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Danny Hustle
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On 2004-06-21 22:50, JamesinLA wrote:
During my cups routine, he kept rushing the table--all the other kids followed him--and he kept grabbing balls. Jim

This is why I have a magic stick with a lead sap in the end of it, "Come here little boy I am going to magically make birdies and stars appear before your eyes just by tapping you with my magic stick." Smile

Kids are hard. The best lines I have seen for this are Gazzo's in the one liners book. I know you have a copy so I'll just say, page 26 lines 7&8 they work every time, get a laugh, and offend no one. Also to give the mother a hint you can pat the kid on the head and in a very sarcastic tone say, "What a nice little boy!" then do the bit on page 25 of the one liners book 5th line down in the "Kids" section.

Wow, is that a great little book for times like this. Smile



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Jim Wilder
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Hey Dan!
Where can I get this book?
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Greetings and Salutations Jim,

According to Simon J, "Read Between the One Lines," by Gazzo and Robert Nelson is currently out of print but is getting another printing and should be ready in about a month. Look to MagicTricks at I think they may be the exclusive distributors -- at least until Gazzo sets something up in the U.S.

Right now MagicTricks has got a deal on Gazzo's "The Art of Krowd Keeping," written with Danny and JamesinLA., and "Street Cups and Balls," written with Simon J.

Guys, I just got my copies, and as I'm at work and only have a moment to look them over all I can say is "Holy $#!&" Um, I mean, don't buy these books. Uh, they suck! Yeah, that's the ticket. You have to read all this incredible stuff, and then take this information and your cojones to the streets, and with some effort, practice and a little luck and good grace, you too will be a worker counting your hat. So don't get these books unless you want to see what works and why. Great Job, guys!

Jim, you can get a deal on both plus free shipping by signing up as a new customer. If you're willing to wait, contact MagicTricks and see how long the Gazzo deal will run and get all three at once and save yourself some shipping, if the first two Gazzo books are still in stock.

I think my answer went a little long. Get the books, you won't be sorry. That's my $.02 (USD) worth. YMMV

Joe in KC

Make magic happen, live a great adventure!
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I know many cups & balls workers who keep a HEAVY wand on their table and periodically rap it HARD on the table. If a kid reaches for something, the wand raps the table in a deliberate manner intended to be a thinly-veiled threat. Only the boldest kid will push his luck.

One of my favorite heckler stoppers for the basically-good-but-exhuberant kid is stopping, giving him a serious 'Blackstone' stare and saying evenly, "Why don't we just pretend for the fun of it that this is MY show...okay?" (stare continues a few moments more in dead silence) Most kids get royally embarrassed by this and pipe down. Usually only the true brat will continue.

If you're doing the 75' rope challenge tie, get the "loud kid" in as part of the tying committee. When you get free, he will usually sing your praises...loudly! Why? Because he doesn't want to admit he was lousy at tying you. He'd rather say you were TOO GOOD for ANYONE to tie successfully.

I've done works.

Dr. Lao: "Do you know what wisdom is?"
Mike: "No."
Dr. Lao: "Wise answer."
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Thanks, Danny, I'll look up the lines in Gazzo's One Liners joke book.

Please let us know how you like the books once you get a chance to read them. We're all very proud of them. And I'm grateful that Gazzo gave me the opportunity to contribute.

Oh, my friend we're older but no wiser, for in our hearts the dreams are still the same...
Alan Munro
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On 2004-06-21 22:50, JamesinLA wrote:
I have not as yet (knock wood) had a really mean heckler. Just a few people who wanted to join in the fun a little too proactively, lets say. I was able to shut them down with a few simple lines. However, yesterday I did have a little boy who was a royal pain in the ***. During my cups routine, he kept rushing the table--all the other kids followed him--and he kept grabbing balls. What a pain. I have since thought of what I would do next time it happens, but none of the lines I was using worked. His mom finally pulled him away, but he did screw up the routine. Anyone else have to deal with kids like this?


If you get a grabby kid, why not make a "shocking lighter" appear and allow him to go for the bait. A friend used to sell the "shocking cans" and had a way to get someone to lift the can. The reaction is priceless when you need to put someone in their place. It's too bad that a ball couldn't be produced that is coated with a chemical that causes an intense burning sensation. Just kidding.
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I stop everything at once and just stare straight up into the sky and everyone else follows.....they forget about the heckler as even he too looks up....

I wait a few seconds and then exclaim "Hmm?" and I continue on without missing a beat...This has always reset the heckler and throws them off balance...

It might not be the best solution, but it has always worked for me? I happened upon it once when I really thought there was something up in the sky?

Guardian Angel? Perhaps? I loved

In comedy clubs I don't feel that I am doing my job properly if I don't get heckled at least keeps me loose.....I start off the show asking where all of the hecklers are....I say, "Let's go ahead and get this out of the way?" There are never any takers...well maybe sometimes the cracks about my attire come into play, but that is fair game if you knew where I shop?

"Threw his cups into the street eh?" Harsh indeed...I would have loved to watch as he went out into the street and picked them up himself...Too Funny!

Adios....Hecklers in spanish are called "burlones" Kinda like "Chones" (slang for underwear in spanish)
The Mighty Fool
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I'm 6'1, & I weigh 256 lbs.@7.2% bodyfat. Weightlifting has been a hobby of mine since 6th grade, when I dropped out of school. (kidding....I made it to 10th grade) Hence my moniker. Being big does have magical drawbacks such as NEVER being able to get topits which FIT, but one thing, I almost never have a real heckler in my shows, except if it's a little kid. I'll also admit, I get more girl hecklers than guys, though the girl-attack method seems to be more along the lines of good-natured teasing. The only 2 mean hecklers (guys) I've had were tiny (under 5'5). After one show, during which the pipsqueak had been a total hemmrhoid the whole time, I packed up, shouldered my pack.....and started following him. At first he just kept looking back at me now & then, but as I closed the distance, the look that started to creep over his face was PRICELESS. He started walking faster...looking all around (for a cop I suppose), and then he reversed direction, thinking to walk past & away from me...when I sped up and moved as though to intercept him, he skittered back a few steps and started to say "Ah, hey, HEY!" Whereupon I reached into my pocket, produced the lighter I use for the Kevin James rose trick, and said "You dropped this sir" offering it to him. Alook of confusion & releif came over him, and I now noticed that his brow was glowing with perspiration. He said it wasnt his, and I apologized and walked away. I never saw him at my shows again.

As for dealing with hecklers, I think the ideas here are great. I especialy like the use of a heavy wand / mallet / or some other 'anti-sonofab#@ch-stick'. There's another thread in here....somewhere which discusses the use of a magic 8-ball in dealing with kid-hecklers, and it's awesome! One thing I've concluded, is that the street is no place for a costume. If youre in a protected area like Covent Garden in England (a MUST-do for any busker!), then a costume is fine, but on the street, you might want to go civilian.(ala David Blaine) If youre wearing an outfit (even if it's just a wild hat), you're marking yourself as a definete performer, and this makes you a target. If you're dressed like anyone else, you COULD be a performer, or you could just be some guy showing off for his freinds / what-not. This will make some passerby would-be hecklers think twice, because if you verbaly attack someone who turns out not to be an actual street performer, it can be awkward and/or dangerous! (I'm basing this theory on 4 other streetperformers I've seen & worked with)
Everybody wants to beleive.....we just help them along.
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