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Daniel Faith
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Neenah, Wisconsin
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Street Magic has got to be the hardest way to go for all the reasons above.
Shoot for something flashy to attract a crowd. When you have a crowd it peaks peoples curiosity and they have to see what's going on.
Daniel Faith
Steve Hart
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Palm Bay, FL
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Ok Gang,

When I was working the streets and I wanted to draw a crowd to perform for, this is what I would do.

First, I did dress differently, simple but distinct with a large name badge.

I also had a sign with my name, "Magic Show", and a clock drawn on it in which I could change the show times. The sign was held up by a fold-up stand. I added a few balloon animals fasten to the sign, enough to give away to all of my volunteers during the show.

As I was making the balloon animals, I would start to draw my crowd. I explained that the balloons were for the people who helped me in the show.

By this time, I had a few people to start the show.

I told them that I was going to introduce the show and they had to cheer and clap as loud as they could.

Thus, I started my "Bally-Hoo", it went like this;

"Hurry, Hurry, step right, it's show time, get yourself a good seat for the Magic Show. Don't get a cheap seat, step in close. You will not believe what you are about to see, you will ask youself not how did he do it? but why did he do it? Yes it is a show for the entire family, come one come all. Hurry Hurry, it's show time. Are you ready to begin?"

Then I would cue the crowd to cheer and applaud. The idea would be to make enough noise to draw the attention of more people. Sometimes I would repeat the above giving my starter crowd a chance to make more noise.

Also while I was spouting out my "Bally-Hoo" I would spin a piece of rope around in front of me, this would draw visual attention to me at the same time.

After my quick welcoming comments, I would ask the audience to step in closer by saying, "I need everyone to take one giant step forward.......... Oh, go back you didn't say 'Mother may I?'.......No I am joking please do step forward to make run for more people." This would tighten up the crowd and allow room for more people.

That's how I would start a show on the streets.
Any other ideas?

Steve Hart
Cape Canaveral, FL USA
"Motivational Magicians are some of the highest paid magicians, find out why?"
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New Mexico
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Try to avoid using such words as tricks. The people may think you are a little odd if you say, "Hey, can I show you something?" If the person(s) doesn't know what you are going to do, it usually makes them nervous which results in them responding with the answer no.
"What is a weed? a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
Insomniacs Dream
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Port Glasgow in scotland
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The lines should come naturally to you. You can't just use one line to every open because people will act differently to it just relax and flow with the moment and you should be okay.

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Rod Lages
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Brasilia, Brazil
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I just show the deck and say, "Hey, pick a card!"

Rod Lages
"Confusion isn't Magic" - Dai Vernon
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Gathering a crowd on the street?
Long before I started magic, I was a bored teenager and I would stand at bus stops and stare into the sky- after a couple of moments I would step away and see the group who had begun to look up to the heavens. It was fun-a good lesson to apply to directing attention-and I believe a good way to draw out the more 'curious' members of a crowd.

Good Luck!
drink water...
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Asking people in the street never works out to well, if I feel like performing a little street or pub magic I just perform the trick to myself openly i.e sitting at a table alone in a Café perform an arm twisting illusion getting the attention of the staff.
From there you can go into more visual things like levitating objects or bending cutlery with your mind, works like a charm. Smile
'And on the 8th day God cast down upon the earth a flutter of Bicycle brand playing cards accompanied by a Short moustached man with his sleeves rolled up grinning a devious grin. And God saw that it was good.'
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I second Lamo's suggestions-- it's all about judging the people who will be open to this type of thing. Approach groups, especially younger groups-- being in a group keeps the spectators open and relaxed, and you've got much less chance of being seen as a psycho and rejected. The most important thing: be persistent-- you will be rejected sometimes, but you will sometimes score BIG, and get both some crazy reactions and some nice, needed tips!
Michael Williams
StageDor Productions
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Miami Florida
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Spoonbending is great for tablehopping.... Smile
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moscow, idaho
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It seems to me that the best "street" magic is the type you so at renfairs and the sort. Places like this always have people standing about. Farmers' markets are also pots of gold. Try using some of the aforementioned tips, and you should be on your way. I don't know about just doing a few tricks as I seem to never be able to get away. Try and have a few backup tricks. Good luck!
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No matter what line you use, their will always be a measure of rejection. Watch the Blaine specials and notice the time Blaine approached someone and asked them if they would like to see something, and they ran away like chicken little as if he were going to hurt them or flash them, or who knows what they were thinking.

Face it, some people in this world are full of fear. They are afraid of their own shadow, and a deck of cards surely will make them freak out.
The difficult must become easy, the easy beautiful and the beautiful magical.
Mario Morris
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Mario Morris
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Curiosity, interest, look at what you are doing? Let one go by then two as you study a coin your holding. Try pointing up to the sky and you will see them looking, then stooping with interest. Then wack them between the eyes (with a trick that is).

If you over dressed you can kill curiosity. They will be able to see you coming if you wear a red nose and stuff. Be a modern court Jester dressed like his King, dress like them, that will make them want to know, What you are doing.
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I always get a quick read on the person, and instinctively decide what I should say, for example:

I always use cards, yet I've only in history had one person blow me off. If say, it's a cute girl, I'll be a little of an *** humor type at first,("hey.. nice ass I MEANT pick a card, yea that's what I meant to say") this is from disturb reality and actually works.

Perhaps it's a burly looking guy, in which case, I stand next to him all burly fanning cards at his side subtly and obnoxiously clearing my throat. All the whIle waving the fan at him a little, this also has worked.

I Also go to the mall occasionally, go into a store like best buy, go to a worker who seems bored, and day "welcome to Walmart, pick a card" (again, credits to disturb reality )

In total, humor is the best approach, getting a quick read on the people you are going after lets you know what humor will work best. And who not to approach (people walking briskly means that they are in a sense of urgency and will likely just ignore you or Tell you to **** off). The point is that it doesn't matter what you say, it matters how you make the person feel, you can say almost anything and still not get shot down, 90% of the difference between having them interested and having them ignore you is body language and the manner in which you speak.
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