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One of my children was born as the sun came up. I had to do a show that night with no sleep. I put the box on the volunteer's head, ran swords through it, opened the front and, voila! Half his head had disappeared. Within the week, I traded it with a dealer for some other stuff. Wish I had that sword box now. It was a good one.

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LOL I think this topic shouldn't be talked about X_X I literally deleted that day from my life haha Smile basically this was my 1st year as a stage magician....and one illusion I thought would be amazing and affordable was Andrew Mayne's - Bisection Unlimited.....I performed this for the talent show in my university last April. One of the worst days ever....I didn't do it good enough and the uni auditorium was kinda upside down the people on the edges and probably others saw what I was hiding and how pathetically I faked the Bisection....thing is I didn't notice till I was done...and posed with confidence n all oh god.....and my lost my iPhone that day lol.....I just wanted to escape reality and sleep the next day all day ...
Tony S
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On 2013-07-27 00:35, Pakar Ilusi wrote:
On 2013-07-25 12:45, Rocky wrote:
I did a traveling stage show years ago. One night my assistant was complianing of an upset stomach minutes before curtain. She was a trooper and hung in there despite the discomfort.However, while she was in the sub trunk,she released some gas that to this day I have never smelled anything worse...anyhow,when I entered the trunk, I was so overtaken with the stench that I began gagging. By the time she had unlocked the clasp to the lid I was feeling more than nauseous from the dreadful aroma in the confined quarters of the sub trunk. Once I made my reveal to the audience,my stomach could not hang on to my lunch. The unfortunate audience witnessed me projectile vomit during their applause ( which was quickly replaced by sounds of disgust,gagging, and parents escorting their young ones to the nearest exit).Needless to say,the show ended right then and there and despite my assistants horrendous flatulence, I went on to marry her.

Proof love is blind. Smile

I admire you for just sharing that!

Apparently love also can't smell! Smile
We are all about as successful as we choose to be.
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Tony S,

LOL, that's what I would call true love!
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Great stories, now any way. At the time I know all to well how it feels.

My very first show, ever. I botched every single effect I attempted. Now 15 years later, I have been doing illusions. We have 4 total we are performing right now (adding another at the end of August) and over 4 shows in particular, a different one has messed up each show. We performed a Kub-Zag at a local school and my girlfriends hair falls out beside the blade during the turn (played it off that things get messy when you cut people in half-Kids bought it so that was fine by me). During a second performance for this same school the top box on our stack of boxes didn't open (which is OK, I am fairly short so, I can basically walk underneath it anyway with only a slight slouch). During a show around Christmas last year, we do a modified sword cabinet, with 12 spears and 4 gigantic blades, the first show went off with out a hitch. Second show? Not so lucky. Spears went in no problem then came the blade. 2 blades got snagged on my girlfriends shoulders and one on her leg which not only made them stick out a mile but also, very difficult to remove. Which brings me to our last illusion, a steamer style, the transposition took nearly 20 seconds, the humidity swelled the wood of our trunk and made it impossible to align the lid to close it flush, makes for some really fun magic.

I too have had several moments where my silk to egg was revealed, I just play it off as "extras" in case this one breaks. Much like the multiplying bottles patter. But, my favorite parlor style mess up has to be a trick I do with a small balloon dog, (pop it and restore it) I made this huge build up to the trick, went to remove my balloons and they were not there.....turns out I had only brought one to the performance and I had apparently already made a puppy dog with it....

But I am blessed with being quick on my feet most of the time and have found out that the audience generally pieces together their own reasoning to why what has happened, happened. They fill in the blanks to rationalize why I had 2 eggs or why there was hair coming out of that box.Much like 9/10 times I am approached by people telling me their favorite part of my show was when I..... And it wasn't even anything I performed. Their minds filled it on for them.
Travis Combs
"Magic isn't just someone doing tricks, it's the experience"-TC
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At a Charity event for family of adopted children, I was doing a paper tear, that should have ended with Micky Mouse Ears...
Unfortunately some of the paper tears that I had purchased at a magic auction were back under pants..... They look the same as ears before you tear them.... My soon to be wife loves to remind me of this...

I do a rabbit production using a mirror box in my basic show. The box is sitting behind me facing away from the audience. I turn pick up the box and set it on the table telling the kids that it contains my best friend. I expect them to tell me it is empty. Instead I hear ohhs and auhhs and how cute...... did not set the mirror. I just picked it up said excuse me turned around set it and repeated as if nothing had happened. Trick still went over well....
Billy The Clown

Bill Tedeski
Pittsburgh PA

Were magic is just too funny....
jay leslie
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Sometimes you have one mistake in an entire show and sometimes.......

