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Cheer's Kieron ,got it all sorted now.Fantastic stuff on the DVD and got 3 things I am going to perform streight away,all the best

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Hi guy I have set up a group for chaotic to jam idears!/groups/178822788946869/?fref=ts

kind regards

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I got this a couple of months ago and is essentially the bible for working magic.

I have got so many things on so many levels from this one dvd I don't know where to begin.

I now have a true understanding of what it is to be yourself and perform true to yourself.
I have heard this so many times, yet every dvd I get, I end up copying patter/routines/delivery, emulating what I see.
I have got better in finding myself, but the point I got this dvd, EVERYTHING has changed.
Because Kieron is such a unique performer, in fact, it's not performance, it's him - and that is the point.

I get it now. I understand what I have read and heard...but until now, was not clear - because you see so many performers as almost clones of each other.

I struggled for time, feeling like I did not fit in, because I could not natural be like them.

So, seeing Kieron, I understand you don't have to be like them at all...

I could go on and on but am sure you get the point.

On a routine level, the guy is a genius.
Everything is broken down into its most simplistic form in terms of routine/method/material - for maximum working impact.

Kieron is undoubtedly my hero in magic in many ways and I will follow everything he does.
I could blow smoke up his a£$%se all day long.
In one dvd he has given me more than 100 other performers and dvds could.

For me, he hit it - right there.

A recent case in point:
I went for an audition to be a restaurant/bistro resident.
I performed for a table of olders and the owner.

First routine:
Industrial revelation, with coin - to nest wallets - to coinvexed
got 'good' reaction.

Second routine:
Lollypop routine with business cards, getting prediction wrong with 'fire' - producing a lolly.

They absolutely LOVED that routine and booked me there and then.

First routine cost me £230 in props.
Second, which got the job, cost me about £1!

Do I need to elaborate at all.....

Simple effective brilliant magic!
Get this DVD, its changed my life.
Greg Holroyd
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This DVD guys needs to be in your library. Seriously get off the forum now and buy it. Kieron is a genius. I got this and his remaxed iceolation which by way for any worker is a reputation maker. The effects in the DVD I'll go through one at a time.
CIO - Classic card in orange with a subtlety that when you watch will think won't work but trust me it does . I personally sometimes use this with James brown pot I jam leave orange on table and routine or two later use it as a revelation.

Four rules of magic/Lollipop - OMG this is sooooo sexy but so simple. Think of a rose production, for me this can sometimes be seen as cheesy for my magic. However doing this with a lollipop feels more modern for me. Easy, simple and kieron provides a cool opening line to use this.

Stop kicking me - watching the performance had me in tears was so funny but that's just my twisted brain. A modern revelation of a card Iain your phone. iPhone is used but I dare say there's apps out there which so same thing on other phones. The ending is killer, if you have spectators who are already rocking back and forth, singing nick back paddy whack because their losing their mind trough your magic this will push them over edge. BRILLIANT!

Borrowed phone in balloon and wallet - this wasn't my favourite routine however is an interesting twist on pressure. Worth looking at if you have a c2w that is big enough To fit a phone. I won't use it as I have my own method getting phones into my atw Smile

Chaotic FKs - I loved the performance and the methods mostly nothing new really in terms of the bends but presentation is worth the watch as his presentation is unique and he does give various sources to check out in the art of fork bending. The fork twisting itself is killer

Transcend - now this effect alone is worth price of DVD. If I ever start using ITRs this will e the first effect I will learn. Rising card that is completely isolated. This is sort of effect that will amaze, scare whatever it will get reactions.

Credit crunch - a great reveal however I asked santander info whatnots required and said they don't do it. But if your bank allows you to do this. Do it fits in wallet and got an awesome effect on you always.

The devils triumph- Kieron's (scrappy) take on a classic. When I say scrappy I don't mean bad but he is all over place I love it lol. Think triumph but with an added something at the end. Dead easy and has a killer/spooky ending.

Bigger - I can't comment on this part of DVD purely because I refuse to use sponge balls but watching presentation very different and quite enjoyable

Summary - there is a lot of material on this DVD and is so worth the buy. There's metal bending, cards, productions, sponge balls, thread work it's probably easier to tell you what the DVD doesn't contain.
So basically get off this forum right now! Seriously get off here and buy the DVD
Thanks kieron for outing strong magic out on market
We all live to be deceived
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Lollypop it's great.

