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Brent McLeod
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The Reveal-

Nice and slow after a Build up to show how Incredible it really is...

I use a routine below-

A version Ive used for many years in larger groups is that they don't inspect the deck but they do handle the deck..this works very well

I wrap the deck in rubber bands
I use a tossed out deck effect with getting the entire-audience to all think of a card,
I toss the deck to 1 person who throws to another and then a 3rd person

I then emphasise that they have thought of any card that comes in a deck etc etc..

They bring the deck up on stage-nice loud voice-Name the card...

I tell of reversing 1 card prior etc,never met before etc..
Unwrap the deck from rubber bands

Rev card is the one they thought of......etc -Nice & slow as a build up as mentioned etc...

The fact 3 people in the crowd handled the deck & 1 had the thought of card is very Powerful..

Try it-worked for me for years as I don't like the other std methods used with imaginary deck etc-variation works well

Cristian Vidrascu
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Brent, I love your routine! However, what motivated you to turn a card upside down before the show? That may not make as much sense to the audience as saying that the deck was tossed around so much, that one card flipped over.

My suggested approach turns it into more of a "magic trick" (physical impossibility) than a feat of mentalism, but it is better justified. Of course, if your approach works for you, it sounds entertaining enough and it looks like it will play to a large crowd. It's a novel way to do the "tossed out deck"!
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What motivates ANY prediction? Why are we so hung up on motivation even in situations where it is irrelevant? I undestand about motivation. I also understand about making a prediction and revealing it. Often, a magician doesn't reveal that he even made a prediction until after the selection is made. Then he produces an envelope, wallet, tattoo, etc. I see nothing wrong with the above routine. I don't see why the turning over of the card requires any motivation beyond that already given: 'Before I arrived here I turned over one card in the deck. I predicted that one of you would choose this card..etc etc'
I think his version is great.
Why not tell yours instead of telling of your book? If you think you have an improvemrnt on the usual method? Smile
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Brent McLeod
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Few yrs ago the above post, I have used 2 different versions occasionally, sure they have been done by other performers etc..- 1 is similar to above post but 1 person names colour,1 person names suit, 1 person names face or nos card, then reveal.
Did a work function on a pool table with cards face down from a normal deck on the table, 1 person hits 1 ball only with the white, stops on a face down card, previous pointed out deck beside table opened..reveal card etc..
Tom Fenton
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I have performed this as "The Apprentice" TV show theme.

I hand out a deck to the audience and get everyone to choose a card.
While they are doing this, I get the birthday/anniversary etc people up. I ask them if they have seen the show, if not, I tell him/her/them the basic premise of "you're fired".
With the card holders standing, I get the "boss" to say things like, "Anyone with glasses, you're fired!" etc and they sit down.
Eventually, there will be one person left standing. I aske them the card value and suit and then show that I predicted their card.
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Reviewer EndersGame
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Bill Cook has an interesting presentation of the invisible deck that he performed on Masters of Illusion (Season 4 Episode 11, "Old School With a Twist", broadcast Sep 08, 2017).

He presents it as a prediction effect, stating he's made a prediction in advance, and then gets a spectator to select a random card using their phone assistant. It's a nice way of using technology to give the trick a "modern" feel that emphasizes the randomness, and takes the heat off the deck itself.

You can watch his performance here, starting around 13:45.
Bob G
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I skimmed this thread -- hope I'm not repeating anybody. Joshua Jay has a beginning magic book in which he presents the trick as follows. Spectator chooses card from imaginary deck, and then "throws" his deck into a bag that the magician is holding. As the magician catches the deck in her bag, you hear the sound of the deck falling into the bag. She then pulls out a real deck, and so on.
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I like the idea of doing a deck switch and continuing with apparently the same deck.

Generally the plot used is "I set this deck up before I left home", therefore it doesn't make sense to switch the ID in , as apparently the same deck you have already been using.
Mr Uku
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Thought I'd stop lurking for a minute.

I was thinking about the ID only the other day and wondered about giving a marked deck to the volunteer to shuffle and choose from.
Get them to put their choice face down on the table, making sure the magician doesn't see the face.
You then remove the ID from your pocket and reveal your prediction before the chosen card is turned over.

Does that make sense?

Also, hello everyone Smile
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The ID is great! As you learn more tricks you may find that you mess up. The ID is a perfect out!
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Strictly speaking the gimmicked deck was originally called the ULTRA-MENTAL deck.

There are LOTS of presentations where a spectator chooses a card. They may freely name one, or they may select it from another deck. The card is then shown to match the only reversed card in the Ultra Mental deck. Somewhere along the line someone (I don't know who) came up with the presentation of an imaginary "invisible deck". Most people now refer to the gimmick as ID rather than UM. And lots of people only know that one presentation. In fact, it is kind of weird that the original post was from someone who didn't know how to transition from the imaginary deck to the real one to do the reveal!
Wizard of Oz
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You're right Nikodemus, the standard ID routine only scratched the surface of this diverse tool. Jay Sankey and Oz Pearlman, along with many others, offer some fine collections containing many clever presentations for this utility prop.
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If I am doing it as an actual “invisible” deck, then I often take it back from them and place the imagined deck into the pocket containing the ID. Depending on the crowd you can use your own version of Abracadabra or you can get them to Think the deck into existence. Then take out the deck prior to them naming the card.

The first time I did this for a group I set up a homemade version of jimgerrish’s Qua-Fiki Mesh ID Bag. It was a small McDonalds paper bag glued inside a larger McDonalds paper bag. The ID was hidden between the two layers and this was then crumpled and placed in the bin before the performance. Once the card had been chosen, I pulled the bag out of the bin, opened it and showed it was empty before getting the person with the deck to throw it to me and catching it in the bag. Pull out the ID and complete the reveal. (side note: If doing this for a group of people, I like to have one person choose colour and then they nominate the person to choose suit and then that person nominates someone to choose value. This eliminates the suspicion of a mole and preselected card)

These days I tend to do the ID after doing a couple of other tricks with a matching standard deck. I then switch with the ID and perform the ID routine, being sure to flash the back of the top section of the deck when they take their card. (I really like Brent’s use of rubber bands around the deck and might incorporate that to assist with my switch). Now that I’m working with my own setup with all values and suits on both sides, I’m much more confident using it.

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