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I like stand up monte. you just need a few cards and you can perform a good few minutes of magic. no table needed
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Profile of iamslow
I perform the bird trick... show hand empty, reach into pocket and show bird!! just kidding usually, for cards, its any quick visual opener effect or production...
"Everyone is tough till they get punched in the face" Mike Tyson
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Pocket full of 260 balloons and Invisible Deck in my shirt pocket Smile
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Triumph... Best card trick in the world Smile

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Profile of Magic-Scott
I like Chicago Opener, Triumph, or the Twisted Sisters packet trick...
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Profile of magicfish
Head-Over-Heels Transpo by Aronson. Quick, clean, impromptu, and very magical.
R.E. Byrnes
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"Triumph... Best card trick in the world


In YOUR opinion....there's no such thing as "best, or even better...only if it fits YOUR STYLE...no such thing as a bad trick....Yet for some reason, Triumph does turn up in successful performances a lot more than the 21 card trick, or the one where you conspicuously look at the cut-to key card. Maybe it is good.
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Ambitious card
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Brainwave .. quick & baffling ...
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
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Profile of magicman491
I would do sloppy triumph, or anything easily accomplished with a deck... I'm surprised that even choose a card procuce it gets great reactions
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Profile of magicman491
Or a packet trick, I have 3 card wallets with colour monte, royal scam, three card monte, and some others
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Profile of muse
On 2012-09-29 09:35, magicfish wrote:
Head-Over-Heels Transpo by Aronson. Quick, clean, impromptu, and very magical.

Thanks for sending me back to 'Try the Impossible' to take another look at the 'Head over Heels' move. It's very good and very flexible, and I didn't pay it ehough attention on my first read through the book.
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Profile of atinczor
I always carry a regular deck of cards and an odd backer with me. I use the odd backer to perform Chicago Opener. With the regular deck of cards I do:

Quick and Direct
Jazz Aces
Twisting the Aces
Dr. Daley's Last Trick
Devil's Elevator
20 Card Trick
Shufling Lesson
Impossible Location
Master Poker Deal
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Profile of Blindside785
It really depends on the pace of things.

If quick.

Force a card multiple times for joking purposes calling out, "If you picked this card then -improvise-, have them pick a different one, mix, attempt to find their card, get the wrong one. Place in their hand, hot shot cut to attempt another try, it's the one that was in their hand, in their hand is now their card.

Yep you get what I mean. It's a quick and nice opener to wet the appetite.

Quick Coincidence followed by Christ's Fabulous 4 Ace trick followed by a Hofinzer ace trick

Shuffling Lesson

Dr. Daley's I slow it down and play with it. "What do you think about when you see hearts, " " ...diamonds" and it turns into an ink blot test when they switch em' over. I've been having fun with this presentation.

Back in Time -Joshua Jay's Handling

2 Card Monte

Invisibull from J.K.'s Card Dodgery/Naked Travelers(Stranger's?) P.H./Biddle Trick

Mr. E Takes a Stroll - One Degree - John Guastaferro

51 cards to the pocket.

Those are the tricks off the top of my head I do when people ask me to do a trick.
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Profile of helder
Stand up Monte - Garret Thomas

Ice Breaker - Lee Smith (with some modifications)

Mr. E Takes a Stroll - John Guastaferro
My version of Eddie fetcher "Be Honest What's it?" it's available
Email: heldermagico@gmail.com
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Profile of MuscleMagic
Reminded myself of lazy mans trick think by al koran small quick setup always gets a very interesting response
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Profile of BrianMillerMagic
I politely decline, and direct them to wherever I'll be locally that week to come see a show. If they're super enthusiastic, I *might* do a quick version of the Ring Thing. I always wear a ring on my first finger. During close up I use it for ring and rope routines, but it's the proper size and weight for doing the Ring Thing as well, and a very natural way to do an "impromptu" trick without pulling out cards or looking like you were prepared.
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Profile of steveoblair
I go right in to acr or my version of triumph (which is my take of back in time by Jay Sankey and Joshua Jay)
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Profile of littleboy
Ambitious card routine
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Profile of lwarren
I always wear a ring so I can perform Garrett Thomas's Ring Thing (I usually try to borrow the ring though). This trick always gets great reactions and will almost always ellicit the 'do that again' response.

Pressure by Daniel Garcia

Proof Positive by David Parr

These are all quick effects with objects that don't scream magic right off the bat. I use these tricks to draw people in and if they seem intrigued I can go into something with cards. One of my favorites is Stand Up Monte by Garrett Thomas as well.
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