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Seattle, WA
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On 2014-01-02 10:22, sbays wrote:
"( only one familiar with the Shaxon envelope? really? )."

And that is a GOOD thing!

Yes. That was my reaction as well.

One guy approached me after the lecture and asked if I'd explain my back palming technique!
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On 2014-01-03 02:39, mastermindreader wrote:
One guy approached me after the lecture and asked if I'd explain my back palming technique!

Haha, where do they get these people from >_<
Ray Bertrand
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Ottawa, Ontario
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Just purchased your book today (through another entertainer's credit card as I can't have it show up on my credit card statement). Looking forward to receiving it. Maybe there is a chapter in there on how to back palm. LOL

Mentalism in Ontario.
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again...there is NO other mentalist quite like Bob Cassidy...his style, his persona, his's truly amazing, and this lecture captures the living legend at his's money well-worth spent!

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New Orleans
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A great lecture sure to be a classic at Penguin. Thanks Bob for making us laugh and look back at the classics instead of the latest gimmicks. I am reading Best of Mental Wise, and Psycho Gizmo for new ideas.
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Mr. Mindbender
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Not to be redundant, but I've got to chime in with everyone else. Absolutely wonderful lecture. I have practically everything you've produced and even though I've seen or read about most of this material before, it's still extremely helpful to see it again. Watching you do such a flawless 4DT, no matter how many times I've seen it (at the Castle, on the web or on DVD), I still learn something new (on so many levels). My only problem is purely selfish...I hate the fact that everyone who downloads this lecture for a criminally low price will see that routine.
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Eternal Order
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I agree. Great seeing Bob in his well-deserved status sharing with us. The one ting I enjoyed about the lecture, as Mr. Mindbender touched on, was it was so refreshing to see a experienced, mature perspective on mentalism. I enjoyed the same from Osterlind. I mean this in the sense that most seasoned performers have their core act, their staple, as opposed to the younger generation of mentalists that are always seeking, buying and on the search for the latest and greatest new things to come out hoping for the holy grail.

Bob shows that once you have a time-tested, proven act or act(s), it's very rare to add something completely new, but more so to progress and evolve your existing material.

Great job Bob!
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Paris, France
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I just watched the lecture. No "new effect" here, but sooooo many "tips", variations, and the soooo clever constructions and presentations of the effects. And, most important, the "whys".
If Bob Cassidy was going to do exactly the same lecture, I would buy it again, as it is so helpful to watch him perform - and just to listen to him.
A lot of "stories" from the past also, always very interesting. The 719 test was just hilarious.
And also: no electronics, no impression device. Just some pieces of paper, and genious constructions. As an example, I know 4th dimention telepathy by heart, performed it on stage, and still was fooled at one time during the routine (during the "one-ahead" management). Just great.
If you don't know anything about Bob Cassidy's work, you will be fooled and delighted. Same if you know his work. Bottom line: GET THIS.
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It's a wonderful lecture. I'm a big fan of Bob for years, so I was already familiar with his work and thinking.
If you search new routines or the last gimmick, it's NOT for you because his core act is time-tested and don't have (need) changed very much, so you certainly have read or seen it yet.
BUT, Bob is a living legend and it's always interesting and fascinating to see a master performing and refining his existing work. Bob gives a lot of great tips and, above all, he explains the whys and wherefores.
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JJ Sanvert,

I was thinking similar things. How much entertainment and mystery was wrought just with a deck of cards and paper and pencil.

"My definition of chance is my hands on the wheel," Greg Long.
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his minions made
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I know for a fact how much a memory routine can do. It has gotten me my first spontaneous applaus when the last card was named. I don`t use Mr. Cassidy`s but every memory routine should work. I don`t like to be to magicy and rely on peeks to do a pseudo memory routine so I memorised a complete deck in 1 hour and use that one. Although after seeing mr. cassidy`s routine I saw how it must be performed and mine is real close to that one.
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Albany, New York
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Although I've watched MENTAL MIRACLES dozens of times, there was enormous value in seeing the ways some of Bob's material has changed over the years -- and how some of it has not had any reason to change. And it should go without saying that the extemporaneous (or seemingly so) dialogues between Dan and Bob contained a vast amount of wisdom and fodder for thought.

4DT is the single most exquisitely choreographed bit of chicanery I've ever seen. When and if I finally perform it, I'm committed to doing it justice.

One question, Bob, if you're still tracking the thread. In the discussion of 4DT (after your performance), you did something I'd not seen you do before: after talking about the sequence of having the first spectator place her billet in the S***** f*** envelope, you visibly removed it from the stack *prior* to having her lick it.

Do you ever actually perform it that way?

Best regards,
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Seattle, WA
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No. Josh, I don't. She licks it and THEN I remove it from the stack, just as in the actual performance. Have no idea why I showed it that way in the explanation phase.

Glad to see you picked up on the "seemingly extemporaneous" exchanges between Dan and I. I knew exactly what I wanted to cover and what I was going to say throughout the lecture, but I didn't bother telling Dan because that would have taken the apparent spontaneity out of it. I always use that technique in interviews and moderated lectures. It works well but it often drives the moderators crazy.

But I want to thank everyone here at the Café who offered suggestions about what I should talk about. Many of you wanted stories and theory and I gave a lot of that. Funny enough, the one negative review I got complained that there were too many stories, too much theory, and not enough "new tricks." The guy obviously missed the point of the entire lecture. If there is one thing mentalism is about, it's NOT new tricks.

Good thoughts,

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The only thing I don't like about 4DT is a different slant on the too perfect theory, Bobs performance is too perfect, anything I do to make it my own is going to dilute it into a lesser effect than when Bob performs it (well few of us are Bob, well just one of us really). Generally when making an effect my own I want to make it better in some way, not necessarily better than the original, but better for me in a way that, at least in my own mind, does not lessen the effect but simply makes the performance unique to me. Watching Bob perform 4DT is similar to watching Marc Salem perform sneak thief or Derren Brown perform which hand, you can't improve on perfection and so how can I possibly perform this effect without copying Bob and not feel that I'm performing a lesser version. Fantastic lecture though, a real masterclass full of wisdom and humour.

Mark Chandaue A.I.M.C.
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Bradford, West Yorkshire
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I personally love Bob, if it wasn't for him and his performance and thinking I would not be "trying" the things I try today!

For the first time(when watching any performer) I felt relaxed, like we were just a couple of guys over a beer. Most people miss this, Bob knows his sh*t and is sooo cool with it.

There is a lot to learn from Bob's stories, I am nobody, but if I was to revere just two people in the entire world it would be Bob and Kenton. I love them both so much that I call Kenton Papa Kenton and Bob Uncle Bob!

Thanks for everything,

Pete x
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Seattle, WA
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You make a fine nephew!

I've got lots of great stories, but I try to only tell the ones that actually have a point relating to mentalism. (I've hidden some of my best secrets in jokes and seemingly pointless stories.)

Uncle Bob
Art Vanderlay
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Fancy a "Coffee" sometime Bob? Smile

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Seattle, WA
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I'm having a cup right now!
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I have always said that you, Bob, are like the Vernon of mentalism. You are creative, friendly, intelligent and a natural raconteur.

Oddly, I was saying this just yesterday when I was hanging out with "mikedyne"
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Blessings on thee, barefoot boy! :-D
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Seattle, WA
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LOL! Say hi to him for me!
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