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Chad Sanborn
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my fingers hurt from typing,
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How is this any different from the myriad of other wallets that load from the top of the deck?
Its new because its a different style of wallet? hmmm
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On 2012-12-29 11:41, Merc Man wrote:
I give up.

I truly give up.

WHEN are magicians going to learn that the ROUTINE & PRESENTATION of 'card to wallet' is important, NOT the prop?

The Magic Community DOESN'T NEED another card to wallet.

It really doesn't.

By the way, the break under the top card of the pack was truly woeful. If you are going to create a no-palm card to wallet to keep lazy magicians(?) happy, then at least make this 'self-worker' at least look a little MAGICAL, and show your own product some respect fella on the demo clip.

Just a quick couple of questions.

- HOW is this more magical than having the card appear inside a zippered compartment, sealed envelope, etc.

- There are already a raft of no-palm CTW's already on the market. To this end, WHAT exactly is this bringing new to the party; other than having the card rather unconvincingly appear loose in the wallet? You've more or less taken the trick back to the days of Robert Houdin!

The Demo wasn't perfect, Flashing here and a bit there but, I am pretty sure that he intentionally decided to use this Demo Shot, just to openly show how it works.

Many other Creators shhot Dozens of same Sequences just to get the Best out of it, without even be inside the TV Screan at all Time.

I'm a Palming Machine, definetly. But most of the People as I think, don't like Palming Cards or the Hands are to small etc.

For Those People, this Wallet can be for Sure a very Nice Gadget to have and a good Help to Palm something without Palming Smile No need for a Zipper IMO, the zipper just makes the wallet thicker and the attention is much more on the wallet.

Just my 5 swiss Francs
A World without Magic is a World without Dreams and Hope:)

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The design of this wallet looks a bit strange. It doesn't look like a normal everyday wallet in my opinion (the bill section especially).
MJ Marrs
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Here's another thing that we all should know as purveyors of magical apparatus based on video clips: It's hard to misdirect a camera! I'm sure that a world-champion and respected guy like Shawn can hold his own just fine when performing for laymen who would be looking where he wants them to look and not be looking for the "push-off get ready." It was a clip designed to show us here on the Café what is going on without a bunch of street magic edited video segments. Personally I like a sealed envelope aspect of CTW, or at least a double wallet aspect of a Mullica-type wallet; but I do appreciate the very open and fair presentation that Shawn created. Two nice aspects of this wallet, it seems to me, is that it doesn't scream magic prop and the reset is instantaneous.
Zombie Magic
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I went out for a beer and now have
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GREAT demo. I appreciated NOT having to look at MTV style camera graphics, breakaway shots of screaming people in the street, etc. Shawn made a beautifully filmed demo so everyone can see what the wallet is/does. If Shawn didn't want us to see a get ready, etc. he's talented enough to have prevented it.

BRAVO Shawn!!!
Jamie Ferguson
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Alba Gu Bràth
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There are three actions to get the card into position in the wallet.

I prefer one action with my JOL. Much simpler.

Sorry Shaun, I like most of your output but not this one I'm afraid.
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I'm waiting like all of you for Shawn's card to sealed deck routine that fooled P&T... he said he was going to release but so far...patiently waiting Smile
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On 2012-12-29 20:12, saysold1 wrote:
I'm waiting like all of you for Shawn's card to sealed deck routine that fooled P&T... he said he was going to release but so far...patiently waiting Smile

That's not an issue at all. So now we all have the Opportunity to think about it and to try to do the same Effect as he showed:) BTW: a beautiful performance shawn.

I watched the trailer twice and can exactly reproduce it. the first time I had no clue. this one works definetly closeup very well.

let you know how it works, ok? I will appriciate to review it before we all know if it will be released:)

best to all and have fun with brainstorming
A World without Magic is a World without Dreams and Hope:)

Creator of: STEEL (performed by Dynamo), X-RAY, Real Coin Bend (performed by Dynamo), Totally Crazy Bands, Rasmus Haunted Deck, MCF CARDS, Jawbreaker, CRAZY CARD CHANGE, POLTERGEIST
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Signed card to sealed deck..when is the release dateeeeeeeee?
Shawn Farquhar
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Hi everyone,

A friend pointed me to this thread tonight and I thought I'd clear up a few things for those asking questions or voicing concerns. This post may be a little long...

