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Magician Shaun
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I just finished watching this video and it made me want to see what those here on the Sidewalk Shuffle think. Please watch it first, think on it a bit, and then come back here and add your thoughts.

Magician Shaun
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Huntington BCH, CA
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I have been thinking on this and here are my thoughts:

First the definition from Websters: a obsolete : one skilled or versed in learned arts
b archaic : physician
c archaic : artisan 1
a : one who professes and practices an imaginative art
b : a person skilled in one of the fine arts
: a skilled performer; especially : artiste
: one who is adept at something <con artist> <strikeout artist>
See artist defined for English-language learners »
See artist defined for kids »

I had never thought of myself as an artist and still don't. I have however had others at one time or another refer to me as an artist in the context of my Street Show. I feel like my opinion on whether or not I am an artist is meaningless compared to what others think. Now, I have never been called an artist for doing magic outside of my street show. I also don't think that tricks make people artists. I think that if you create a show you create something magical for people and when you create real magic for someone and they really become emotionally connected to your show, then you are creating art and if what you create art then you are an artist.
Herr Brian Tabor
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Personally, I don't think magic is an art. I think it's like asking is a paint brush art? To me, magic is a medium or tool for art, just like paint or a paint brush. I've seen Teller's rose trick, and his performance is art. But that's just my opinion.
Motley Mage
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Magic is an art. Each magician is an artist. Twenty artists can paint a rose; one will create a work of art. Twenty magicians can do a trick. One will create a work of art.
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Magic is acting: acting is an art.
One of the last living 10-in-one performers. I wanted to be in show business the worst way, and that was it.
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Magic is art for some of us....others not so much
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I feel magic is art, the magician is the artist, some magicians are great at art, others not so much.
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Why is a painting seen as art?
why is a sculpture seen as art?
why is magic not seen as art?
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I watched this.
I invested 13 minutes and 56 seconds,..
that, honestly, right now,.. I don´t have.
But WOW!

hey, I´m even the one who hammered this project when it was first proposed(!).

Take the 13 minutes and 56 seconds.
Watch this.
Even if you don´t comprehend, agree with,.. or understand some of what is said;
you´ll be honoured to be part of it,...
the Art of Magic.

man,.. THAT was going to church on Sunday.

I enjoyed it; because most, first tried to define `Art´.
Then, went into seeing how the two related.

I enjoyed it, as well, because I saw how much others actually thought about the question(!),.
,before being asked!
Most were not simply, "..off the top of the head" answers.
You could hear, these guys HAD spent time thinking about it,.. before,.. more often.
It was releaving.

After watching it, I,.. I believed again in Magic,.. and Magicians.

It is a Craft,... that can be used to create Art.

smiling from ear to ear,
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By the way Iove love the video.so well produced
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As I see it: Magic is a 'performing art,' the same as a singer or dancer is an 'artist'. The meaning of the word artist has become sp diluted that it is almost meaningless. Anyone and everyone who gets up in front of the audience to entertain is called an artist. So, if you want to call yourself an artist, you're an artist. Just let's not fool ourself into thinking that all of us are creative artists, when most of our routines come off the latest DVD we bought, with a few minor changes. That makes us craftsmen.
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The Professor's Nightmare is art because it is simple and brilliant and elegant and creative.
You, however, are not an artist just because you do it on the weekends.

As far as the video goes..
For me, Brad H's comments are closest to how I feel on the subject.
www.theambitiouscard.com Hand Crafted Magic
Trophy Husband, Father of the Year Candidate,
Chippendale's Dancer applicant, Unofficial World Record Holder.
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I waould say the art is in the performance because there are onely so many effects and what makes them artful is how they can be presented. for example proffessors nightmare the creater of the effect was an artist, he created it. now if I'm going to perform it like oh well I stretched the ropess lalala theyre the same size now they're back well there is no art in that performance once you can take the effect build a theme and present it like richard sanders for example he made it something that was his with fibre optics.

I have to say I disaggreed with the person that said if you're doing magic just for the reaction then it's not art it's pornography. I think that was a very pretentious statement. I feel all art is about reation and making people feel something and to me once it stops doing that it's no longer art. yeah that's my thoughts.
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Who here only does magic?We do it all from theater to recite to direction to singing to drawing to occasional dancing to fire spinning/breathing to juggling to vent.We even keep alive the thousand years old tradition.Now some may not do all of it but all do least does some of these.We can blow one's mind in less than a second.We are the freaking father of all artists.Kudos to magic.
Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.
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The book Hour Magic has the best answer for this... my favorite book!
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Is an actor less of an artist just because someone else wrote the play? In magic we seem to have this expectation that if you're not original in every aspect, you are somehow a lesser performer. Even if your performances are derivative, unoriginal, dry, boring, and entirely transparent, you are still an artist. Just perhaps n
ot a vary good one.
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An other way to view it :
- if the magician is an artisan
- if the spectator is easily affected by artisic things (in other words if he/she is an "artist"),
= the performance of magic can also be artistic

Magic is an art. What can magic be if not an art?
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Wow, there were quite a few sweeping generalisations in that video, in particular John Bannon's segragation of birthday magicians from corporate magicians. In my experience art can be found in all the performance arenas of magic. On the contrary, there is clearly a LOT of magic that isn't art.

Buying a prop from a magic shop, reading the instructions and then showing (and consequently fooling) someone, is not art. These clips however ARE art in my opinion.




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This is a great video, everyone should watch it lots good info whether its an art or not... To me it is 100% an art nothing less passes, shifts, steals, palming ect. you study but your performance is key & most important like an actor or an actress so yes it is performing art.
Nate The Magician
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On 2013-06-29 21:17, Motley Mage wrote:
Magic is an art. Each magician is an artist. Twenty artists can paint a rose; one will create a work of art. Twenty magicians can do a trick. One will create a work of art.

That's deep, man. And I very much agree.
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