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Hi there,

Ill be making a prediction and this is the story: (person that I loved that was close 2 me has passed away and all whats left was a their will in this envelope which will have the answer of the audience member's questions [aka the prediction]. this person passed away when I was young and I really loved that person a lot ! So their WILL in that envelope is gonna be the prediction a long with a letter, an audio tape, & necklace with their pic).

My problem is WHAT QUESTIONS will I ask the audience that can be realted to this story ? Ill be predicting some text, an audio prediction, a date on the chain & a letter [I may remove this piece]. But I have a problem coming up with questions to ask to the audience that is related to this topic. If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it Smile .

And just so you know ...this person has nothing to do with TEACHING ME MAGIC or getting me into magic just so you don't think I'm ripping of any magicina's routine, this is 100 % original by me and I don't want to give anymore details in case this gets stolen. Thanks.
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Well, in my opinion, the STORY should come first, before any and all other things - write that, and get that sorted before anything else...and from that story, the questions can be pulled out of it...

also, do you think its overkill? do you really need a will (presumably for the date/time of death, and what they died of?) can't you include that in the letter? as in, that person predicted their own death in some way...

most importantly, how are the audience diving all of this info? are they picking up on vibes? is something personal to the person being passed around? what drives all these people to contribute to such an uncanny act? is it coincidence? why should such a coincidence occur? is there something else at play?

you could have the name, the D.O.B. and D.O.D. written on the back of the locket, and a letter from the person that could be read out..but you need to work out they why and how first, I would say...
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Tom Jorgenson
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Sorry, but your story is completely unbelievable. It just makes no logical sense. What would REALLY have happened if your story WAS true?

No one is going to believe that you have had a WILL that states some useless predictions of no import for years in the future. Have you opened the will in all these years? Do you have any inclination or evidence that this 'prediction' is any more than a guess? Any evidence of past accuracy? If so, how come this revelation isn't accompanied by a rabble of reporters and a news crew?

Sorry, my friend, it just will not play. Don't worry about this routine being stolen. There's much better out there for free, being done daily. I don't mean to step on you or your ideas, but first and foremost, you have to get the Mitox, the Big Lie, believable (or at least seem to be possible). I recommend you read MITOX, it will help you get a handle on your over-arcing stories.

Now, this is just my opinion both as a performer and an audience, and I've been known to be wrong a whole bunch of times, so who knows.
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I concur that this all seems quite contrived and hard to follow, even in the brief explanation provided.

I could be wrong, but it seems that you have come up with a method, but only the general framework of an actual routine.
For what it's worth, I tend to work backwards when designing a presentation.

1. What do I want the audience to experience? This will include both the narrative and denouement.
2. What's the most practical (reliable and simple) way to make that happen? This addresses method(s)


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That's also the way I approach it. The method or methods can always vary, but what the audience experiences must be first and foremost.
Vlad Grigorescu
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In creating a show, on everything you do, you should ask a the question "why?"
Why do I talk about this?
Why do I use this?
Why does it look this way?

The audience doesn't have to ask themselves "why does he...?" without getting an answer.

If you present an unbelievable story, as log as you give the audience the answer to the question "why?" it's OK, you can do anything in your bit.
Maybe this will help you find a good answer to your question.
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I'm sorry, I don't think I was clear on my question or the story.

{First demonstrating a home movie with some deep music and pictures of me as a little child and my grandmother }
The story is about how my grandmother passed away as a child and she was the closest person to me as a child she was my miracle creator.Some of the best childhood memories with her like running 2 her in Christmas morning 2 recieve my special gift from her. Or running to her the day of the report card to show her my high grade so she would reward me with a gift. We travelled away & the day we were coming back, 24 hours before our return....she passed away. I was devestated as a child and took many years to get back to my ordinary life. All that was left of her was this box which had her will in (in the form of a paper, letter, & an audio tape) each piece to a different family member. My grandma also had a chain which had the key to the box.....I now wear that necklace with a pic of her to remember her. She never told me what that box was untill she passed away and I found it. My family took the will and I kept the box. When I went into magic and doing illusions.....I didn't want to forget my grandmother and wanted to feel her close to me, so I decided to do an illusion with this box in order to feel her close to me.

Now in the illusion I predict a letter [although not necessarily I can remove this piece], numerous predictions on a poster sized piece of paper, audio prediction that's a description, and finally a number/date which is carved in my necklace that I've been wearing all the time behind the picture of my grandmother.

At the end of the illusion, once all the predictions have been revealed, I bring a picture of my grandmother out of the box and with the correct music & lighting HOPEFULLY will try to create a magical moment for the audience.

My problem is the questions that I will be asking the audience members will be. I want to try to relate it to the story...... For the audio prediction I can have a real time prediction describing some of the audience members looks/outfits/birthdays etc.. The audio prediction won't be long anyways.

If you may help me with the questions that I will be asking the audience member which I may relate to the story I would really appreciate it Smile .
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And by the way the show is realted to my childhood dreams and things that have affected me magicaly since my childhood, till this day. So I find that my story fits.
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