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Karl Miller
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I just started working on the ROPS move. I am learning it from one of Chris Korn's new DVD's. It is hard to learn, but it looks fantastic when performed correctly. Chris does a great job of breaking down the move into steps.
Michael Rubinstein
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The R.O.P.S. move was published in Magic magazine, without my knowledge or permission. The text was basically lifted from my lecture notes. Before that the magazine printed two other moves of mine from my DVD series (then tapes), submitted by OTHER (unknown by me)people with their name on the moves (along with mine, and misspelled!) as well!! I still have no friggin idea who those people were, and why they chose to print my moves without my permission. I asked the head of the column where my unauthorized work appeared, and he gave me a very lame story about trying to protect my proprietorship of the R.O.P.S. move by printing it on his own before someone put out a similar move.
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Larry Davidson
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Unfortunately, magic can be a cesspool.

I've said it many times publically, your R.O.P.S. move is TOPS. Before the release of the Korn DVDs, I think he and I (and of course you) were among only a handful of magicians performing the move, and for selfish reasons I almost wish nobody else knew about it. It's extremely powerful and I'm grateful that you created and shared it.

Larry D.
Bob Kohler
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First of all I'm extremely happy to see my long time friend Michael Rubinstein not only back in magic but finally getting some long overdue respect for the work he's done to give all of us some really powerful weapons to use.

ROPS fooled the heck out of me when Michael first demonstrated it to me. It's a totally deceptive move when done with correct technique and proper timing. One facet I believe that is often overlooked is adding Ramsay Vanish technique. By that I mean the performer should control where the audience is looking.

If you study Ramsay (and everybody should) you'll discover the real secret to his vanish was his interaction between timing, choreography of the move and where he placed his attention.

I find that if I look at the coin on my open palm during the first part of the reveal, the audience looks at the coin too. Next I look up at the audience as I do ROPS. The audience looks at my face but still sees the hands in their frame. This idea takes a little heat off of the move so if your timing or technique is slightly off it will still work.

ROPS is a hot topic right now, but if you love coinmagic you really need to investigate Michael's body of work. Many overlooked ideas that should really be more in the mainstream...

Home of the BK Pro Line
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Gotta chime in here,

Roth, Ammar...they're great...great routines, great sleights. Why do I like Mike Rubinstein's videos so much?


He shows you the effect, then the method...over and over. No ego, no "frills", no fancy segues...just "the facts, ma'am"...the "over the shoulder" camera angle is perfect. I can slow it down and do it frame by frame...I learned more from Mike's one tape (vol. 4 of Master Coin Technique, pgm 89, Videonics), than all the Roth and Ammar tapes exaggeration.

Another thing I like is the fact that it seems filmed at home, people talking and laughing in the background. It gives an "informal" air to the teach-in. It just feels right. I have no feeling that Mike is "showing off" or "pumping up", so to speak...

Mind you, I'm NOT slamming Roth, or Ammar, I regard them as top performers/'s just that Michael Rubinstein seems like a "guy like me", and is very thorough, and detailed in his presentation. To say he is a master performer, would of course, be redundant.

I cannot say enough good things about him, and it GALLS me, that someone would attempt to hijack his material. I've always called it, "Rubinstein Open Palm Steal", and Mike...I hope you don't mind...I'd like to make that official...That's the way I will refer to it from now on. It's only's YOURS, it should have your name on it.

I'm bound and determined to own every video that bears Mike Rubinstein's name. Even if I have to eBay my record collection! LOL!

Just call me a true fan! Smile

Brian Morgan
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I second everything you just said. The Ency. of Coin Sleights has all the moves necessary to become an accomplished magician. Thanks for the great set of dvds Dr. Rubinstein.
Larry Davidson
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I don't mean to be argumentative, but in my opinion it takes MUCH more than moves to become an accomplished magician. I think Michael Rubinstein would agree. My comment has nothing to do with the quality of his material, because as I've said before, I think it's great and I personally use the ROPS move.
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