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Soon after I started performing magic, I bought a black sports coat that has been my "magic jacket" ever since. I always perform with a jacket on. The guys in my IBM ring kid me because I always put my jacket back on before I perform at meetings.

Anyways, after performing for a while, I am beginning to want more from my magic jacket. I want more pockets, special pockets and a topit. I have been collecting my ideas so that I can have a special magic jacket made, with all the special features built in.

So my question is, what suggestions would you gentleman have for special pockets or features in a magic performance jacket? I'm looking for ideas for a custom made jacket that has pockets for cards (regular decks and packet tricks) coins (regular and gaffs), sponge balls, T.T's, pens, balls, rubber bands, bills, basically anything that one can do magic with. Also, if you have any special features that you would want built into a jacket that would aid you in performing miracles (ie. a topit), I'd like to hear about that to.

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Scott F. Guinn
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Rather than having special pockets sewn in, I recommend the Klamm pocket organizer. It has about 15 different mini pockets for coins, knives, TTs, jumbo coins etc, and is easily transferred from coat to coat. It is also very sturdy and very inexpensive. I absolutely love mine!
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The Pianoman
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Just this afternoon I spoke to a nice lady who can make a custom jacket for me, so I will watch this thread for some good ideas.
Although it seems the Pros are using these pocket organisers quite a bit now.

Regards Alan
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Be sure and check out BroDavid's post in this thread for some good ideas...

Click here

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I agree with Scott about the Pocket Organizer being a good tool and transferrable.

My approach, rather than building a complete new jacket, is to go to GoodWill, or Salvation Army, etc, and get a high quality Jacket in a bit larger size than I really need. For example, I wear a 42 jacket and look for 44S which gives me correct sleeve length but larger diameter sleeves and more girth for Topit, etc.

Then I take it and have the sleeve lining removed to make my topits, and have them sewn in with extra pockets in a few places, and external access to the topits through top outside breast pocket and lower outside pockets.

I also have Sleeve Drops in both sleeves which hold decks, or balls, or coins - relieving the need for a few pockets.

And as indicated in the post that Kris referenced, I use the bottom edge of the coat for a few items.

It is a bit less expensive this way, and this allows me to have quite a few different jackets that I can choose from, that look like everyday jackets.

But if you are looking for a "Performing Jacket" that will look more theatrical, or if your not an average sized guy (who can find a good selection in thrift stores) like I am, a custom jacket is a good way to go.

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One of the Professor Hoffman's Books, I think, Later Magic contains a chapter on secret pockets, etc... which is a good place to start.

Carl Coutier has excellent videos on this sort of stuff and Jay Scott Berry gives great insight into why and how pockets, etc can be used to great effect.
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Which Carl Cloutier videos are you speaking about? I have his Advanced Topiting made Easy video, but in it, he only explains how to use the topit.

John Clarkson
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Kaliix said:
So my question is, what suggestions would you gentleman have for special pockets or features in a magic performance jacket? ...any special features that you would want built into a jacket that would aid you in performing miracles (ie. a topit), I'd like to hear about that to.

Barry Price has published a manuscript entitled "LightSpeed Cards to Pocket and Chanel No." It contains the plan to allow the following effect, as described on the cover of the manuscript: "Four signed cards instantly vanish from the deck to four separate pockets --- and your pocket does the work!" Well, it's not quite ALL the pocket... and if you can't shift, palm and load, no special jacket is going to help. If you can, however, these plans are dynamite!
John D. Clarkson, S.O.B. (Sacred Omphaloskeptic Brotherhood)

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Sewing in pockets and general alterations are a good idea. My mom is an excellent seamstress, and does this stuff for me (she made me Zoot Suit for when I swing dance)

--Diavo Smile
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I don't understand why anyone would want to carry 10 to 15 tricks in their jacket during walk around strolling gig. When I work a gig like that for my resturant, I only carry like three or four tricks. It always seems to me the more stuff you carry the more chance for confusion. What if you forget which pocket you put something in? Now you look like a fool trying to find your next trick. It's not cool. I have been down that road.

