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Hey all,

I've read and watched all the Richey Technique media and I have to tell you, it is definitely one of those things where both the novice AND the professional can benefit from the information included. I should also mention, I had NO INTEREST in purchasing this update to begin with. I had the original from 10 years ago. Even THEN, my sister swore I was reading her journal. But I'm so glad I did. This update fills-in-the-blanks of the things I "missed" over the years. Plus the methods on p*mping, WHEN/HOW to p*mp, and ruses to p*mp without the audience knowing, first class stuff!

(let the p*mp jokes fly!)

If not for the effect, the techniques can and SHOULD be used elsewhere in your repertoire.

-Byron Grey
Jacob Smith
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Dan, I can't wait for the teleconference, I have been writing down questions to ask during the talk and honestly the conference alone would make the package worth it to me. Re-reading my post, I want people to know that I LOVE the Richey Technique, it just wasn't as impactful as some of the other Doccinars and that being said I just used it the other day on a friend who needed a boost. He loved the reading and actually enjoyed the aspect of being able to open the questions when "it felt right" instead of just voicing all of my impressions right off the bat!

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I just posted a review of The Richey Technique Revealed written by Tony Razzano over in the Lastest and Greatest forum. You can find it here:

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Great review!

I love the Richey technique and seeing Docc perform it; I also like the history, the side topics and the gossipy tidbits thrown in to the Doccinar as well. Anyone who doesn't have this, but is a fan of Budoir Q&A or Palms of the Desert will enjoy this for sure.

I admit that I have used essentially this same concept, as presented by certain other performer, as a triple prediction. I'll be completely honest, it worked and went over beautifully; but I love hearing the origin, the background story and Docc's philosophy as to why this is NOT the way to go. Certainly the Richey technique goes beyond predicting three objects, ...or whatever. I also like to wonder about the identity of "Richey." There is one obvious candidate, based on the name, but Docc knows and has known so many people that it doesn't seem to be something to be sure about!

To be honest I can't really think of too many questions for the teleconference, everything was covered REALLY well, but I do look forward to hearing more about it and I'm sure I'll think of something.
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Thanks Docc and Dan. The Doccinar's keep getting better! It also provided a welcome reacquaintance with "Tridiction" (Bride of the Monster Vol 3) which I'd all but forgotten about. The bonus tips Docc adds along the way are always a plus, as is his demonstration of how it looks in performance. IMHO the eBook really needed the Doccinar and Docc's the man
Tony Iacoviello
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I really enjoyed the Doccinar. It was well over 2 hours of information and ideas.
I don't want to repeat what others have said (especially since my fingers are bandaged and this is a touch screen).

Personally, I don't feel I need anyay cheat method for a reading, but the idea of using this in the way he suggested to introduce yourself and energize people and draw them to you is fantastic. I also can see he seance use, and apply it in other ways as well. (it is hard to discuss without tipping anything).

I'm thankful to learn the true history of the technique, and appreciate Docc's other comments on memory and methodologies.

I'm glad I purchased this Doccinar.

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Tony, Bob, everybody thank you.

We actually had several people writing and asking why we were releasing the same thing at an inflated price. Which of course is not what we did. Due to the technical troubles we ran into, all related to the video length, you probably won't see one this long again.

Also remember the $77 price goes up to $97 sometime after Midnight tonight. What time? Whenever I am able to get to a computer and change it. So if this interests you and you want to save $20 hit it before midnight to be safe. It is a big package with a ton of information you can use in all sort of ways.

Thanks for your interest.
Darrell Mac
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Thank You Docc & Dan, well Worth it. Really puts into perspective the old manuscript.

Thanks again Guys, Looking Forward to the up-incoming releases.
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Docc club?!
Joshua Quinn
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A few days ago I was reading a discussion of this on another board. I chimed in that I had the original booklet and thought it was useful, but I was skeptical about the updated version being worth the extra cost. I said I would love to be proven wrong, but I wasn't willing to part with the cash to find out whether or not I was.

Then a funny thing happened: I got an unexpected offer for a copy of the item in exchange for an honest review. My bluff having been effectively called, I happily agreed. So here are my thoughts.

The basic technique taught in the original booklet was and is pretty slick. I liked it when I first learned it, have used it on and off over the years, and my opinion of it hasn't diminished. I've also used other techniques for accomplishing the same sort of deception that this pulls off, and they can work equally well depending on the context and performing conditions. But what the new version reminded me of is the psychological advantage of having the answer to each question sealed in an envelope before the question is ever asked out loud, which other variations don't offer.

My concern with this release was that the "new stuff" would simply be contrived filler material. On that front, I'm happy to eat my words and say my doubts were unfounded. The new tips on psychology, scripting, personalization, and ways of "doing what needs to be done" are far from fluff. In fact some of them are downright evil, and definitely add to the value of the package.

Then there are the two totally new contexts in which to use the technique: Q&A and seance. These weren't terribly relevant to me personally, as I don't do either of those things. But if I did do Q&A, and it was the particular flavor of Q&A discussed here, I could see this being a very sound way to strengthen it. Similarly, if I did seances and I wanted them to include getting "messages from the spirits," this would certainly be on my short list of ways to go about it. In both cases, the particular way of adopting the "necessary events" to work within each context was valuable, and useful for seeing how it might work in other contexts. So even though I'll probably never use it for those purposes, seeing how to do so was still beneficial.

So is it worth the cost? Obviously that's a subjective call, depending on what value you place on the ability to do what this technique allows. But I can happily say that is is not, as I had feared, simply a more expensive rehash of what was already out there. The new work is significant and worth the consideration of anyone who thinks the description sounds like their cup of tea.
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Zombie Magic
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Docc sent out an e-maill for those that bought the Richey Technique package:

"The Richey Technique followup Teleconference is tomorrow night at 9 PM Eastern time. This call is for anybody who purchased the Richey Technique Combo package. If that is you simply login to the member area look in your Richey Technique and you will see the details at the top of the page along with where to send your questions for the call"


Dan and I realized many of the prices on the site had not been raised to their normal levels. We will be normalizing the prices over the next few weeks. This will coincide with finally getting everything into the new membership system. As we normalize each price you will get a heads up so if there is something you have been wanting but holding off on you will know when that price is going up.
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Although I'm late for the party, I have to say The Richey Technique is a favorite, powerful, mind-boggling beauty and absolutely worthwhile to anyone in the mystery arts.

Excellent job Docc & Dan on delivering this valuable combo package to the community.
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