First this wallet isn't for everyone. It's for the person that wants to carry a tool on them at all times that is more than a playing card to wallet using the standard card to impossible location plot. John C asked "so there aren't any "no palm" wallets on the market?". Of course there are John, I am not promoting this as a no palm C2W as there are plenty of those available, like Tom Mullica's. Yes, you can do it without a palm but it can be used with one too. That's not a feature I am promoting.

This is a wallet that takes the C2W in another direction. Away from the odd wallets with zipper compartments, envelopes, and such. Away from the "I've had in my wallet since last night…" and instead presenting it as the magical appearance of a card in a previously empty wallet. A wallet that can be shown empty and handed to a spectator to discover the card. A wallet that can be used to magically make your business card, credit card or hotel room key appear… I am no expert and don't claim to be, but I could not find a wallet designed to be shown empty and then make a signed card magically appear inside. I welcome direction to such a wallet.

C2W is a real man's style hip wallet with a standard money clip addition that separates your credit cards from the cash. I use it daily and I have found it to be just what I needed. I know some people mentioned a coin area, but I don't carry coins in my wallet. Canada uses a dollar and two dollar coin but I think you will be hard pressed to find a man open a "coin compartment" on their wallet in my country. I concede this is probably not the case in other regions of the world and that's cool. I designed this for me and I live in North America. I use it however in Asia, the UK and EU and have fit the majority of bills inside easily. British 50£ notes were a little too wide as were the higher Euro's, but I don't carry large bills often.

Geggy and Mark Chandaue had concern about the 3♠ logo inside, but it really goes unnoticed and in fact I had to work really hard to light it for the video to make it obvious. I use it as a secondary prediction sometimes, often as a blister effect and many times draw no attention to it and it goes by without notice. Even if noticed, a spade is a very common logo design in modern fashions these days.

I response to gdw's wondering about if I go into detail on the DVD about my motivated deck and wallet meeting, yes, I do explain this in detail as it is something I have used for decades with great success. On the DVD there is also a bonus .pdf of my original card in wallet using the sleeve that has garnered great reviews. This method used the same motivate move and can in fact be used with this wallet to discover a secondary card, or in fact the same card a second time while held in the spectators hand.

As to the excited comments of Merc Man. Really? Have we reached that point in magic where we no longer need to create new props and just work on presentations alone for the one we currently own. Wow, if that were truly the case where would magic be in a just a few years? We can always devise other ways to do similar effects. I am the first to champion effect over method and I don't think anyone will dispute that I strive to create presentations and routines over tricks. C2W is a tool to do many routines and not just a card to impossible location plot. I'll reply to your "quick couple of questions"

"HOW is this more magical than having the card appear inside a zippered compartment, sealed envelope, etc." - well I don't recall every owing a normal wallet with a zipper or carrying around an envelope with a playing card in it before, so I guess that makes those plots less magical just by nature of the fact they are unnatural to anyone but a magician. If however someone opens a wallet and showed it empty and then a moment later a card was discover inside… well I guess that would be more magical.

"There are already a raft of no-palm CTW's already on the market. To this end, WHAT exactly is this bringing new to the party; other than having the card rather unconvincingly appear loose in the wallet? You've more or less taken the trick back to the days of Robert Houdin!" - Once again I must stress I did not set out to create a "no palm" C2W. I set out to create a way to make a card, business card, key card, message, coin, etc appear magically in a previous empty wallet. Something that I do believe was not available… even in Houdin's time…

As for the filming of the trailer I did not want to over produce it and in fact wanted to be transparent enough to allow knowledgable magicians to see the working behind the wallet. I don't think I am alone in my distaste for the current trend of video trailers that don't really show their effect, cut away from the moves, or in fact don't really do the effect at all. I wanted you to see what was needed to do the effect, but still do it well enough that layman would not. I struggled with this decision and ultimately decided to do what I thought was fair for the people who trust in me and the material I have offered to the magic community.

