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It is rare that I read an idea so obviously perfect that I am ashamed. I am ashamed that I did not think of it and how perfectly self-contained and useful it is. Ideas this good contain no fluff or unecessary elements. Our friends Iain Dunford and Dave Moses have articulated one such concept. Any mentalist worth their salt could think of a way to utilize this. To be transparent, I just received a (second) copy which includes a number of additional thoughts by early readers. I am a great fan of both Dave and Iain's thinking in general. This idea is so reductionist and lovely, that I am in awe. It is perfect. Be forewarned you will be angry with yourself as well. I promise!

When I replied to the latest copy, I told Dave that their work was both simple and brilliant. I also mentioned that both were qualities I hold in the highest regard. He replied...

"Iain is brilliant, I am simple"

I highly respect the ingenuity and thinking of both of these fine creators. I imagine that each of you would feel the same. This work has my highest recommendation!

(Please forgive me if there is another thread you all have read already. Not making mention of this seemed a travesty)

With Regards,

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Aw cheers mate...thank you for your kindness...

this was such a strange moment, to come up with such a thing as and dave batted this between us for ages, and feedingback to one another constantly as we each performed it in our different ways...

I would say dave's half of the book is more about seeing TPR in the detail, and mine is more approaching it as "the big picture" as we thought this might be either re-invention or one of those behind the scenes amongst the greats kind of ideas...we contacted those people...

those people said:

"!@#$%^& Great"
Michael Weber

" I think it is one of the best books on readings that I have ever read!"
Millard Longman

"I love what you guys sent me and that's despite being kind of sick of new reading systems! "
Bill Cushman

as well as sean, andrew gerard, and a few others who have contributed to the book in some way, or gave us much needed early feedback...

it is primarily a way of giving a very logical, potent reading...however, it also gives you ways of presenting design dupes in an unique way too... and that's before you get to the Ac.No p**k variant (taught with permission from Millard)...

able to be performed one-on-one, close-up, impromptu, house-parties, tables - can't say for stage as I don't do it...but this is a very visual thing, and for small groups especially, very strong, engaging and easy to do mechanically...

everything can be borrowed if that's your criteria, nothing to make up, build - and if you are already familiar with annemann's and corinda's work, you are definitely (at least) halfway there...

89 pages I think it is? photos included...
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This is a really hard review to write, because the secret is fragile.
Let me say that many of you are searching for this but you just don't know it.

A recent high-priced gimmick was released to do exactly what this does and this does it without anything apart from the pencils, pads or cards you carry around with you normally....TPR does it gimmickless.

But there's one entrance fee:- You have to like/love readings...and TPR even helps you do that ... By allowing you to covertly incorporate surefire information.

I've made the mistake of picking up the wrong kind of material for me in the past....while I didn't pay for me I would have been happy if I had.

TPR doesn't stop short of just a quick method and presentation. Through the comic writing of Dave and Iain you get taken through each illustrated step of forming the reading alongside various novel ways and presentations that bring both a great visual element to TPR and as well as bolstering your readings with colour. You are helped through every stage, you will be able to go out and do this straight away and getting great justified reading practise on the fly ... and you'll never been at risk of being wrong .. occasionally the system will be ... but you'll still get plenty of hits.

There are at times little stories and recollections of events that have affected their readings, lives and approach to mentalism. All are a lovely read.... scattered throughout the pages are tales of how A.G. had a thought of word appear mysteriously on the table.

Suggestions as to how people working P.Developement parties or workshops will find wonderful use in this as well, which if you used would blend in very well with Dave's TPR QA ... that allows your to leave all the impression pads at home. It's super, simple and something you'll definitely start doing and you'll find yourself pretty comfortable and reversed in all the mechanics for life once you've only done this a few times.

The little tip and working of Acidus is lovely whether used alone or as springboard to something of your own.

TPR is more than just a SLAP to the forehead ... you'll go through many emotions ... elation at having this great piece at your disposal to tearing yourself apart for not thinking of it ... maybe even denial that you didn't think of it.

My work and the Mtangulizi here featuring work on drawing duplications, a fiddle-free billet tear, bar mentalism, pendulums
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This is really a fun and engaging read, written with a level of passion that's all-too-rare.
Still digesting the content - 89 pages worth.

Highly recommended!
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Wow, this sounds very interesting. It's got me curious. Congrats Iain and Dave.
Greg Arce
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Ian sent this to me... knowing that I'm not into readings. I read it. He was right... I'm not into readings. But this idea will open up a world of possibilities for those that do readings. Plus there is stuff inside that you can definitely use with mentalism.

It's one of those ideas that will keep making you think, "Wow, I can do it this way!" or "Man, if I combine my knowledge of (insert your knowledge here) I can make up a very personal system!"

For lack of a better description, this is almost a thumbtip of a reading idea. You can do many, many things with it.

One of my favorite quotes: "A critic is a legless man who teaches running."
Tom Jorgenson
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This 'system' is probably one of the easiest ways for a reader to tune into the subconscious and let flow. If you go out as a table reader you know that the ambient noise and distractions can be a disturbance...but TPR lets you automatically focus inward and helps cut out distraction. Your images and answers flow naturally.

Very Zenesque. Both of their approaches are examined and explained, both add much to this system. I think, if you are serious about readings, either learning them, learning how to do them better, or improving your own approach...their TPR will be of much value to you.

I was a Tarot reader for many years in the '70's, a Platform Psychic in the '80's, and even a Telephone Psychic back in that Heyday...and I wish I'd had TPR would have made my life much easier in all of those venues.

