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I have been trying for a while to review the Real Secrets of Magic by David Stone for a long time, but my account was not working. It is now, and here is my review.

VOL 1-
Effects: (an aster-us is placed next to the effects I perform)
HERMES- The requirements for this trick, are flash paper, and a rose. In front of a candle, or source of light/fire, the performer creates a burst of flame. After repeating the feat a rose appears. This effect is perfect for restaurant magic, but not for the street. Personally I do not perform this effect, as I do not do restaurant magic, but for all who do, this is perfect. Should I mention that the effect is amazingly simple. 8/10

*ONE COIN ROUTINE- A coin and a jumbo coin are required for this. A solid one coin routine. This does not need any more explaining then that. 8/10

HALLUCINATION- One of the highlights of the DVD. The magician pulls out a rope from a card box and cuts it in half with his two fingers. You then go through a sequence of re-attaching and taking apart the rope, and it ends with the rope going into the spectators pocket, and attaching again. While I do not do rope magic, I would imagine that this effect could be used in any circumstance, whether stage, street, restaurant, parlor, bar, or for kids. 9/10 (only 1 off because I don't do rope)

*GHOST- An amazing impromptu routine with cards. With a deck of cards you perform a basic routine in which a card is shown at the top but it is not their selection, and then it is changed into their selection. Then when the card is placed back, at the snap of the fingers, only four cards remain in the deck (the rest gone). It is their card, as well as the other three of a kind. One of my favorite routines on the DVD, and teaches excellent misdirection. 10/10

BONNATEU+HIERLING- A routine which David Stone links together. It is a three card monte routine, and the first sequence is the actual street game, and the second sequence is how a magician would do it. I would much rather perform Daniel Garcia's invisible monte, or Chris Mayhew's Fade as opposed to this. 6.5/10

*WATCH OUT- A pretty basic coins across routine. I actually do not perform the actual effect, but got out of the routine a killer ending, in which the third coin goes to somebody's watch. 9/10

CROSSED- By far the worst routine on the DVD. Frankly it is very stupid and should not even be on the DVD. It is a bad example of body magic, and is a bad Do as I do routine. 4/10

ATM- While I do not perform this effect, it has inspired me to do many other things with bills. The effect itself is a good way usage of flames and bills. 8/10

SPONGE- I do not like this sponge balls routine. It is nothing new or interesting, and it is not very strong. 6/10

*CARDS- A nice manipulation sequence. I particularly like how he ends by pulling cards from inside of the spectators pocket. It is a very nice sequence. 8/10

*FLASH CARD- A spectacular table magic opener, or as I use it, part of the ambitious card routine. You give the spectator a job to tap their hand on a table, and when you count to three their card flies out of the deck under their hand. 10/10

CIG CLEAN- A marvelous cigarette routine. As I do not smoke I have no need to perform this, but none the less, it looks great. 7/10 (because I don't smoke)

*VOILE ROUGE-A card is chosen and lost in the deck. With a wave of your hand the deck changes from red to blue, except for one card. You turn it over showing it's their card. It goes into your pocket as another card is chosen. You try to do the same thing but it doesn't work. You point out that there is one indifferent card the original card. However it's now the 3 of Diamonds. A very good routine, that I perform a lot. 9/10

TRAVELER- A routine that I don't personally like to perform, but looks great when performed well. Four cards are transformed into the four aces when placed on a table. 7.5/10

FLASH DECK- A deck production using fire and flash paper. It looks great, but is ideal for a restaurant atmosphere. 8.5/10

*SNOWBALL- A routine normally paired with flash deck. It is a marvelous four ace production using a false cut series. While very simple and involving a set up, it is very fun to practice. 9.5/10

*NAPKIN and *BITE ME- By far the two highlights of the DVD. Napkin is a napkin routine in which a straw is taken out to be used later. Your tear and restore the napkin. Quickly you take the straw into the napkin, and pull the napkin off revealing a drink. Bite me is a coin and napkin routine in which you vanish a coin. After failing to produce it, you pull out a wine bottle. While I do not perform restaurant magic, I still find room for these gems. 10/10 and 10/10

Advice: More Valuable then the effects, are the advice that David Stone provides. He gives insight into performing at restaurants, which can be translated into table, street, or stage magic. This is invaluable and cannot be rated on a 1 to 10 scale.

VOL 2-

*CASH CASH- A great transition effect. Four coins appear under four cards. I use this when I do table magic. 9/10

DUNCAN- I cannot speak for this effect, as I do not perform. It is strictly for the restaurant worker. You light a piece of napkin and a goldfish appears in the glass it is lit above. It looks beautiful from a spectators point of view. 9/10

*RESET- Aces turn into Kings and jump into your pockets. Perfect routine. I personally add some of my own touches and use different patter then he does, but it is still great. 8.5/10

*ENCORE- A coin disappears and reappears wherever you want it to from a napkin. From the napkin you produce a bottle. Then a shoe. Then another
shoe. A very amusing routine, which I use when I can. 9.5/10

SOUBOCK- A Bill production from a paper coaster. It requires a homemade gimmick, that I feel is annoying to make. I do not like this effect. 5/10

*MISGLASS- In my eyes it is a gem. Most magicians know this routine, but when I purchased the DVD I did not. It was one of the effects, when performed to me got me into magic. It teaches fantastic misdirection. 10/10

COCOON- A coin travels onto an arm, and then three coins are laid on the table. An interesting idea, and a simple, yet knacky move is involved. 7/10

*FRENCH KISS- A take on a Wayne Houchin effect, in which you have the spectator select a card, and after using a series of flourishes, you eject a card and vanish it. You then point to your mouth. The card is in the mouth. It uses the mercury card fold. 9/10

SAM CARD- I personally do not use this effect, as it uses the snap change in a way that I feel is annoying, but on the positive side, Stone teaches flourishes with a double lift card. 7/10

*CIGCOIN- A cigarette and coin effect in which the coin jumps to the mouth. As I do not smoke, I use a pen instead of a cigarette. A cool quick trick. 8/10

MULBERRY- An interesting 4 coins production. While it is great, I prefer to use an Eric Jones or Bobo (midas touch) production. 9/10

BILLSWITCH- A take on a Billswitch move. I do not like the effect because if you perform a billswitch you should give the dollar back to the person. 7/10.

RINGBOX- An amazing effect, that I am sure I would love, however a very uncommon gimmick is used which hinders it. 7/10

*GUESS CARD- A trick using the classic Swami Gimmick. It is a very interesting prediction effect. It also has a lot of room for tweaking, which I feel makes it better, as you can change it based on your performing character. 8.5/10

William- A card is placed into the deck and at the snap of the fingers it is turned upside down. I do not perform this effect as their are better reverse effects. 7/10

ADVICE: While I do not need restaurant advice, I felt that pointers about hecklers are great. I routinely encounter hecklers and the advice he gave allowed me to counter them forever.

Conclusion- GET BOTH DVDS. THEY ARE GREAT! While their are a few bad effects. The ratio of gems to dirt is large.
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