James Conti
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Hey guys. I am James and I am a teenage magician aiming toward a career in magic. I am working on (at the moment) a magic product review site from the point of view of a performing teenager. I will be launching the site soon and hope you guys will check it out (it would mean a lot to me) I will post the link when it is up. Anyway, this is the first review I have ever written. I would love if you guys took the time to read it and if you have any comments or advice, please PM me or reply below. I am always aiming to get better. Thanks so much Smile

My first review on my site will be Chaotic by Kieron Johnson and RSVP. This DVD teaches nine of his professional routines that are in his current working set. This DVD is really well taught, well produced, a few issues but we will get onto that later. I've decided the best way to review this is to go over each routine one by one.

Lolly (4 Rules of Magic):
This is a nice, cute and fun production of a lollypop in a flash of fire (or anything, it is only limited to your imagination). You could use a coin, pencil, cigarette, etc. The production is fairly common in method but included in this is a routine with blank cards with objects written on them. This gives meaning to the production, because they chose the object produced. This is a very nice little tidbit to play around with if you love your flash paper.
3 live performances - 8/10

This is an extreme hands-off rising card effect between two glasses. The card can also be signed. The method isn't particularly new but the handling is very clever and works quite well. Well thought out and practical with an instant reset. I have already performed this and it is very good.
2 live performances (one in the performance of CIO) - 8/10

Devil's Triumph:
This is his take on Dai Vernon's Triumph plot (Stars of Magic). This version is about a meeting with the devil and in the end, the deck restores, card reversed and the numbers 666 are found on the back, burnt into the design. There is also a final gag/effect right at the end. It is fairly easy to do and has a cool method for having a burnt message etched into a card. Well explained and won't take much practice.
1 live performance - 7/10

Stop Kicking Me:
This is a fantastic routine with a video prediction matching the card the spectator chose. Then he proceeds to find the rest of the suit. Then the entire deck turns blank, even though they saw it printed moments before. The routine is full of twists and turns and unexpected magical moments. People get involved and have a good time as well as the performer. The method is bold and out of the box. It is a great opener or closer. Easy to of and gets great reactions. I am already using this a lot. Fantastic.
1 live performance - 9/10

CIO (Card in Orange)
This is a brilliant card in orange/torn corner effect. This is interchangeable into lots of card routines and the spectator is left with a breathtaking souvenir. You are left completely clean at the end and the spectator can pull the card out of the orange and hold onto the corner the entire time. The are NO switches and nearly NO sleight of hand. Pure beauty.
1 live performance (with a performance of Transcend within it) - 10/10 (best thing on the DVD, easily)

Chaotic FKS:
This is Kieron's metal bending routine. The routine is clever and the moves are well justified with the patter. There is a part in the routine where the fork starts twisting (rotating) inside the spectators hand, and you aren't doing anything! This is an easier metal bending routine than some of the others on the market at the moment.
2 live performances - 8/10

Credit Crunch:
A selected card turns blank and the name of the card appears printed on your bank card that's been held by the spectator. Nice idea that fits in your wallet. Won't fool magicians but laypeople seem to like it. Will take a little while to set up at first. Nothing special.
1 live performance - 6/10

Repressured (Borrowed Phone in Balloon and Wallet)
This is a borrowed phone in balloon, restoration of a balloon, disappearing phone and reappearing in your wallet. NOTE: He doesn't teach DG's Pressure on the DVD, he just explains the rest of the routine. This is a clever routine and is a right place, right time effect as he says on the explanation. You will need good pocket management for this. Clever routine.
1 live performance - 9/10

A sponge ball routine with a devastating ending that kills... if they say the right number. If not, here comes your good old friend, math. I personally don't like this routine but it is still very clever and can see people using it. Weakest thing on the DVD in my opinion. The explanation had it's fair share of balls jokes too.
1 live performance - 6/10

Overall thoughts:
This is a pretty solid routine with lots of workers and great advice from Kieron. The explanations are him sitting with another magician (the latter changes with effects) and has a very relaxed, chilled vibe. The DVD is well produced and shot. The DVD packaging is nothing special but has a cool artwork cover. The Card in Orange is a standout and could easily be worth the price of the DVD. His performances are entertaining and you can learn a lot from his performances and his crowd control. As a teenager at school, the effects I would perform would be Transcend, CIO (already performed this at a school charity event), Stop Kicking Me and perhaps Repressured. I feel like I have got a lot out of this. This DVD is $30 and is very impressive - 8 and a half out of 10
Check out my teenage point of view magic reviews here:

Watch my reviews here -
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Good review thankyou very much indeed.
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Nice review... thanks very much... love to see another reviews from you... Good luck....
James Conti
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Thanks guys. Is there anything I could improve on within the review? Thanks.
Check out my teenage point of view magic reviews here:

Watch my reviews here -
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Great review loved it
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