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Warning: We will run out of new tricks in
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I now also have the Impuzzibilities series of books by Jim Steinmeyer. I read his routine entitled Understanding the Bermuda Triangle. It does describe exactly the same effect/puzzle, plus it explains a slightly different take using a triangle (hence: Bermuda Triangle) instead of a square, that I think is a stronger effect. I also think that combining this effect with some magic method(s) or effects would make this a stronger routine, making it unexplainable for most if not all of the audience. I also really like the Pennies DVD to get a good sense of methods to better entertain people, even with simple premises.

I would really recommend both this DVD as well as the Impuzzibilities series. I haven't read them all, but what I read so far has a lot of potential.

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Given that he died in 1670, that may be difficult.

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Zombie Magic
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Dave and Craig of The Wizard Product Review gave pennies Worker Of The Week;
Saturn UK
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I did say it was good, its nice to see they agree.
Mark Traversoni

#theshopwithstock Pleased to be different!

Stephen Young
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Thought Illusions
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About 6 or 7 years ago I bought a version of this at Blackpool.
It came with a green cloth with football field markings (That's soccer for all you over the pond)
and 50 miniature footballs.

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That is great, there are many ways to present this. Like he says on the DVD..."Think big!"
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Writeall, if you wish not to aspire to greatness in the performing arts, then that is can stick to your gimmicks and play with them on your own. Nothing wrong with that.


On 2013-11-04 06:25, writeall wrote:
On 2013-11-03 19:59, John C wrote:

But Giovanni does Pennies and he's a nobody. Just because one may think this is a sleeper routine in the right hands it may slay. Why? Because it's not about the effect. The performer slays not the trick.

I've seen performers slay with picking and finding a card. Why? Because it's about the performer not the deck of cards. It's never about the trick or props. Some will just never believe this. It's a shame because these folks will never improve.

I believe it. The problem is that we aren't being sold the performer. We are being sold the trick. And yes, there are perfomers who I'd sit and listen to while they read the paper. But when someone is selling an effect, the effect has to count for something. Otherwise, we'd all be comedians instead of magicians. If you tell me it's the routine or script that's the real valuable thing, then why would "say these words" be any more powerful than "do these actions?"

In the end, we ought to be more wary of things that are sold by a top tier performer - their gifts do what you say, they make "average" or even "old hat," into "miraculously entertaining." Unless they start selling their talent to go with the trick, I might as well stick to clever gimicks instead.
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Warning: We will run out of new tricks in
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Thanks for sharing. I agree with Dave and Craig at WPR that this is all about the presentation. Giovanni's presentation isn't going to be my presentation. I'm still working it out, and it's nice to hear different thoughts. You have given me the thought to have a round blue felt cloth that is drawn on to look like an old fashioned map of the Bermuda Triangle area.
Tim Hannig
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The WPR review was fantastic, and echoed my feelings about the Pennies and similar dvd's.

I wish there were more performers sharing true entertainment, enthusiasm and inspiration like this.

I don't need any more gimmicks.
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Michael Graves
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I just got done doing this effect for the 4th time and I have yet to have a crowd not freak out and get involved and even high five me. The DVD was great just listening to Giovanni is a treat in itself. If you can't get people excited with this trick then you are doing something wrong...this has not moved into all of my close up and parlor shows and I will be doing it next year on TV and a web cast.

you can google it all you want, you will never get as much enjoyment as you would watching ti on DVD. Giovanni is inspirational and I can truly say has breathed life back into my magic creation!
Michael Graves
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On 2013-11-11 18:47, vinsmagic wrote:
Pay the originator of the effect not Giovonni

if that were the case then each time you do an ambitious card you should make sure you pay the creator. Each time you do the tilt, pay the creator. I am a bit shocked to see an inner circle person say what you did, because without variations are we are left with is the same old effects with no improvements.
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He [Vinnie] doesn't seem to know about this trick. I could say more along the same lines.
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I'm thankful (and many should be I guess) when Giovanni Livera publish any piece of his working repertoire!
Now about this product I'm glad it's been out by Giovanni ,
because people who never seen it before like me will still learn how to do it properly and in an extremely entertaining way.
3 hits in a row going in my professional and personal repertoire you know what that mean??! a loyal customer/fan/student/you name it...

Adam Paul
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Just ordered this cannot wait.
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Can't beat Giovanni!
Martin Waring
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Whilst I agree with all the positive comments about Giovanni's inspirational style, enthusiasm and audience management skills, I cannot help but wonder what the actual puzzle factor is here and why the audience seem so amazed by it. I only watched a minute or so of the full performance before I'd worked out what was going on and it seems so blindingly obvious that I really can't believe that others won't do the same and be taken in by this.

Giovanni covers the lone heckler scenario by saying 'just carry on' but what if half your audience see through this straight away?

I will probably give this a go sometime, in the right environment but with a certain amount of trepidation (which isn't a good place to start any effect from).
Cameron Francis
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Maybe some people will get it but most won't. Erick Olsen performed this trick for me and a group of other people. We were all fooled. I don't understand how it works, myself and I'm usually pretty good at figuring out self working principles. Erick was doing it with a sense of urgency. Was hard to stop and think about what was happening.
Jack Straw
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I don't have Giovanni's version of this Martin, but when I was performing this same (but not the same) effect several years ago, nobody ever questioned it. It actually went over very well in every one of my performances.

I believe that if you keep it moving and involve the audience, you will have no problems at all. Don't give them time to think.

But you are also looking at it from the viewpoint of a person with knowledge of magic principles. I believe that it is a hard concept for most people to grasp. Even now, knowing how it works, I'm amazed!

Listen to Cameron if you don't want to listen to me.
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On , John C wrote:
I wonder what Mr Giovanni 's fees are? I wonder how many paid performances he has each year and I wonder if he is as good as a large pizza.... In other words, can he feed a family of four.

I'll answer these in just a few words...

1) A LOT!!!
2) A LOT!!!
3) If you've ever been to his house you'll be inspired. Gio is probably the most successful corporate magician/motivator I've ever met.

I know that just the cabinets in his kitchen were brought in from Florence, Italy. They were custom made just for him. So, yeah...he does ok for himself.
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Giovanni Livera was the first close up magician I ever saw. I was at a trade show about 10 years ago and he was doing what I know know to be fairly basic ambitious card, card to mouth, etc. He was ABSOLUTELY spellbinding. He had a group of about 20 enthralled and glued to every move. Everybody wanted more. It was truly an exhilarating experience. I went up after his performance and he was very nice and started me on this never ending journey of understanding magic and why he is so good at it.

You do not need this DVD to learn this trick. You can find it for free on the internet, for a few dollars in many children's beginning magic books and an excellent presentation in Steinmeyer's Impuzzibilities for much less than the DVD.

However, if you want to see how to make this "trick" work, then this is a great DVD. Even if you do not use Giovanni's presentation, you will see how to make the effect, which seems so obvious once you know the "secret", a winner.

After all, a DL, even if done flawlessly, is just as obvious for many unless YOU make the magic happen.
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