Very good work by very good Pro's.
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Profile of lucavolpe
Very interested in this, I will pick up this as soon I will come back from my cruise work!
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Nota Bene: while this concept is reading-centric, it can be applied to a psychological subtext just as easily as any other.
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While it's gratifying and humbling to get the feedback from folks like yourself-- it gives almost as much pleasure for my peers to look at me and say: "You #$%&ing b!#%$#d"!

And for the rest of you who are waiting for more reviews before paying... they should be rolling in within the next week as the hard copies make their way around the world.

Thanks again for your support and if you have any question please don't hesitate to PM IAIN or myself.

"You're a comedian. You wanna do mankind a service, tell funnier jokes."
TPR by Dave Moses and Iain Dunford
David Thiel
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I am not a reader. But I have the notion that I COULD be after digesting the ideas presented in this manuscript.

The "peek" (pun intended) into the world of readers was fascinating to me -- and the wellspring of creative ideas made me smile -- as did the fuel for "great ideas" hidden away in the pages of this intense little ebook.

It occurs to me that there is also great material for the more conventional mentalist here. Think of the many times you'll go for hits during a Q and A, tarot effect etc. You'll only have to let your mind drift through these pages and you'll find a grand source for inspiration.

This is a wonderful document...thanks to Iain and David for making a great contribution to the community. And in closing? David, you're a #$%&ing b!#%$#d"!



Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Except bears. Bears will kill you.
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Thanks david (and everyone else)...really appreciate the feedback and support...

hopefully a review will make its way onto Jheff's site in due course - I hope everyone who is using TPR gets as much fun out of it as we have been...

...and I'm really pleased with my tweak to AN and the extra oomph it gives you...

the cover is pretty too...
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My copy of TPR arrived last week and I finished reading it on the train this morning. It is very, very good stuff.

It's a reading system, an approach to billet work and a very entertaining read. But it's more than that. It's a model for home psychic parties, a collision between two great minds and a reason to set up a sideline business selling confetti.

For people who do straight readings, it's a motivation to learn a bit of billet work and for people who do billet work it's a push to try giving readings. For people who do both it's a beautiful fusion, a lot like mature cheddar cheese and coarse cut marmalade - a match made in heaven. They were both there, in your fridge, right in front of you all this time, but you never thought to try them together, until now.

But most of all, it's a book bursting at the seams with ideas (and the most frightful swearing) - and that is priceless.

Highly recommended.
"Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business."
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Profile of IAIN
Cheers Matt!

I have had an email from Mr. Scryer, who has said - "I highly recommend this for the serious worker it's a Rembrandt of mentalism as far as I am concerned, it takes everything to a higher and more believable level."
Paul Carnazzo
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I was able to explore TPR a while back...there is a lot to take in, and a lot to learn. Dave and Iain have done a great job explaining this wonderful system.

Highly recommended.
remember....always use your powers for good!
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I have not been on the Café in a while, and don't plan on spending too much time here; but I just noticed that this was being reviewed.


Seriously, this is an absolutely wonderful idea for readings and Q&A. I can't recommend it enough.
Just look at the testimonials and you'll know it's worth it. In addition to being amazing, it gave me a lot of food for thought and a lot of ideas.

As has been said, it's tricky to say to much without giving it away; I want to detail point by point how !@#$%^& great it is, but obviously that won't work. just go get it right now.
"Love is the magician who pulls man out of his own hat" - Ben Hecht

"Love says 'I am everything.' Wisdom says 'I am nothing'. Between the two, my life flows." -Nisargadatta Maharaj

Seadog=C-Dawg=C.ou.rtn.ey Kol.b
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I would like to chime in too in endorsing this book - the premise is great and I completely agree with Sean that it perfectly suits those who are interested in offering a psychologically based reading rather than an oracle. The fact that it also offers a logical premise for a classic 'problem' in acquiring information from a client to be used in the reading is a boon. I would also like to say how entertaining a read it is - two complementary and very human voices leap off the page and I will be re-reading it several times because I know the material has layers of value. Well done to all involved Smile
'Reading people and bringing them together'
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Just put my order in. Looking forward to reading this, Iain.

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Thanks everyone...really appreciate the feedback, and mini reviews from purchasers...

@chris - I think you will enjoy it, and "get it" straight away...
Bill Cushman
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First off, this is a great read and that is a criteria I take into consideration more and more these days. So excuse some bias on that level as enjoying myself while I read means something to me. TPR is something of a literary split-brain experiment that evoked wonder and laughter all the while teaching what is needed in clear and possibly subversive ways.

Second, my name, primarily in the context of The Dr's Billet Tear which was fortuitously in development and shared with Iain and Dave at the same time as TPR was coming together, is mentioned by both authors an embarrassing number of times. Iain literally ends the book with an epilogue that is nothing more than a shameless plug for TDBT. Seriously! That is the entire epilogue, nothing else, book over! And I feel no shame in letting that bias me as well. Smile

But bottom line our boys have nailed something interesting here. It is fun and very flexible. It begs for interaction if you so choose and opens up multiple avenues of communication and possibility. Be your interests classic, mystical or psychological, TPR as a technique just makes a certain amount of organic sense and avails itself to so much of what I love most in mentalism.

And Dave and Iain manage to include quite an education on an approach to readings, a blend really of their own awesome ideas as influenced by some of my favorite thinkers in an area that has seen an avalanche of new methodologies in the last few years, that fits this system perfectly. So there is much to learn at this level as well despite the personal observation Iain "shared" above, lol.

Finally, TPR is a system that in turn blends seamlessly with many favorite covert techniques. With a bit of thought, it can give method to our madness in ways we can nicely individualize. Or TPR can dispense with all such artifice, even if only some of the time, layering on the deception via its dismissal. Too sweet.

Nor is any of this really restricted to readings. Get ready for some interesting routines of all kinds to emerge, using TPR as their springboard.
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