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Mr Phil
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Tilton, New Hampshire
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Good Morning,
I have seen many discussions on where to keep it during a gig. My Question is how do you keep it all on hand at home?

Do you have a special Magic Den? Do you have a huge pile of stuff in the living room? How do you keep your collection from overtaking the garage?

Mr Phil
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Thanks for a great question. When I am at home, I like to have my magic organized and situated in such a way that I can get to most anything at a moments notice and with out having to dig through boxes to find it.

I store all my magic and illusions in my magic den. It's on the first floor which helps make for easier access of the larger props used in my shows.

As for the majority of the smaller props, I have found using Rubbermade storage units to be wonderful. The units can stack on top of each other and work as drawers. You can purchase them in various sizes so even your bigger props can fit in comfortably.

Each of these units rest aginst my back wall and each are labled in the front according to contents. That is, silks are in one drawer, manipulative magic in another etc. This has worked so well for me that I hope others may try it themselves. It just takes dedication to place your props back where they go once you are finished using them.

Hope this helps.
Kyle Peron
Magician / Graphic Designer
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I use a 4 drawer file cabinet. 2 drawers have the props. The other 2 are set up w/hanging folders to hold books, lecture notes and trick instructions arranged alphabetically Smile

Dave Scribner
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Lake Hopatcong, NJ
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I am fortunate enough to have a basement for magic. In one corner I keep and raise my doves. I built an indoor aviary for them. Then on one wall I put up shelves for my books and tapes. My larger props are all stored in boxes with the name written on them. I too use the plastic drawers for smaller items. Each drawer is label with type of prop. My close up acts are always kept in case ready to go. I keep 3 ring binders with the instructions for each trick. The binder is divided into categories. I use the center of the room for practice. Putting up my backdrop gives me the sense of a real theatre. Great for taking pictures or taping my rehearsals. I'v e seen a lot of post on different sites about prop storage and most seem to lean toward the plastic stacking drawers. All those magicians can't be wrong.
Where the magic begins
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Ontario, Canada
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Similar to others, but here is my 2cents worth:

books, catalogs, videos: all on shelves and organized accordingly.

small magic items (close-up): stored in rubbermaid shelves- one shelf for coins, another for packet tricks, etc.

Small prop magic: stored in large pantry cupboard... easy to see, easy to access.

Travelling to the show: my table packs in my suitcase. My show packs into a rubbermaid container. Extension cord, water bottle, kit with glue, scissors, etc. are in a milk crate. At the show, the suit case sits on top of milk crate (on it's side) so it can be used as an additional shelf or ditching are for finished tricks. Suitcase houses effects to be used (organized in the order to be performed) and the rubbermaid stores all the bags, boxes, etc. not needed and doubles as a table. Naturally, the rubbermaid is covered w/ a nice cloth as is the milk crate and suit case.


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I just use my drawers where my clothes are supposed to go and each drawer is a different set of objects. I also have dividers in the drawers and I keep all of my clothes on the shelves in my closet or they are hanging up.

