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Hi folks - I have had a number of requests to post regular tree reading challenges using the doodles of real people unknown to Café members(to remove the temptation of hot reading!)- with this in mind, your first doodle now awaits your intuitive and analytical attentions!

You can find the image in the post linked below and I would invite you to leave a comment both here and on the blog (just cut and paste please - it does help me if the blog also has a record of your thoughts). If this proves useful, I will aim to post a new challenge every couple of weeks. In each case a follow up post will introduce the doodler so that you can see how accurate your interpretation is - Good Luck Smile
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Chrissie clearly has a sunny and optimistic outlook. There are no clouds in her sky but a big bright sun. However she does lack confidence in her own abilities and doesn't seem to believe that her dreams can come true. The tree has no branches and she even seems to have tried to cross out the tree with her signature - indicating that she seems to believe that she cannot expand her horizons. The flowers, which I would interpret as her hopes and dreams, are not grounded; they float above the grass. This would indicate that although she is very capable of having dreams or imagining things that she would like to do, she never does anything to make them happen. They stay as dreams in her mind and never flourish in reality. In fact the grass is rather jagged and looks not unlike broken glass. Perhaps she views real life as tough and hard, and she fears that if she should pursue her dreams she would only meet with disappointment. Better and safer to keep them locked away in her mind. There are 2 flowers and 2 birds. I would hazard a guess that there are 2 things that Chrissie wishes she could do or dreams of, but never gives them opportunity to become reality as I have discussed above.

The sun itself, though large, is cut-off. We only see one third of it. So while being bright and optimistic, deep down there is a sense of not having achieved all she wanted to do in life. Her sun is not complete.

In summary, she is a bright optimistic person with dreams, but for some reason she thinks that her dreams and her real life and two distinct entities, unable to merge. Dreams don't come true seems to be her outlook, which is a shame as she is clearly an intelligent person. Without going too deep, I imagine she has learned some hard lessons along the way and this now dictates this mindset.
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This young woman is full of energy, every aspect of her drawing appears to be rushed with carefree abandon. The classic quarter sun drawn like a primary school pupil indicates she is still very young at heart. The birds flying show that she is probably still single or has a certain amount of freedom in her life, perhaps to travel or dream. She’s certainly not settled. The tree swooshes up from the ground indicating she’s had a great start in life but the closed top would indicate a perceived restriction, real or self imposed. Her huge signature across the picture tells me that at her young age, life is all about her, she’s still finding herself. The flowers are irregular and have been drawn quickly without any thought to the detail this would suggest that in life she rushes things too much and sometimes misses a specific detail which can be detrimental. She can be spontaneous and impulsive. Grass is hinted at but not complete or continuous which again indicates someone who can be grounded and serious when necessary but this is someone who works to play.
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Chrissie started by drawing the tree, then added some elements to make a complete picture. This tends to show she is outgoing and colorful, and also that she wants to please people by giving them more than what is required. The shape of the tree, growing towards the sky like the magic bean, suggests energy and idealism. At the same time the wide base of the trunk suggests she feels unsure and needs to feel supported. The eyes on the trunk indicate sadness about past wounds (see also how the two lower ones make a sad face with the grass underneath) and some unconscious guilt that might be the reason why she lacks self-confidence.
The flowers, birds and shape of the foliage show light-heartedness and Chrissie is probably known for her good mood, smile and joyfulness. But the foliage is small, and the sun incomplete.

I would say Chrissie has been hurt, and somehow feels unconscious guilt about that. She has an almost childish desire to be loved, so she can let out her love for others. The drawing is neat, the hand firm, the shapes round and soft, all this indicate a well controlled image: she wants to be perceived as joyful and hide her sadness. But her signature accross the sheet is like her striking out the drawing as if to say “no, that’s not me”.

In other words, a nice and easy to like person, who will blossom and start to think she can reach her high goals when she starts to realize she is a nice and easy to like person.
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To be honest, I wasn't fully using the tree-reading system for this one, as I found one aspect of the drawing to completely overule a lot of everything it is:

...she is trying to fit in, she is drawing what she thinks people are expecting of her - and she has had very little support in life. A sense of seperation too, the two flowers well apart. And the tree is more of a mushroom cloud like explosion. Her signature is a triumphant LOOK, HERE I AM! She has survived, and is now finding her own sense of identity. She is learning how to make plans. The tree took up the entire page, and rather than squeeze a signature into a gap, she has declared something, a flag in the ground to say THIS IS WHO I AM NOW.

She needs to make peace with the past, and realise that when you pretend to be something, you will eventually become that - and its no longer a pretense at all. This can be used in a negative and positive way. I hope she is gentle with herself, allows things to grow, and to take a chance, just a little one, to be slightly less insular, and to reach out to someone trustworthy, or worthy of risking to trust (as she might see it). Build upon the quiet hope, the wish for balance.
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Did she have a choice of pen, Andy?
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Hi C.J. - no, in this case it was drawn for me during a meal out - the small notepad and sharpie were what I had on hand - a mutual friend who knows I read trees wouldn't allow either of us to talk to one another until she had done her doodle and I had offered my interpretation - we were in the restaurant ahead of time and so we had this bizarre situation where she joined us, sat down and I pushed forward the pen and pad, she drew in silence and then ten minutes later, after my comments, we 'met eachother' and said 'hello'! Thankfully my reading was decent enough that the rest if the meal was very pleasant and then I fried her mind with Looch's 'Nod to pocket watch' and a Little muscle reading! She is a really interesting character and I can't wait to interview her for the follow up blog post:)
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