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Theodore Lawton
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I like the effect, but was wanting a story to go along with it. I came up with this and have been using it. I just wanted to share it. Maybe you can use it too.

You may have noticed that I don't do a lot of coin and money tricks. Coins trick especially. It's because I'm no good at them. Take these two coins for instance. My grandfather was a coin collector and I wanted to create a fantastic effect with these coins from his collection- an English penny and a Kennedy half dollar. (show coins in little case)

But I just can't get to work out right. Let me show you what I mean. (take out coins into hand)

I thought, "If I'm going to make up a coin trick with these, how can I start?" and I figured I could start by taking out the English penny. (take out, display and pocket) And then I would just have the half dollar in my hand right? But the strangest thing kept happening. The penny would come right back. (Show both coins in hand)

So I thought, "Maybe I should try taking out the half dollar first." ...

And so on. If you have the trick you know what I mean. I made it into a "Magician doesn't know what is going on" plot.

Give them the choice of naming a coin at the end- pocket the "EP" and finish with the question- "So what do you think happened then?"

Of course, people will say that it came back into your hand. I say, "That's when things really got strange- they were both gone. ...And that's why I don't do coin tricks."

My niece and nephew loved this. They said, "But that WAS a coin trick!" Smile I love kids!
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Wonderful patter, thanks for posting this.
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Good patter!

A good way to start this trick clean is to have the half dollar s***l palmed in your left hand... and have the super gimmick copper coin just held in right finger palm. you hand the spectator the two normal coins to examine... take the silver coin in your left hand fingers, and the copper in your right... switch the copper coins with thumb palm switch move (i forget what it's called) as you talk about the silver coin they both go into your left hand where some nesting happens and then you pretend to take the copper one out of your hand (but really you're just revealing the real copper coin from your right hand, in the action of pretending to take it from your left hand). whether or not they realize what you're doing with the first move doesn't really matter, since if they catch that first move, they'll think they'll understand the method, and then be unable to understand how you're doing the rest of the trick. so you put the real copper coin in your pocket, you show how it travels back, then go continue on as normal. so with this method, you start clean and you get one extra coin travel phase.

it would be cool if there was some sort of triple compartment change bag (or any other gimmick that accompished the same thing) so that you didn't have to use your pocket. instead of putting the coins in your pocket, you put them in the bag, they vanish and come back to your hand. then at the end, change to a locking 3rd compartment containing 2 real coins. because right now, the vanish for the hopping halves routine is not magical since it just goes into your pockets... and most traditional coin vanishes require you to do a false transfer to make the coin vanish which you can't do with this trick. so I would love it if someone came up with a magical way to have the coin vanish so that you get that magic moment plus the reveal that it's re-appeared in your hand.
Jonathan Townsend
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You're halfway into putting the trick into a frame when you introduce the coins and shifting the frame into past tense/reenactment at the end.

I don't do any coin tricks (okay)
I got these coins (okay - how about making them a gift? Here kid - use these )
The coins do the magic ( - you may feel guilty about saying that Smile )
I'd suggest doing a few copper/silver transpositions before the bits where coins you put away return to your hands.
...to all the coins I've dropped here
Theodore Lawton
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Great suggestions! Thanks all Smile
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I love your story line.

Joni River
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Usually I do a copper-silver transposition first and give the two coins to examine. At the end of the hopping half routine I make the coins to travel to my purse and I have an special fake pocket in my vest so I can show it empty.
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I've been using patter based on a recent program, "Brain Games", that talks about and displays ways in which our brains often constructs what it expects to see. I bring up the topic of the show and explain how our brain is confused by similar objects, the same size and shape, even though they are distinctly different.
"Coins are a perfect way to show you what I mean. These two coins are obviously both round and essentially the same size but one is clearly copper and one silver.
If I place them both in my pocket you can easily remember the colour of both coins"
Prompt speck to answer, remove coins and confirm that they are correct.
"Interestingly, though, if I place the Copper coin alone in my pocket" say this while taking the silver.
"What colour is the coin in my hand"
Some call attention to the the 'mistake', some try to answer, "The visual and audible confusion short circuits the brain"
Open hand revealing both coins, "..and you still see two coins."
This is repeated though all the changes with a C/S transposition in the specs hand.
Again, I openly say I am placing a copper coin in the hand while they see it is silver.
Throughout I act as this is just a visual brain trick but and that I am as surprsed as them.

I'm using a Keuppers Hopping Half/Sun aand Moon set so I'm not sure how different that is from the usual hopping half

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I have read the threads on how to present the Hopping Half coin trick, and the discussions about the best way to frame the trick. I have based my patter on the clever time machine story created and superbly told by Dan Tromatter in his you tube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45HxBibe8OA&feature=channel I can make it serious or humorous depending on the circumstance. My small addition is to initially take the coins out of a small "starry" purse which I turn upside down to show empty (I actually retain two regular matching coins while holding them in a corner of the purse. The purse I use is slightly bigger than a typical coin purse and has definite corners. I begin with regular coins in one corner and the gaffs in another) The effect ends with empty hands and two regular coins shaken from the purse.... having gone back 20 seconds.
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Thanks cuchullain! This time machine patter is wonderful!
And your purse addition has lots of potential.
With a quiver purse, you could even start and end clean.
Scott Horn
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Glad this thread got "refreshed." Some great ideas to get rethinking my patter line. Thanks all !
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I finish the routine by producing a copper/silver coin (one side Kennedy and one side Penny), showing that the two coins have melted together. My patter follows the love story between the English Lady Penelope (Penny to her friends) and Jack the American former Navy officer. At the end, when I thought they had disappeared, I tell the story that I found them again many years later, united for eternity, at the old Covent Garden flower market in London.
stevie c
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On Jan 20, 2021, Degio wrote:
Thanks cuchullain! This time machine patter is wonderful!
And your purse addition has lots of potential.
With a quiver purse, you could even start and end clean.

Great idea by cuchullain, and as I read the post I also immediately thought...... Quiver!! Made me smile when I then read Degio's comment immediately below Smile


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The time machine is a great idea, cuchullian. Awesome video.
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