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Miracle Man,

It wouldn't be too hard to design an Access database (assuming you have the program) to design a storage system similar to what you described, plus it would have the information you would want.
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In an "office" at my house.
Shelves with books, videos and lectures. The props, clothes and other things in a very old furniture piece, with drawer and shelves.
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Profile of Jaz

  • Cards: remodeled 2 drawer, VHS Cassette storage. packet tricks are in a album for card collectors.
  • Coins: As above but lined with rubber foam.
  • Mentalism: An old cigar box and a large book with the middle of all the pages cut out.
  • Larger and little used props are in a rubber crate.
  • Instructions: Binder
  • Kid Stuff: a small, pocketed suitcase.
  • Books and vids: bookshelf.
  • Small stuff (TTs,ITs, magnets, writers, pens, etc.) A utility case with different size plastic drawers.
  • Closeup items I use most often are in belt pouches and a small shoulder purse that has nice size pockets. This is next to my bed.
  • Mats are on a TV tray under the bed and covered with plastic.
  • Formal Closeup: Briefcase.

Stuff can still be found lying around the house and in dresser drawers.
Bill Rubie
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For my card packet tricks I store them in progard sport & game trading card holders. (Top load) I lable the case and store them in an old flip style 3 1/2 inch floppy disk holder.
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I use a 4 draw filing cbenet. card in the one props in another and the rest of my stuff in the othe two.
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This is an interesting topic. As for my collection it has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years so I have had to expand my storage facilities to include several walk in closets a large portion of my home office as well as my company office. I have everything organized via use and importance in my act. I typically purchase effects one at a time and if I like them and considering adding them to my act I will buy back ups some effects I have as many as 5 backups just incase. Like others I use 3 ring binders for instructions, I have shelves for books (always facing away from direct light sources) I use a electronic data base for routines that I am working on as well as different acts that I have use through the years. My DVD’s are stored in DVD racks that hold 200 or so at a shot. I have a filing system for magic that I have loaned to other magicians so that I do not loose track and forget (I have been burned in the past). My costumes are organized by act and in clothing bags hanging on dedicated racks in the laundry room in a separate closet. My antique magic is displayed in cases in the living room and den. I would say that for the most part my mantra is if you can find it you can use it.
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The Donster
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I have my Sub Trunk and the Curtain for it in my Bedroom. I'm thinking of using the Sub Trunk as a Head Board.
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I have a big drawer o' stuff...

I try to keep it clean, but I'm getting to the point where I simply have to shove everything in to get it to fit...

'course I'm still pretty new, so I don't have all that much currently...
Scruffy the Clown
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I keep it in several suitcases here in the house. I don't have any books to speak of, but they are kept on a book case near the bathroom, for extended periods of "Study"
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Interesting topic. I have a business glass display case, an old jewlers one, that has a small glass (4 feet wide x 20" deep and 16" tall) case on top, and then 6 drawers below. The whole case can be locked, which is great with small children in the house. The larger stuff seems to find its place in cupboards, garage or in the basement.
I do not have any large illusions (yet) so I can always find a drawer.
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Greetings and Salutations,

I'm getting my gear in order in order to appease my Significant Other, which is still my best trick!

I found a 6-foot tall, one-foot deep, 30-inch wide, two-door cabinet at Target for about $90, and got a dozen shoe-box size Ster-lite (sp?) plastic containers which contain most of my junk. Four of the shelves are height-adjustable. I've got a large bookcase devoted to my magic books, lecture notes, etc., and as soon as I figure out which wall the SO will let me drill into, I'm building some shelves to hold my videos and DVDs. All of it is, or soon will be contained in one room, our magic/sewing/computer/office room. It's a little tight, but once get it all logged into a FileMaker file, all will be readily at my fingertips.

Just my $.02 (USD) worth. YMMV, of course.

Joe in KC
David Eichler
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I use a machinists trunk. Lots of nice thin drawers (perfect for decks of cards and other similarly-sized effects).
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On 2004-05-10 02:47, chmara wrote:

It took them 60 years to diagnose my ADD. NOW -- THOSE OF YOU WITHOUT THE HANDICAP (and it is a handicap) OF ADD probably laugh at having to keep all this stuff "in sight." I have cut the visual confusion down by making sure everything is kept neat and accessible by -- what to me -- is great and concentrated effort. Now, too -- I can focus on performance with what I have.

In my years in magic -- I realize that many restless -- seemingly disorganized but very sharp magicians -- suffer from varying degrees of ADD. It is not a personality fault -- but many tend to accept blame for the lack of orderliness as a social failing -- rather than a manifestation of a mind that may move too fast to be "orderly."

If it helps any, I would not have guessed in a million years from what you post here. You have a very organized mind, or at least, you have done very well in reigning in and controlling your affliction, as I think your posts are some of the most well thought out, objective, and logical essays I've had the pleasure to read. I'm even more impressed now than before.
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I got a large case and I organize my tricks in boxes. Cards in one box, close up in another, etc. My large illusions are stored in the garage.
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My office & studio are in Hotel Rooms!
Yes! Hotel Rooms.
Filing cabinets, while a little more expensive than rubbermade containers,
are GREAT. No stacking and unstacking, just deep drawers, with labels on
the front.
And it looks good and professional if I need to visit with a client.

Nathan Allen
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I keep the effects I use the most in my "Case" table. I wish it was a little bigger, but then it would be to heavy. I keep the rest in big plastic boxes with lids.
I keep books in bookcases and paper boxes and plactic boxes. I think plastic boxes are better than paper boxes. A bookcase is the best place to keep books.
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I pretty much do exclusively small, close-up stuff (I'm not a professional, just perform for family, friends, etc.) so I don't have lots of large stage props to store/organize. I have several "art supply" cases (which are really just very nice tackle boxes) to store small props. I keep my coins in 2x2 plastic flips which are stored in coin pages (similar to sports card pages) in a notebook. I have long card collector's box that is perfect for decks of cards. Everything fits into the drawers of a large dresser.
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Well... I have labels:) Whole room filled with magic. Closet contains all the literature, magazines, and all that jazz. All my close up is also stored here. Along with the 'not used often' stage apparatus. Along with my suites/jackets/and formal wear for shows. Each drawer in this room has a label on the front. Have my office desk- with labels on those drawers for booking sheets, contact lists, etc. Then I have the magic cases/travel cases/flight cases. All with labels on them. Organization is key!

best always,
Matt Tomasko
Matt Wayne
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On 2002-06-02 07:05, Mr Phil wrote:
Do you have a huge pile of stuff in the living room?

sounds about right. Smile
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I keep all of my props in a room in our basement. All of the smaller closeup tricks and stage accesories are kept in rolling drawer organizers. You can find these at an office store for about $30 each. I keep larger stage props in square plastic containers that stack, which helps to save space. Really large props are covered in dust guards. Organization is key!
Teen Magician Michael Platt
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