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Surprisingly, in the credits, David Copperfield, Chris Kenner, and Homer Liwag were all credited in the end.....I mean since the illusions were real illusions ie camera tricks etc.. I wonder what was the role of the Copperfield team then ??
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Isla Fisher credited magician escape artist Dorothy Dietrich as her role model for her part in the movie.
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john wills
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Perhaps because they wanted to have the special (film FX) effects as close to magic (theater-) effects as possible and how is the behavior (performance) of a magician.
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There were lots of parts of the movie that were really enjoyable, and I'd definitely say I enjoyed like 90% of it, but overall as a movie it left lots to be desired. It was fun, but could've been better.
Kel says poof
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I loved it....but I wonder if the card manipulation at the start was really the actors hands? I loved Woody's character....he always brings a lot of comic relief. I must admit I didn't see the twist at the end.....and if you stayed for most of the credits you see a clip at the end that sets it up for part 2
Matt Adams
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On 2013-08-22 09:00, Kel says poof wrote:
I loved it....but I wonder if the card manipulation at the start was really the actors hands?

Nope - Dan/Dave Buck
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Kent Wong
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Whether you liked the movie or not, the reality is that many people in our audience may have seen it. If we want to stay current with our audience, we need to see it as well. That way, if we get asked about the movie, we can at least carry on an intelligent conversation about it. Just my two bits.

"Believing is Seeing"
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In the South Korea, the movie started to publish into public in yesterday(Aug. 22).
I think this movie will make a familiarity in Korean people - which has most-terrible attitudes into magic. Smile
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Not quite sure how you could "hate" this movie as a magician, although you are entitled that stance. For me, some dream effects came to life (floating a lady in a bubble, etc). Its a hollywood movie, not a stage show. Don't see the movie if you're expecting all sleight of hand. Im happy that magic was actually portrayed in a cool, hip way for once. Magic is crazy, visual fun and the more hollywood movies that recognize this and pass it on to the public the better for us. And no plot? They found a way to rob banks using their talents. Im sorry but that's darn cool. If I want to see real magic Ill go see a stage show. If I want dream-like, exaggerated, cgi/ridden effects Ill see a hollywood movie and love every second of it. To say you didn't like it because of the plot or lack of real magic is a tad silly IMO. But to each their own.
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I went to the Magic Cafe and all I got were these lousy
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I got what I expected out of it for the most part: A pleasing diversion. I didn't go in with expectations of watching Hollywood actors do actual illusions. Although many actors have backgrounds in magic, it's unreasonable to expect Woody Harrelson to rival Lance Burton. I expected Woody to be Woody. I got what I expected and enjoyed it.

And is it just me, or did anyone else think "That FBI agent should have been played by Dennis Miller."?

Of course, it would have been remarkably cool if they *did* use actual illusions, but that would be a bonus.

My daughter said that she was also disappointed with the ending. Complained that it felt too rushed. I admit that it isn't Oscar material, but it was a good movie. Worth seeing, maybe getting the DVD afterwards once it goes on discount.

The thing is, most people see magicians as Burt Wonderstone--but not necessarily in a comedic light. If we wish to shatter the illusion of "Oh...so you were one of those kids with no social skills..." magicians will need to embrace the images that invade popular culture that portray our art as something that the cool kids do.

Whether we like it or not, I sense a trend emerging. With movies like Oz, Wonderstone, and Now You See Me in relatively rapid succession, we can expect more big-budget movies about magic and magicians on the horizon.

I'm just hoping we keep Will Ferrell out of it...but that's just me.

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

-Roald Dahl
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I just saw this for the first time last night, I wanted to love it. And there were moments I did, but for the most part, it felt like a Michael Bay does magic movie. Everything was "grand scoped" and yet we knew or cared zero about any of the characters. The rapid fire" introduction to each was pretty much all we were supposed to know abut anyone - and that's not enough to carry a movie. I didn't mind the CGI for the most part, but the hologram stuff was so silly - and the eye ... ugh, it bloated unnecessarily what could have been a good revenge heist flick --- not sure where the sequel heads - probably into National treasure territory, but it had its fun moments. Though I think it's as grounded in illusion as a Harry Potter film, I did like the co-opting of the portal effect for what it was. Clever, cute idea. Though probably going to break a spectators legs having them drop 10 feet through a trap door unexpectedly ...
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Just watched it via Netflix (I abhor going to the movie theater). I wasn't expecting much, but I had hoped to be at least entertained in some small way. It was, in someway, entertaining for about the first half hour or so ('Ocean's 11' ?), but it then became beyond totally laughable in every possible aspect and I couldn't wait for it to end. Just wasted two hours out of my life watching this and I feel I would have been better off watching reruns of 'The Flying Nun' or 'The Love Boat' considering how ridiculous this movie was. I could go into more detail, but it's not worth the effort and it's no wonder this movie did not fare all that well at the box office. In my opinion... don't waste your time on this piece of Hollywood imbecilic garbage. Smile
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Actually, it fared better than most of the big summer blockbusters this year, hence a sequel has already been greenlit and announced.
It's all in the reflexes.
john Graybeal
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Hope for a better number 2 then number 1. It was OK but hope for a better sequel.
john Graybeal
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Hope for a better number 2 then number 1. It was OK but hope for a better sequel.
john Graybeal
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Hope for a better number 2 then number 1. It was OK but hope for a better sequel.
Jay Jennings
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I saw it in the theatre with my son and liked it. A fun movie that was about what I expected.

Then I saw it on Blu-Ray with my wife at home and liked it again.

And when someone gets it for me at Christmas or birthday I'll watch it a 3rd time and still like it. Maybe I'm just too stupid to know it's a horrible movie. I can live with that.

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