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Motley Mage
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Like many, my wife is my best first audience. She is eagle-eyed and honest. She also truly HATES to be fooled, so I know I have done well when I make her angry. Then I tell her the secrets and show her again. If I STILL fool her, I know the effect is neatly stage-ready. There is no one on Earth I would trust more with my secrets, though. She would never tell, nor is she one to blurt out, "I know how that's done!" when watching another performer.
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I reveal my first trick and tell her that she has to figure out the other tricks by her own cuz I won't tell the secret.
She understood that it was even more enjoyable when she doesn't know how it was done.
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Don't tell her. but if I were you id get cable set up in the dog house
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Sydney, Australia
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I've already made my wife sick of it and I've only been talking about magic non stop for two weeks.

Seriously though, she's happy for me to show her tricks, and I can satisfy her curiosity sometimes and I know she's sufficiently uninterested to go blabbing. Of course I trust her not to ruin my secrets anyway.

I see that there are two sides to the coin. On one hand, if you don't tell anything she becomes representative of your potential audience, and might be good to practice with. On the other hand, if she knows all the tricks and you still fool her, then you know it's ready.
Jarryd Beck, Sydney, Australia
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On 2013-02-11 15:38, DavidKenney wrote:
My wife and I have full disclosure. I tell her how tricks are done and she tells me what's in the casserole and what she bought at the mall

Lol! Thanks man. Needed a laugh.

Regarding OP's post... If you're gonna get into magic seriously, she's gonna find out. You're gonna find yourself in a hotel together between gigs resetting your props, or packing before going out on gigs, and she's gonna see stuff. Might as well take a load of stress off yourself and just have the "if anyone asks, just say you don't know" chat.

Also... If she knows your secrets... It gives a bit more incentive to make the relationship work. I let my girlfriend know stuff, and now we're engaged.

As of yesterday.

This hasn't sunk in fully yet.

I forgot what we were talking about. Please repeat the question.
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If your wife is an unwilling spectator/participant unless you reveal methods I would just refrain from performing/testing material in front of her. I see no problem with keeping secrets when it concerns methods in magic from a significant other that is not themselves a magician. Hell, I don't even like revealing methods to other magicians.
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I always test out my routines on my wife, she knows much about magic. We used to do a two person mind reading act together, she was also a member of a magic society. I find because she knows a lot about the subject she can offer constructive critisism. If I am trying to come up with a storyline she is much better at it than I am, so I let her do it for me.
By failing to prepare, we are preparing to fail.
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Such an interesting thread. My wife of 21 years could care less about magic in general. She looks on it with a bit of dislike I think. That being said I've shown her effects from time to time. I do know that when I run across something that she actually enjoys or smiles at I've got something killer in hand! On the other hand, I've two daughters 18 and 19 years old. I don't tell em the secrets but they make pretty good test audiences.


PS as to what DavidKenney said...are you sure you want to KNOW what's in the casserole? Sometimes ignorance is bliss...
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A close friend of mine is usually the first person I perform to, and if the trick isn't angle proof then I do tell him how it's done so that they know what to look for if something gets flashed.

There are some tricks he doesn't want to know how are done, which is cool too, although the problem I have got now is that various props are disappearing and I am finding he is performing them... DOH!

It does help though if the spouse/partner/close friend also has a genuine interest in magic as they can look at the effect as both magician and layperson.

Best example for this was that I needed a piece of music for my Zombie Ball routine, and it was him that picked it out!
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I just share the principal to my other half. She wants to know, but is content knowing that sleight of hand, card forcing, etc. is the basic principal. She doesn't want to know the detail to reproduce the effect,but is interested in the underlying principal. And in return, she is my test audience before showing things to a broader audience.
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As with most here, my girlfriend is usually the first person who I demonstrate an effect to. That said, I will never demonstrate anything that I am not comfortable with and have practiced on my own until it's perfect.

I may be one of the lucky ones (edit: I KNOW I am!) but she has never expressed an interest in knowing, she's satisfied in keeping some of the mystery there!
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My wife is always curious and fascinated, but respects it if I say I don't want to reveal this or that. She likes Invisible Deck so much that I can never tell her that one. My daughter is proving to be more of a problem, as she wants to know all the time.
Magic Pierre
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My wife has to know how something is done, and it infuriates her when I won't tell. AND she says she doesn't like magic. In Vegas, while my buddy and I were seeing Mac King she and her girlfriend were at Tim Allen.

So now I just don't do anything FOR her, only AROUND her (for others), and I keep my magic purchases to myself.
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My wife usuaally doesn't want to know. However my daughter does. I have found that I have a steonger relationship with my daughter if I share how its done. However, fist, I make her work for it (i.e. how do you think it could be done?) And second, she can't share with her friends.
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My wife used to drive me crazy asking me how I did certain things. For her birthday one year, I told her she could pick any two effects and I'd tell her how I did them. She was really shocked with how simple the 'secrets' were. She originally was amazed that anybody could be fooled by something so simple until I reminded her that she was! She has gotten better now and still proves to be a pretty good test audience as she's always watching my hands and trying to catch me at something.
Just adding my 3 cents worth because anybody can add their 2 cents worth...
Philip Busk
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All my gaffs, books, etc are sitting in our room so there really are no secrets...
Philip Busk
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My wife and other family members are not go to people, they are much too jaded and I probably would be disinterested if I was inundated with magic every week, let alone by a 30 to 40 something. At some point, you want constructive criticism that is educated and thoughtful, not someone who will just say something not to hurt your feelings. Being a co-dependent to a delusional crappy magician is a worst dis-service to that person and to magic.
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I'll show my girlfriend really simple moves like the french drop for coins and that makes her content to not know the mored advanced ones that can really build an illusion.
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If she's your assistant, I say tell her-- if she can keep the secret. If she's not your assistant, then no. I tell mine that IBM rules prohibit me from telling anyone, and so far she has accepted this.
James Kellogg III
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If she is your wife just tell her so you don't end up on the couch
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