1;40 rabbit on the floor. I think the load was inadvertently wrapped-up when it was handed to him.
2:17 giant cards falling inward, on people, at 2:36 someone shoves them open, At least that guy was trying to help
3:30 no smoke in the chamber. Ouch. This footage is all long shots but somewhere, out there, there's another cut with a close-up of Miss Orange Bowl loosing her crown, getting her gown stuck in the base AND you can lip-read her saying "I'm sorry...I'm sorry" Then you basically see Harry say just get out of there.
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OMG...I just cringed through that! GAHHH! Total, miserable, EPIC fail! He must have been devastated afterward reviewing that! God bless! That just sucks...

Motley Mage
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Jay, you forgot to mention 3:35--the Great Blackstone Jr. desperately trying to cover the front of the chamber while still looking as magical as possible.

That whole thing was downright painful. Still admire Blackstone a lot, but that production was a mess. (Quite probably never a full rehearsal as getting all of those folks in the same place more than once would be quite a challenge.)
Murray Hatfield
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Here's a few that I recall;

1 - opening effect of a show back in the days when I was a starving magician and needed every show to pay the rent - cut of the end of my finger while doing Cut and Restored Rope. Determined to finish the show I grabbed a silk and tied it tightly around my finger only to do the (unintentional) color changing silk.

2 - Doing a Sub Trunk in my old home town. For some reason at that time (late 80's) I used to take off my shoes just before I jumped onto the trunk. In retrospect...STUPID IDEA. I took a run to jump up on the trunk but hit a VERY slippery spot and did a full "body flying through the air" Ally-oop and landed with a crash on my back. I was able to finish the routine, but just.

3 - Just remembered even earlier (early 80's) on a bad flatbed stage in an arena at a State Fair. Took a step backwards before jumping up on the Sub Trunk but misjudged the depth of the (very narrow)stage. My foot went off the back of the stage and my body followed. That would have been bad enough but in an effort to stop myself from falling I grabbed whatever I could, which just happened to be the (pipe and drape) backdrop. I ended up bringing down the entire 30 ft wide by 16 ft high backdrop as I fell off the back of the stage. Never got hired back there.

4 - Don't want to give away any secrets here but take my advice. If you do a Broomstick Suspension always check after having the costume drycleaned, that the cleaners don't do you a "favor" and sew up the hole. I know this one from experience in front of an audience of 3000 people. Aterwards we checked the reciept which said "Alterations/Repairs done at no cost to you" Smile

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On 2013-07-31 14:46, jay leslie wrote:
Sometimes you have one mistake in an entire show and sometimes......

The feet at 1:16, good lord.
Chad Sanborn
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That Blackstone video was a treat to watch! hahaha Happens to the best of us I guess.

I once did a spot in a variety show where I only had to do one act. One Act. Yep you guessed it, my one act didn't work. I was doing the Sands of Egypt and the water never turned black! So they saw the hydrophobic sand clump up as I poured it in. Not very magical.

I was swallowing needles once and I bring them all out stuck in a row on a banana. (adult humor here) I pluck the needles out of the banana and put them into a shot glass and then toss the banana into the audience. Well one night I tossed it to a group of people whose reaction was not to catch it. Instead they all kind of leaned back from it and it smashed onto the table knocking over all their drinks.

I also do a great version of Paul Harris' Fizzmaster on stage. I always get a male volunteer on stage and dress him in a rain poncho. Well the venue had hired a photographer to take photos. As I opened that 2nd can and it sprayed everywhere, I had apparently soaked the photographer and her very expensive camera. She came up to me afterwards and told me what she thought of that trick. Luck was with me as nothing was hurt but her pride and I didn't have to replace the camera.

Twice at the House of Blues in NoLa I had bad stuff happen. I was emceeing a late show there and I had eaten something earlier in the day that was not agreeing with my stomach. So I had to emcee with a trash can in the wings and was hurling between almost every act. And once on the main stage the B52s had just done a show before we went on. Most of the crowd was the same people. So I made a joke and said "I would like to thank the B52s for opening up for us." HAHAHA well that didn't sit well with Fred the lead singer and he had his manager come tell me so in the wings! "The B52s don't open for ANYONE!" he said. I was flabbergasted and speechless.

The last one happened just a few weeks ago. I have been testing the waters with a snowstorm in china routine. Well I have my scenery and props set to look like an office space. So my fan is a file folder as it fits the theme better than the regular fan most people use. I have my snow packet on a table with the file folder on top of it. So at the end I stand grab the folder and there was no snow packet under it. I must have looked panicked for a second Im sure. I spotted it on the floor and just bent over and picked it up and made it snow like normal. What else can you do. Now I always put an extra snow packet in my vest pocket that I can steal out if need be.
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I was once performing the floating table and halfway through the routine the entire mid section and legs slipped out from the table and crashed to the floor. I finished the illusion by performing the floating "table top" effect.
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