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Martin Whetter
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Red Deer, Canada
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I started out learning card magic from Scarne's Self Working card tricks when I was in high school. I 'devoured' the book and tried just about all the tricks. For sleights, I learned a lot from "Now You See It, Now you Don't" by Bill Tarr.

As far as videos go, Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Card to series had the most impact on me. It really opened my eyes to some more 'advanced, but well within range' card effects. His coin DVD, the Complete Introduction to Coin Magic is great too. Strong material, well presented and taught. Good value for the money.. IMHO.

By the way...I have made the mistake of buying advanced magic (books, tapes, props, etc) and learning the effects and not being able to present them worth a hoot. An expensive lesson for sure. But the above books and videos have served me well and I reference them frequently. Hope you don't make the same mistake that I did.
Good luck and have fun.

Smile Smile
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Easy to master Card Miracles, and Easy to Master Coin Miracles are EXCELLENT videos for beginners...The routines are well laid out, and explained...and there is some QUALITY material there to get a beginner excited....I wish I'd had these videos when I first got into magic! LOL.. The most important thing I can say to a beginning magician is - Take your time - and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!
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Yeah, dont dont dont do what I did. I bought Expert at the Card Table and struggled for a while before I could do anything at all..was kind of confidence reducing.
When I was more comfortable I bought Card control by buckley. THEN I really struggled. I'm better now, but still a work in progress by FAR Smile
Good luck.
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Bensalem, PA
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Ok I'll probibly get it for this but...
get a deck of cards, a bit of string or rope, and some spair change, then go to your local library and ask for a kids book on magic. you will learn the basics and have tricks that don't use expencive gafs.
whats more thay teach it in the simplest terms, I have seen the same trick that takes 10 pages in a "real" magic book take 2 pages in a kids book and that includs the pics. the kids book also just give an outline of a presintation so you have to fill in the blanks, this makes the trick yours and not your coppy of so n so's trick.
If this sounds like it 's hard, remeber it's a kids book, thay can do it, so can you. and best of all the tricks are fun and that is what it is all about,is'nt it? Smile
The Adventure cont...
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I sarted off using sponge balls, a TT and I bought the manuscript for Crazy mans Handcuffs.
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Good advice Pokie-Poke. The first move I learned using coins was the French Drop and the Classic Palm. Start practicing the more you do the better you get. The Basic moves are very important and the Magic Will Follow.


PS - Don't forget to learn the "double lift" in cards.
John O'Shea Dolan
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Orlando Florida
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For the beginner in magic, I suggest the Royal Road To Card Magic By Jeaun Hugard. This will teach you the basic card handling techniques. It was my first book in magic. Smile
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I would recomend a set of sponge balls and a Video called, 25 Tricks With Sponge Balls. A very beginner like video that I highly recomend.

Hope my words were of help!
Lance R. Wilson
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Magic is the psychology of the audience.
-Lance Wilson
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Street Magic by Paul Zenon has a nice range of tricks....just ignore the execrable dice "trick" (hey look the opposing sides of a rolled dice add to 7).

Mark Wilson was my first and is brill...royal road to card magic, like Bill Tarrs Now you see it now you don't are widely regarded as excellent....but I didn't get on with them myself. too short an attention span!
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If its cards you're interested in, I would have to say get The Royal Road to Card Magic. It is stuffed full of good tricks for beginners, as well as the sleights required to perform them and lots of other advice.

There is an argument against beginners starting out with self working tricks, since it will perhaps allow them to get started TOO quickly, and they won't fully appreciate what they are trying to achieve with the effect. I.e. they might be able to 'do' it, but not to perform it. Well anyway, I can't really explain it very well but it is described fully in the Amateur Magician's Handbook by Henry Hay. Which indcidentally also contains some great tricks.
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Am I the only one who think that Cups and balls and spongeballs are NOT easy to do? They are not. They require lots and lots of practise to do well. I recommend the wilson course and Royal Road and work your way from there.
"He must be content to rank with the common herd." - S.W. Erdnase
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Well do you want a few "tricks" to show off or do you want to learn to be a magician?

if the former, go to your brick and mortar store and ask the proprietor to show you some "self workers". The classics are cheap and still fun, such as Nickels to Dimes, the card penetration frame, etc.

If the latter then you should start by learning some simple sleight of hand. For coins, the first oen I teach anybody is the French Drop. for cards, you should learn a force.
It is always darkest just before you are eaten by a grue.
Harry Lorayne
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New York City
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You're better off learning a control.
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You can tell I work on the net from my
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On 2010-12-24 16:12, Harry Lorayne wrote:
You're better off learning a control.

I defer to my better Smile

I got along for a long time with a force and some careful shuffling, but my knowledge of cards compared to Harry's' is like my knowledge of physics compared to Neils Bohr Smile
It is always darkest just before you are eaten by a grue.
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My 11 year old daughter started out in magic with the famous "Crazy Cube" - easy to learn and perform, and a real fooler and HIGHLY recommended.
Creator of The SvenPad Supreme(R) line of premium, made in the USA utility props.
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New Zealand
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Just recently helped someone getting Into magic. The first things we got were A invisible deck. TT with silk and a set of spotty dot paddles. 3 great tricks and gets the idea of 3 tricks is all you need.
Once he got a bit more involved he borrowed my Mark Wilson book. And he brought 2 bicycle packs, 1 set of sponge balls and a pile of rope.
He got a set of cups and balls and multiplying balls for Xmas.
Hes up and running a doing a few bit for fun at xmas party. Sometimes it goes wrong but on the whole his going great guns.
The next thing were going to look at in the New Year is Darly encylepida of magic.
Hes brought a few extra bits but I have tried to keep him away from the mass buy of gaffed tricks.
Doing has made me think about the start for magicians and its made me draw up this list.
1- Invisible deck /TT plus silk/ spotty dot paddles- 15pounds
2- Mark Wilsons book/ 2 pack Cards/ Sponge balls/ rope. 22pounds
3- Cups and balls/ multiplying balls. 30pounds
4- Darlys DVD. 75pounds
This all in all cost 142pounds . I fill that this set has a variety of tricks and also introduce impromptu stuff as well.
Enjoy your magic,

and let others enjoy it as well!
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Being new to all of this myself (within a year), maybe I can offer something. I wanted some tricks to do while I am learning sleights and going through books (Mark Wilson, Tarbell, card college). Some things that get incredible reactions and simple: as mentioned a TT and a silk kills....A Scotch and soda. great simple card tricks in Joshua Jays amazing book of cards (comes with dvd - very good) and some packet tricks I do are B'wave, Michael skinners Ultimate monte and color monte.
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In Your Mind, Ky, USA
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Best for beginner magicians:

TT and silk


Simple coin teach-in DVD

Change bag

Best for beginner Mentalists

Thirteen Steps.
"You may think that i only talk of things from the past, you know, history, well magic is history"

-Guy Jarrett

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-Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)
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