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Does anyone know the main differences between these such as password protected vids, mobile device usability, ease of use...? I have a free YouTube "channel" but don't mind going to Vimeo and getting the $50 a year plan to password protect content. On the other hand, Vimeo seems to hold a lot of "order" over what you can post compared to YouTube being like "the old west" and I like a little freedom of how and what I post. (Not really exposure but commentary on the importance of misdirection and certain patter while "X" move is executed.)

Also, can you password protect YouTube vids or make them links that only the people you send it to can use it? I am new to the video end of magic. There is some stuff I want to post, a couple original and some others with "different handlings" that magicians may appreciate but I don't want it out there in "YouTube magician kiddyland Smile for all to see" just people I personally give the link to.

Thanks for any help. I do have a pretty good handle on computers Smile and conversion to different formats .avi .m4p .H264 .xvid .vidx. ... Just new to where to put it out there. There are also some personal vids I want to add to my blog about my cancer battle on my wordpress blog be it embedded video or links to password protected links where my followers could access.
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I don't know Vimeo very well. On YouTube, you cannot (to my knowledge) password protect videos. HOWEVER, you can make them so that they don't show up in searches. That way, only people with the exact URL can find them. You can also set them to private which means only users you select can see it.

And when it comes to stuff you DO want people to see, it seems to me that YouTube still has more users, so probably more visibility. But that being said, there's no reason not to try several sites, though I'd be extremely reluctant to pay anyone for anything, since the services are available for free.


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Also to add to what RobertlewisIR already said,

On Vimeo you have to pay for extra features. On Youtube, once you reach a certain threshold of views (I don't remember the numbers), you can become a Youtube Partner and gain more and more features as times goes on. Longer videos, better quality, monetization, etc...
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My computer is usually really bogged down - I've got tons of crap running, including a VirtualBox with a Linux system (so technically my computer is using the resources of two computers running at once)...

And I can say this about YouTube vs nearly every other video host: nothing compares to YouTube's speed. YouTube itsell will skip and stutter on most videos until I change the "quality" to a lower setting. Vimeo or Hulu or nearly any other site will cause stuttering and skipping. I have accounts on many of these other sites and have uploaded videos, but I'm not aware of any of them having any traction (might have some, and I'm just not aware of it).

So basically speaking, I generally only use YouTube and will skip over any other video link. And I'm not the only one - YouTube has a global rank of #3 while Vimeo has a rank of #96.

And YouTube is far from a "Wild West" since Google took over. It is highly regulated by computers. They scan your uploads listening for copyrighted music, and if they find it they offer to let the copyright holder put ads over your video so they can make money. It is good for the copyright holder, and you shouldn't be posting copyrighted music anyway. I used to use a lot of Creative Commons music, but then they started flagging that also - and despite me having a valid CC license, they were still putting ads over my videos (that is why there is no longer music at the end of my videos for the "" credits). YouTube wants to make money, so if they can figure out a way to put ads on your videos they will.

But yes, you can upload whatever you want to YouTube ... that doesn't mean it will stick around. If your video is not getting much attention, they won't do anything about it. The more traffic it gets, the more attention they will pay it. A lot of people get ****ed off because once their video gets a few thousand hits, YouTube pulls it because of copyright issues. Won't be an issue if you are not uploading copyrighted material.

They have also started to push their premium partners over their individual users - meaning if you are not a YouTube partner, they won't give you as much traffic. And now that they have partnered with many movies and TV shows, they are even skipping over us partners in favor of their pay-per-view content. Naturally, YouTube is going to push their more profitable content so if there are no ads on your videos you are pretty much limited to whatever traffic you can send them (ie: posting a video here).

At one time, if I uploaded a video to YouTube it would get a hundred views overnight (without me doing anything). If that video got likes and comments, they would then send it more. If it didn't get likes and comments, they'd stop sending it traffic. Now, it seems they don't send any video I upload any traffic unless I "seed" it. If I send a video 100 hits from other sites, then they will start to give it some traffic. And again, if it doesn't get likes and comments they stop sending it traffic. That is why I link my videos to YouTube here instead of using the BBCode to embed it, I want those likes and comments and the best way to get them is to send people to YouTube.

As for DRM ... YouTube is very poor. You can have a "private" video, and only YouTube users you add to the white-list will have access. But you are limited to only 25 users, and they must have a YouTube account. The other option is an "unlisted" video, which means it won't show up in the YouTube search results ... so you have to give out the URL for people to know it exists. The downside is people can give the URL to other people, and you would never even know. I've also noticed instances of "bugs" (?) in YouTube where sometimes an unlisted video does get displayed.

They have been promising better DRM for years now, including a pay-per-view option. I believe they are rolling out pay-per-view to some of their larger content providers now, I'd really like that feature.

I personally don't worry about the "exposure" aspect, because there is so much crap on YouTube no one is going to find your video unless they are actually looking for it. They don't do "editors picks" on the homepage anymore, everything has become computerized. The videos they display on your homepage will not be the same as the ones displayed on my homepage, and each one will be tailored to what we individually view and subscribe to. In order for it to qualify as "exposure", you would need to be marketing secrets to people that don't need to know them - posting a tutorial video on YouTube for other magicians does not qualify if you are not pushing that video on laymen. And if you do see an "exposure" video on your YouTube homepage, it is because you have searched for such videos. They use the Google "prediction algorithm" in an attempt to predict what videos you will want to watch.

Many people think that YouTube is a new version of television (these people are usually the ones that use it to watch copyrighted programs) ... but it is not. YouTube is like a giant library of knowledge and entertainment. To me, finding a tutorial there is no more exposure than finding a book on magic in the public library. That is of course my opinion, take it with as many grains of salt as you desire.

As for formats, all videos uploaded to YouTube are converted into .h264 and for best quality that is the format you should use. I myself convert my raw video to XVID and then use Windows Movie Maker to create the "master". I save them at the highest quality option available (2k) I'm happy with the quality, even when I play them on my 32 inch TV.

Okay - that was a lot of typing, I'm gonna go ice my hands now. Smile

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JoeJoe mentioned a downside to using youtube unlisted videos where people could share the link, but the same problem can occur with vimeo password protected videos, they could share the link and password.

I'm with JoeJoe in preferring youtube over any other video sharing site. For the record, I have had no issues with unlisted videos being seen by people I don't want to see it.

~Tyler L.
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