In closing it was not my intention in this reply to appear defensive or argumentative. I hope I have not come across this way in my reply. I just wanted to make certain I was clear on what I was offering and why. I once again will concede this wallet will not be for everyone, which is why there are so many others available on the market. All I can tell you is those that have seen it in action live, have given it rave reviews. I love it, but I'm bias, lol. Penguin Magic has a worldwide exclusive on my C2W and there is in fact a very limited stock.

Thanks for all those that said constructive things both positively and negatively about my C2W. I can only grow from both praise and criticism. That's what make the Magic Café such a great place…



p.s. I have my cups and balls and NetTricks to release as well as that signed card thingy in 2013... I've temporarily retired from lecture touring and have turned down a lot of overseas work to get these projects off my table and into your hands before 2014... thanks for your patience.
Jon Allen
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For those worried about the load or the fact the card only appears loose in the wallet, here's an idea. I have no idea if it's on the DVD. IF not, I can film an insert for you, Shawn ;-)

Have the card signed, show it around and switch it as you place it on a table. Bring out the wallet and explain you will try to get their card (on the table ;-) ) into your wallet. Maybe the hand is quicker than the eye? Place the wallet aside. Do what needs to be done. Return 'their card' to the deck or do whatever you like to make it vanish. Re-cap how the wallet was empty as it went down on the table and now show their card has arrived.o

If there is a perceived problem or issue with a product, try to see if you can work it to your advantage.
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Craig Dickson
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Bravo Shawn, great ideas in this. Another card to wallet? That is like saying "another coin trick?" A Classic plot in magic will be revisited for decades to come. I think this year alone I saw the release of at least 20 wallets, and why not? Some released just to sell another product, most crap, but some gems. Not everything in magic is for everyone. This is the release of Shawns' brand of thinking, which I always love to see, and I like the way he thinks. Creators create, critics critique, and most ane not even qualified to do so. The evils of chat boards, but open discussion breeds new handlings and approaches once you sift out "the world according to Garp crap". Big wallets, hip wallets, to each his own. Palm, No Palm, in the real world what does that matter? This will find a place, a good one.
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Thank you Shawn for a very detailed explanation that was not required, and that most creators would not have bothered making at all. And another "Thank you" to Jon for your suggestion that adds a nice nuance to Shawn's routine.

I must say that I have yet to be let down by any of Shawn's products, and though I had previously sworn off any new magic wallet purchases for a long time (i have far too many as it is -I could open a wallet store!), this one just might have to be an exception. (Dammit!)

Thanks again.

Merc Man
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Thanks for your detailed response to our questions.

However, I have to come back with a few points.

First and foremost, my apologies for getting this trick confused as simply being a 'card to wallet' trick when you state that it isn't necessarily a card to wallet trick - despite referring to it as C2W around half a dozen times within your own reply. The demo also indicates that it's a signed card to wallet trick. Smile

If you are saying that this is a wallet that can be shown empty, handed to the spectator then the card appears - then sorry, that isn't a new plot. Dick Himber was doing this self same thing with his wallet way back in the late 1950's.

You've never seen a wallet with a zipper? Really? I can't say that you are wrong; suffice to say that you may have done, but just not noticed it. I personally haven't seen one that works in the style of your wallet (with notes kept in a different external flap)......maybe I just haven't noticed it either.

As for a chosen card simply appearing loose within a wallet. This version IS actually an effect created by Robert Houdin. Translated, it is actually called 'card to pocket book' and the trick is outlined within the 1881 Hoffman translation of Houdin's book - The Secrets of Stage Conjuring' (originally titled 'Magie et Physique Amusante'). The card is basically copped, the previously shown empty wallet is held longways on the palm (on top of the card), and as you just lift one side of the wallet open, you slide the card from underneath to give the impression it was inside all along.

To this end, the road leading in the 'other direction' that you are referring to has already been trodden by others before.

I wish you luck with it but it just isn't personally my cup of tea. The magic marketplace is awash with wallets - I can think of at least seven new ones this year alone off the top of my head - all doing more or less the same thing.

