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Dennis Michael
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Are You Interested in Professional Photographs by Anne White?

I will be seeking her services and I thought you might be interested in getting professional picture. She is not cheap, however, she knows her craft well!

Anne will be discussing using phographs for your website and the business of marketing with you using your photographs, as part of the package deal.

Who is Anne White?
Well she is the professional photographer who has photographed many of the famous magicians today. You can see a small number of these pictures by clicking here to get to her web site: Anne White Web Site Gallery.

Philadelphia Area Magicians

Are you interested in a photo session with Anne White? She will be at the Holiday Inn in Runnemede, NJ. The confirmed dates are Sunday November 2 and Monday November 3, 2003. She has a large room (24'x24') reserved at the Holiday Inn in Runnemede, NJ, just off several major highways. She might be able to extend the reservation to Tuesday November 4 as well if November 2 or 3 do not work for you. Or, if that location is not good for you, she may be able to schedule a day later in the week at another Philadelphia area location in Pennsylvania.

Please Let Her Know Immediately By E-Mail ([email][/email]) if you want to schedule a shoot, if you're considering it, or if you need additional information before deciding. Please also indicate which photo package you think you would like, since the different packages require different lengths of time.

It's very important that Anne get this information ASAP so that she can do her best to accommodate everyone. If you have several possible times you're available, it would also be helpful to list them in order of preference.

If you want to schedule a session, it's important that you start working with the questionnaire to clarify your thinking and let me know what your goals and special concerns are in regard to photos. The more planning that is done beforehand, the more ideas can be generated for creative, effective promotional photos.

Anne White Photography Packages
For 2003 Conventions & Photo Tours

Anne White is widely known as “the leading photographer of magicians in the world today”. Her tour schedule will be limited in 2003, with only three conventions on her schedule—the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, the Magi-Fest in Columbus, OH, and FISM in Holland. Other photo tours may be added if there is sufficient demand in a particular area. All photography packages include:
  1. Advance creative planning with Anne, by phone or e-mail

  2. Complete digital studio photo session, including lighting, backdrops and light makeup

  3. One or more custom retouched 8x10 print(s)

  4. Marketing advice on ways to use photos to promote your act

  5. The Magician’s Starter Photo Package—$250
    If you’re a teenager, hobbyist, or beginning performer looking for one or two great shots, this package is perfect for you. In a one-hour studio session, we shoot four or five different poses, usually with six to eight shots of each. We select the best of each pose, and you receive a CD-Rom with 12-15 images. From these, you select one shot for retouching and printing as a finished custom 8x10 print.

  6. The Complete Magician’s Photo Package—$325
    For those who would like a variety of shots—great for publicity campaigns or websites—this package provides a 1 ½ hour studio session, with seven or eight different poses. You will receive 15-20 images on a CD-Rom and two finished, retouched custom 8x10s of your choice.

  7. The Working Pro’s Photo Package—$375
    This package provides a wide range of shots for the pro who performs in many different venues. Included are a two-hour studio session, 10 to 12 poses, a CD-Rom with 20-25 images, and three custom retouched 8x10s.

  8. The Complete Illusionist’s Photo Package—$450
    If you need photos of three or four large illusions and several costumes, this is the package for you. In a three-hour studio session, we shoot 10 to 12 poses, with different backdrops and lighting set-ups for each illusion; you receive a CD-Rom with 25-30 images, and four custom retouched 8x10s, one of which may be a composite.
Anne White brings her complete digital photo studio to you. At conventions, she uses a studio space on-site. When she’s on tour, it may be possible to use your living room, garage or family room for the photo session, if you can clear a space at least 12’x15’ with a 7’ or higher ceiling. Or, if you’re working with large props and illusions, it might be better to find a location in a school, church, theater, restaurant, or your local magic shop.

More Photography Services

Custom Color Or B/W Prints
  • First print from each image is always $20
  • 2-9 prints from same image are $10.50 each
  • 10-50 prints from same image are $7.50 each
  • First print from each image is always $10.50
  • 2-9 prints from same image are $7.50 each
  • 10-50 prints from same image are $4.50 each
Machine Color Or B/W Proof Prints
  • 4x6s are $1.75 each, no cropping
Large Custom Prints

  • First print from each image is $50
  • Additional prints from same image are $35
  • First print from each negative is $85
  • Additional prints from same negative are $50
Iris or Piezo Archival Prints
  • $125 and up
Print price depends on size and media selection. Prints can be made on matte or glossy photo paper, fine art watercolor paper, or canvas.

Digital Custom Photo Cd’s From Film
  • Five resolutions up to 2400x3600 dpi
  • 1-10 images: $50
  • 11-20 images: $75
Computer Retouching, Composites & Prints
Computer retouching and combining of images offers great opportunities for creative enhancement of your promotional photos. From the elimination of unwanted facial blemishes or magic gimmicks to the creation of composite images, the advent of the computer allows you to do almost anything you can imagine. If you are making a print from a negative, you will need a high quality scan at 300-400 dpi. For website photos, you can use a flatbed scan at 72 dpi.
  • Scan from negative (price depends on size of print) is $35 and up
  • Scan from print for web use is $10
  • Computer manipulation is $100/hour
Shipping & Handling
  • 1-10 5x7s or 8x10s: $5 in U.S.
  • $12.50 Intl
  • Larger orders as quoted
Anne White
1923 Summit Avenue
St Paul, MN 55105
Phone: (612) 396-3111
E-mail: [email][/email]

Preparation for a Photo Shoot

Anne White's goal for your photo shoot is to create a photo or series of photos that express your personality and your performance style in a way that will grab the attention of potential clients. To make your photo shoot as successful as possible, it’s important to think through your photo needs and make a plan. This will assure that you end up with a set of photographs that will effectively promote your magic act.