If you have a long show like 3 or 4 hours, then bring some stuff in a case to switch out between hours. This works great for me.
Uli Weigel
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There's a cool trick in Bobo's Modern Coin Magic, where you drop coins in your left outer breast pocket and the coins arrive with an audible clink in a normal drinking glass in your right jacket pocket. It's a great trick. The silk tube needed for this is certainly something I would want to have sewn in my custom Magic Jacket.
And don't forget the trousers. Double trouser pockets are most useful and practical too.
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I've had some alterations done to my performing jackets that I will recommend.

1) Angle the inner left top pocket for easier CTW!
2) Make the new pockets for decks only 2/3 the depth of the deck for easier removal.
3) I have a slot on the inside of the right lower pocket that I sometimes use for Ring Flite, works better for me that way because it is in the open the whole time and the retrieval is very, very fair looking.

Hope this helps. Smile

Be Amazed! + Enjoy The Magic!
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Yeah I can visualize the illustration your talking about from BoBos. I wanted one in my jacket. Both my jackets have topits in them but I am not liking the idea of working with jackets. Trying to get away from them actually. If I can't carry it in my pockets then something is wrong. I do miss using a topit but then it only calls for different routine structure and stronger misdirection. If the case may be. I can do 3-7 min with a regular deck of card though this may get old change it up with a sponge ball routine or ring and string thing. LoL... I have been slowly tweaking my performances so it is more enjoyable for those to watch on a performance level. Magic is theater... Look an Eugene Burger.
"For those who believe, no explanation is necessary, for those who do not, none will suffice".-Joseph Dunninger
Brian Proctor
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Today I went to Goodwill to find some nice silks and a jacket. I found a huge black one for me. (It says its a Nordstrom Jacket) Lots of pockets. I was thinking about sewing an American flag on the arm or something.

This isn't going to be a serious look for me. I envision a goofy look. Colored shades, t-shirt, jeans, blazer jacket, tennis shoes.
Anyone out there put a lot of pins on their jacket?

I want something that will kind of bring attention to me. That will draw a couple people. Then I will break out my stuff if I want. Smile

Does this seem logical or foolish sounding? Smile
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I wear a leather jacket/coat that has HUGE sleeve openings (great for the raven and sleeving). I have never had anyone suspect it
because most leather coats have either an elastic cuff, or wide open like mine. Another plus is that is is fully lined in the sleeves which makes for smooth workings. Smile
"Magic" is merely an illusion, but "Perception" is reality!
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A few years back our local IBM had a lecture by Peter White of P&A Silks.
He showed a coat that he claimed he could do a 45 minute stage show from.
Walk on stage empty handed, produce silks, doves, balls, ect- then vanish everything and walk off empty handed.
Very kool stuff, If memory serves he had something like 50 silks and 15 doves in the act.
I remember the coat was 2 sizes too big and had a wire form sewed into the hem to make it hang right.
Peter is a great guy and I'll bet he would talk about it if you call him.
Or maybe book his lecture into your local club-He is one of the best.

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If you are putting custom pockets inside your jacket, it is a good idea to place them as close to the top as possible, that way it isn't to difficult to reach them.
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For a more up-to-date casual look, the 'techno-gadget' vests and windbreakers by

look pretty cool. I haven't bought one yet, but I'm sorely tempted. 17 to 22 pockets many of them interconnected, looks like a standard cool weather jacket.
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A Topit is worth having. Make sure you have it designed to give you access from your jacket pocket in order to retrieve ditched items.

Another addition worth considering is having the breast pocket tailored with an extra compartment giving access into the inside jacket. Great for card to pocket routines where palmed cards can be loaded under the coat between the breast pocket and the topit and subsequently retrieved from the respective outside pockets.

I find a couple of pockets either side are more than adequate provided they're not too low.

If you really need to carry more items you may like to consider one of those belt bags - better still be more creative with say card routines to avoid the amount of material you need to carry.


Smile Smile
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What about the comedy gag of a spinning tie or a disappearing or appearing flower from your lapel?
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