Sorry mate, I just don't see what is new here.
Barry Allen

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I’m not all that crazy about this particular trick, but that’s just my personal opinion. However, I don’t see any issue with the type of wallet being used as it is very similar to the type of wallet that I’ve been using for about the past thirty years or more, and the only type of wallet that I will purchase albeit they are somewhat difficult to find in stores but are easily found on the Internet. As a matter of fact, I really like the style of this particular wallet and would love to have one... but not for the trick. Smile

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Fantasy Knight
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I just have to voice my opion here on this..first off I buy a new wallet every year and every year I pay the same price for one, the brand is important to me...and I pay what Shawns asking for this wallet to the dollar maybe more as I like to buy Harley Davidson for two reasons,,,the Quality and the Branding, I love the Harley Logo. Now as a Magician..i have to say this is of same has this Magical Branding I say WHY THE HECK NOT BUY THIS...would I use this..sure I would why not!
I have seen Magicians with rings...key chains...and even pins that have some logo that says HEY IM A whats the difference here? I think Shawn said it all in his post here...its not for everyone..but it is a beautiful looking wallet for Magicians to least here in CANADA EH..LOL
Grew up near one of the greatest minds in magic the late Stewart James, in a town called Wallaceburg just 15 mins from Courtright where James could be found, time and time again he would inspire me to always be creative and just love all magic.
Eric Bedard
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As a full time pro who earns an executive income performing magic, and has for over 20 years, I love this wallet for several reasons:
It is a useful and practical wallet. I don't like most wallets that have no clip to hold bills- this one does. I dislike how most wallets don't hold enough credit cards, this one does. The design of this wallet is very professional and sleek and one I will be proud to this take out at Corporate Gigs. This is a wallet for the working pro, or magicians who perform in the real world. I have seen Shawn perform this to real people in the real world and the reaction is fantastic. People were talking about it hours later. "My card appeared in his wallet!!"
What more can you ask for in an effect?
And the three of spades logo takes it to a new level - like a designer logo and yet a practical prediction as well. You could have a card chosen and signed, and while the card is being signed, force the 3 of spades (YFM) on another spectator. While you reveal the three of spades embossed, and done properly, showing the wallet with your thumb over the three, and then sliding it off like you are printing it, is a great effect. (Yup - I saw Shawn do that too and it got great reactions as well), you load the signed card. Hand the wallet to that person, rifle or flourish and the card appears in the just shown empty wallet. This is only one of a myriad of ideas presented when you have a clever, classy product on you at all times. thanks so much Shawn! You continue to release top quality magic effects designed for the workers in the world. This is probably not a good buy for those who sit and do magic in front of the computer to post on Youtube, or who perform for the same small group of people all the time, but for real workers who earn an income working in the real world, it is dynomite! And you can carry T2P in it! (and if you perform for real people and don't do T2P, then you must not want to do incredible magic!) So with the release of C2W, I say thanks once again Shawn Farquhar for sharing an incredible magic trick. This is an effect that you will see pros using on TV just like T2P. Why? Because the magic is top notch, the routining is so smooth and professional and the product is eloquent. Sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but again, as a full time worker who performs at Corporate events all over the world, I have a little understanding of what works in the real world. And I hate to see a wonderful product released by a great magician get bashed around. this is a great wallet! I will fry many people with it over the next few years. If you don't want to, that's okay by me! Thanks Shawn for 'Keepin' the Magic Alive'
Eric Bedard
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Alberta, Canada
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Can confirm that here in Canada it is rare to see a zippered compartment in a mans wallet for coins. Typically the only ones who have them are the ladies in their purses.

That being said despite some of the negativity about the product this is the first wallet I have not been excited about, but aroused for (not seriously). Will be picking it up as soon as it comes out!
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Oh, I like the idea of producing your business card, or perhaps you're at the checkout and you can find your credit card, show maybe that you have NO cash, or maybe just not enough, and then the credit card appears. All motivated in that context.
It's amazing, people will criticize you for "biting the hand that feeds you," while they're busy praising the hand that beats them.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

I won't forget you Robert.
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On 2012-12-29 19:37, MJ Marrs wrote:
Two nice aspects of this wallet, it seems to me, is that it doesn't scream magic prop and the reset is instantaneous.
Personally I thought this screamed magic prop more than any other wallet I've seen.
Mark Chandaue A.I.M.C.
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