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I've NEVER SADLY been to ANYTHING like this, no convention of any kind. Well I did through Scholarship as a TEEN go to like "Youth Conventions" through my CHURCH. There was this one preacher I saw named Dawson McCalister. He had this Really (to the girls "Good Looking" California Singer very blonde hair) Cool singer a Christian Pop Singer whose name skips my mind, BUT he also had this GREAT "Christian Illusionist" named Mark Matlock. He did Magic, Illusion, Mentalism, and even Escapology, even with "Danger". One Escape he did was in Georgia off a pier. I didn't go to this Convention, but I went to others. He and I was somewhat close. He did the first "LIVE Mentalism" I had ever seen. He did "Room Service", and the Stage Size "Mental Epic". The "Room Service" got me. He worked with screens and a camera guy. Though out of focus he showed this LEATHER tag which though purposely out of focus you could see it did in fact have 3 digits. He used the "Sponge Brick" Gag tossed it and this girl game up on stage so she could write on this chalk board of the 3 digits named out loud, via throwing this Sponge Brick to 3 people who then yelled out a digit 0-9. (In this place was like 1,000 people). So she wrote the digits. After the three were named the tag which never left your site was put into FOCUS. The girl came over and yes all three digits matches what was called out, and yes the numbers were BRANDED into the Leather Key Tag. The girl on stage confirmed it too. The Mental Epic I though I had figured out. I thought the covers had trap doors and when board was turned too him he just changed answers. I CAN say that here as we all know that isn't true. That was just a guess of a 15-16 year old then AMATUER ... lol. It did as I've ALWAYS loved Mental Epic though I used the Small Yellow Board. I did ALWAYS have the 3 covers looked at, and showed that when on the board there was no way I could change my Answers because if I did they would see the covers slide up. Did I really see "Room Service" as it is performed or do I have some "False Memory"? Thanks.

The one Stage Illusion he did, is NOT at all how I've EVER seen it done. He showed this Box empty (It's the Classic Sub-Trunk). He stood on top, the cloth dropped and IT WAS THE SINGER who went on to sing like 3 Songs, and I kept my eyes on that trunk which if I remember correctly was shown empty by a couple stage hands, but the trunk stayed there through those 3 songs ... lol. He did "Copperfield's Straight Jacket Escape", and I say "Copperfield's" as his Straightjacket Escape Special was like on 4 months prior to watching Mark Matlock doing it live. Oh yes one of the Ropes (wires) "burnt through" and he yelled ... etc. It was Good. I am NOT advertising him, like I said I think he was a Great Christian "Illusionist" that between the ages of 15-17, I had seen like 3 possibly 4 times, and we had talked a few times. He did teach me one (back then to ME a Great Card Force). He kept nailing me with it. He got me like 5 times in a row UNTIL I recognized it from Mark Wilson's "Big Book" and all it was, was the SECOND Version of the "Slip Force". You know "Since I've seen that card take the one I didn't take", which after that was a force I used all the time. Though RARE I ocassionally use the 1st Version for somerthing quick. The next day I told him, and he congradulated me then "Taught" it to me and all of it nuances. He always said of himself that while Copperfield was killer at the Huge Stage Illusions and obviously better than him, he said he was a lot better at the "Close-Up" Sleight Of Hand stuff. I'm not sure if he still does Magic or not but I did find his website. . So I guess he does lots of Authoring now. I think though one of the Very BEST Tricks he did, was he asked for a lone of just $1.00. I mean this was ULTRA Close-Up from the Camera and everyone saw this on the Screen. He turned this one girl's $1.00 into a $100.00 and THEN HE LET HER KEEP IT !!! Of course NOW I've known how this has been for years and YES on RARE Occasions Magicians do this, but this was like a Christian Youth Converance of like 750 - 1,000 people that was like a 3 Day, 2 Night thing.

OMG you should've seen it, as he was not one of those "Stuck - Up Performers" who didn't mingle with people or have a couple of meals with us, no he was the Opposite People who LIKED being with us Youth and eating with us Occasionally especially those of us into Magic. You should've seen it though all these youth were handing him $1.00 Bills so that he could somehow change them into $100.00 dollar Bills the poor guy was hounded. I think he said he could only do that ONCE per Conferance and that he was sorry if that led to hurt feelings, and the Christian in him talked about how "Money is NOT everything" I believe ... lol.

No as a Grown Man now and this is NO SECRET having a Legit Disability only getting so much a month I just can't afford these events. As I've said too though I keep my License CURRENT always I've NEVER even owned a Vehicle. I haven't driven since I was like 20, and I just turned 37 on 8-19. I say that NOT make anyone feel "Bad" but just stating the facts. No trust me if I had the money I'd be going to all these Conventions especially the Mentalism, and Hypnosis ones ... lol.

God Bless, Ed Smile
"Treat Others As You'd Want To Be Treated" - Jesus Christ
The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » So Happy together... » » I'm so HAPPY for those of you who can make these Conventions & Meetings, Ed (0 Likes)
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