toss off a bunch of cards, and go right into the Williamson routine using only "three" cards. "We'll do the ten card trick...with three cards--it'll save a lot of time." I usually end when the spectator is given the cards to count back into my hand, and he counts "one."

Most times, I'll add, "One? Forget it, I don't know any tricks with just one card," and I'll vanish the card ala Ross Bertram's "Birdcage vanish" and then just unload it as I gather up the pile on the table.

Personally, I think some numbers are funnier than others. For instance, I think it's funnier to say you're going to have ten, and only have nine, than it is to say you'll have eleven, and stop on ten. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
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Paul Menzel
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Boise, Idaho
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The problem I have with the effect as I've seen it performed by Derek Dingle is that it just stops. (Who am I to critique Mr. Dingle??) The counting is the effect and it ends with the performer being unsuccessful. I think with Harris' version, the presentation makes the problem of being unable to count eleven cards incidental in the process of trying to perform "The Classic Eleven Card Trick, the Trick With Eleven Cards." When the performer is finally able to successfully count eleven cards, it is obvious that there are far more than just eleven cards on the table. I find this inherently funny.

The card is selected after the counting, so the spectators do not need to remember the card throughout the process, which, I agree, would be problematic. The selected card is first revealed in a way that gets groans. Then, to bring it to a more satisfactory conclusion, the "eleven" cards which spelled out the selected card are placed face up in the face down deck and a moment later the deck is ribbon spread to reveal the actual selection as the sole face up card in the deck. A successful conclusion to the effect. (Which I think I've streamlined somewhat in handling--at least for me.)

It may not be the clearest plot, and other variations may also be quite good, but I like that the selection and revelation are the "effect" and the counting is entertaining build up to the effect. For me that beats announcing that I am going to perform an effect with eleven cards then giving up when I am unable to count eleven cards.

But that's just my take on it. How successfully it comes across is something I cannot quite see without performer's bias, since I think it is simply a fun effect.
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On 2003-09-23 20:46, jw_2101 wrote:
Oh, there is one section of the trick that (to me) does not really make sense from an audience point of view. That's the part where the magician counts backward foom 10 to 1 then back up to 11. How do I explain this part? Any ideas?

It's a joke! It's meant to be funny... not logical. The whole point of the effect is that the number of cards seems to be out of your control and the sudden dramatic explosion of cards is the kicker. It's a like a jumbo coin ending. IT'S JUST PLAIN BIG!!!!!

As for Dingle's routine his point wasn't to provide an amazing trick. His goal, if you study the effect, was to amuse the audience and create a sense of himself as a fun guy to be around AND to ensure that the audience remembers his name. Watch as he performs the effect. Count the number of times he says: "The Derek Dingle (that's me!) FABULOUS jumping card trick... the trick with eleven cards."

It becomes a mantra that sticks in the mind of each audience member so that when they tell their friends about the magician they saw last night they know his name.!

You may have seen another famous magician do something like this... his name?
Bill Ma-Lone! Bill Ma-Lone!
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Victor's trick, corect??
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