-Dave Smile
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Shadow of the Castle
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Something I found helpful is office expanding A-to-Z folders. These paper files work wonderfully and last for years. Currently I use three folders (mentalism, cards & coins, and general close-up).
No more magic drawers for me (where the trick is finding the trick).
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My various acts are all housed in their own containers. My Medieval Renaissance act lives in a wicker basket. My Wizard School act has it's own custom table that houses all it's various props. The Science of Magic show is housed in a rolling rubbermaid container. My other props live either in a oak tool cabinet that I got real cheap (after Xmas) at Costco or in a series of cigar boxes in my magic bookshelf. There is no order to much of any of it, I just mostly remember where it all is, or, at least, is suppose to be.
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Shoeboxes, under the bed.
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Matt Graves
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Huntsville, Alabama (USA)
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I just found a nice medium-sized blue plastic box at the Thrift Store. In fact, it's still got the price marked on the outside. I keep all my cards, coins, sponge balls, and what not in there. As far as magic books, I just keep them boxed up with all my other books. Whenever I want to read one, I just go fishing for it.
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New York Metro Area
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For what it's worth, I have a chest on chest that I store a lot of my magic stuff in at home. About two months ago I started taking over another piece of bedroom furniture and I still see more stuff everywhere I turn.
Guess I have to approach this a little differently. All the ideas have been helpful, now if I can just find my front door I'll be all set!! Smile Smile Smile
steve proescher
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Virginia Beach
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I'm very fortunate to have a wonderful wife who has let me convert a spare bedroom for a magic room. I have an armoire (sp) to house some books and "stuff". My tv and vcr are on top. I have a vanity chest with drawers for more books and "stuff". It also has a large mirror on it for practice. I got a few vcr racks from Best Buy to hold the vid/dvd collection. I found a bunch of plastic divider boxes to store the small "stuff". I have a fold-up table for practice and a comfey chair for reading or watching vids. Still, there's books and "stuff" all over the place. Bless my wife... I think I'll keep her!
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Akron, OH
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I too am blessed with a wife that tolerates a Magic room in the basement. Props are stored in a locking pantry, books and such are on shelves in the rec room, small suff in the ever present rubbermaid tubs.

The "Show" is packed in a suitcase table along with the case that carries PA & backdrop, both are in the garage.
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Mine is in a HUGE tackle/tool box that I got from one of those “Mega Stores.” The lid has two small plastic see through compartments for my coins and small gimmicks. The top drawer is for all of my decks and medium sized effects and the base holds a lot of stage and party gimmicks.

It is almost always in an open “hap hazard” state of array on our bedroom floor and about once a month when my wife is out playing Bunco, I get to bring it into the living room and organize it.

I am only allowed one shelf for my magic books, fortunately that is all it takes. (Us married guys get a lot of “one shelf” opportunities. – I only get a Tupperware © box in the bathroom for storage but that is another battle for another day)

My videos resign in a basket in the living room. (don’t ask)

I think if I ever got to the point of having a “Magic basement” I and the computer would move down there and the little woman could keep the upstairs (and the bathroom).

Jeff Dial
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Kent, WA
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Old hard shell suitcases found at thrift stores. They stack well and are used to bring the props to the show.
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All of my close-up (not much) is kept in an old wooden sewing chest, it is multi leveled and is spilt down the middle so that it has two sides that open out sideways, roughly the size of a tackle box.

Walk Around/parlor/clown is in a plastic tote w/wheels.

ANY form of bondage (handcuffs, strait jacket, escapology of any kind) has to be as well hidden as possible (my wifes rule) when company comes. So all of it resides on shelves in our dry storage room and is locked away. Smile
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Boston, MA
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Last night I put each individual trick/packet/prop in its own ziploc sandwich bag or freezer bag.

I also have started ripping out the articles/trick section descriptions from Genii and Magic magazine. I went from a 1 foot stack of magazines (50% advertising) to a 3 inch ring binder of just material.
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I have one room just for magic storage. However I keep my regular performing material in a custom made box. Everything is ready to go at a moments notice. Takes less than 5 minutes to load up and go.
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On 2002-09-17 01:21, Jeff Dial wrote:
Old hard shell suitcases found at thrift stores. They stack well and are used to bring the props to the show.

I have found at both Sam's Club, and Wal-mart (slightly different) a unit that has 4 lg. drawers, and 2 smaller.. the unit is sturdy plastic, with roll-on wheels... total height is approx. 50 in. I have several of them, each unit is set up for a show, based on 'type". Each drawer is clearly labeled as to which effects/props (silks, cards, flamables, etc.) are in each drawer.

Going/packing for a show is now simply going to the unit, select the drawer (effects).. and go.

I also have 3 smaller "units" that are approx. 15 in. height, (no casters). In these contain, smaller effects, props.. ie. close-ups. Labeled as well.

Cost of the lg. units are approx. $30.00.. and well worth it.
Chris Rochow 111
Order of Merlin
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I have one of those plastic shelving containers that holds everything fine.
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