Name _______________________________

Stage Name _______________________________
Phone # ____________________________

E-mail ______________________________

Best time to phone ___________________

To begin the process, Anne White needs to get to know more about you and your magic. So e-mail Anne White your responses to the following questions:
  1. What types of clients do you currently work for, and what kinds of shows do you do? (e.g. Client: Schools; Shows: I Love to Read & Just Say No to Drugs)

  2. What new types of clients would you like to perform for in the future, and what kinds of shows would you like to do more of?

  3. How do you anticipate promoting your magic act? (e.g. newspaper ads, mailings, press kits, website...)

  4. What materials do you think you will need? (e.g. brochures, 8x10s, press kits...) Which of these will require photographs?

  5. How would you describe your character when you are performing? What is your relationship to the magic? Are you always in control or are you sometimes surprised when something magical happens?

  6. Describe your show(s). What are some of your favorite effects?

  7. What do you wear when you perform? If you have several different characters and costumes, describe each of them.

  8. Is there anything about your appearance that is of concern to you in regard to photographs? (e.g. Are you overweight? Self-conscious in front of the camera?)

  9. What ideas do you have for photos you would like? (Don’t worry if you don’t know yet what you want. We’ll develop the ideas for the shoot together.)

  10. Is there anything else you’d like me to know about you or your act at this time?
Once Anne White receive the answers to these questions, she’ll begin to brainstorm and make a plan. She will guide you through the process, so that you will be fully prepared for a great shoot. She really will look forward to getting to know more about you and to producing some smashing photos to promote your act.

Anne White [email][/email]
1923 Summit Ave
St Paul, MN 55105
(612) 396-3111
Dennis Michael
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Profile of ufo
Thank you for the in-depth information on Anne. I was wondering about her and your posts answered a lot of questions for me. Thanks again.
"What's your drug?" she asked. "Hope" he said, "The most addicting one of all."
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Thanks for the Anne White information. I had heard she would be in the area and I am thinking about Kelly and I trying to take part in that and getting some images done for our promo packet. I will have to think about it and get back to her or yourself soon. It may be worth doing. I take it you will be getting some stuff done there?
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Dennis Michael
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Inner circle
Southern, NJ
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Yes, I'm going for the big package. Complete Illusionist’s Photo Package

Anne White will be doing a lecture on Promotiing Yourself Through Photos and Videos on Nov. 3rd, 2003 at the the Transfiguration Hall, White Horse Pike (Rt30)in Collingswood NJ.

After reading her books, it looks like a good lecture. It's free to IBM Members and $5.00 for all others. Such a lecture could save a lot of headaches if you're considering photos and videos!
Dennis Michael
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Is it just me
or does someone who uses an advertising sponsored "free website" to promote a webdesign and promo photo business
seem just a little bit to be sending out the wrong message?

Congruency is something we should all strive for in our marketing approach.

Dennis Michael
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Southern, NJ
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Profile of Dennis Michael
Magic Coach,

I'm a little slow in getting what your trying to say. I read your message several times and just don't understand it it. What message are you getting that I'm not?

Anne White is an internationally known photographer, who takes any person, spends time with them, figuring out what will be the best persona that person has and then produces some of the great photos of magicians through out the world based on that persona.

In my excitement of getting these photos done by her, I wanted to share what she is offering the entertainers in my local area. In addition, and in preparation for the photo shoot, and quite expensive considering I could get it a lot cheaper at a local photo shop or even at Wal-Mart, I have studied Anne Whites two books on the subject. Her books and lecture are not focused on her, however, she does use her photos to bring out some very important points when you get your photos done by whoever you choose. These books are one of the best on the subject and very much related to the marketing end of entertaining which most people neglect. One of the single most powerful ascpect of doing business is really ignored by many.

These points are points most of us would not think of until the day of the photo shoot. Anne has emailed her latest in pricing and the questions she wants me to answer. I know there are many who have wondered about her prices, her method of business and who might consider attending this local photos shoot or a lecture about this topic.

OHHHHHHHHHH! Now I get it, I just went to her website and she has banner ads for free websites!!!
Dennis Michael
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Profile of MagicCoach

I wasn't having a shot at Anne (or you).

She seems to provide a very popular
well thought out service for magicians
and I quite like some of her photos.

I also appreciate your second posting
which provides an interesting exercise
for anyone planning a photo shoot
and not just the one advertised above.

As an ongoing student of marketing
and especially online marketing
I was just puzzled by the website.

Every text or "guru" on web marketing design
has always said don't try to promote a business
on a free (banner advert) website.
It sends out the wrong message to potential clients.

This is equally valid if you're selling birthday party shows or any other service.
Dennis Michael
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Inner circle
Southern, NJ
6018 Posts

Profile of Dennis Michael
I now understand... To me it is the unthinkable, having designed hundreds of websites, I am a firm believer in owning your own domain and never advertising those dreadful banners ads.

In my filters, I delete all website like Geocities, Anglefire, etc., the ones with lots of pop ups.

You're right in that one should not promote themselves as web designers, and have incompleted web site, let along have it posted on a "free website" which sells on your website.

I have a domain hosting area with at least 20 different websites, all free, but one would never know it because they are domain pointed. I just maintain them. They include my local IBM and SAM web sites.

Since you mentioned web site marketing, I want to mention that I believe a web site should do something for the visitor. The most important thing is for it to be lead-generating, getting that email address, a name and phone number, at the very least then, it should strive to be an extension of your paid advertising, (Yellow Page Ad) Brochure, or Flyers all focusing on what benefits you can provide the visitor or gifs you can give them, including a news letter!
Dennis Michael
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