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Eternal Order
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Ok, you've crashed on a deserted island, you have enough food and clean water for the rest of your natural and unnatural life...however, apart from two sets of clothes, and everyone else on the plane are gone...

you do however, have the 13 steps, the amateur magician's handbook, Practical Mental Effects and a large stock of stationery from Staples/Rymans...

you open one last surviving box, and in it are two more books...

1) is one last mentalism related book
2) any other book you like

what are they and why?

and before any smartar$e says it, yes, there's no real point because mentalism needs an audience - tough...

i think I'd go for jack kent tillar's Quartet, and clive barker's the ***ation game...

i'd go for quartet as I think its under appreciated, and its an entertaining read...and the ***ation game as its a book I've already read countless time and for some reason I never get bored of it - it contains all the things I love in good literature, and even has mentalism/spiritual overtones too...

i was going to be clever and pick a "how to build a boat" booklet, but I think I'd quite like it on the island...
I've asked to be banned
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Eternal Order
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Really? they blot out the word d.a.m.n.?!
I've asked to be banned
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Eternal Order
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Yes, the use of your profanity will not be tolerated
Stephen Young
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Inner circle
Thought Illusions
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Don't worry Iain.
They make it up to people by letting them buy their kids assault rifles.
John C
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Eternal Order
I THINK therefore I wrote
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On Jun 25, 2014, Stephen Young wrote:
Don't worry Iain.
They make it up to people by letting them buy their kids assault rifles.

Now if they would just let them bring them to school.

The ULTIMATE Routine Series: rebirth soon!
Slim King
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Eternal Order
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We had "Rifle Club" at my school. So three dozen of us DID bring our guns to school.

2)A modern version of the Bible (No KJV)
THE MAN THE SKEPTICS REFUSE TO TEST FOR ONE MILLION DOLLARS.. The Worlds Foremost Authority on Houdini's Life after Death.....
Scott Soloff
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Philadelphia, PA
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1/ Et Respondendum est Utrum Compendium by Scott Soloff (the one I haven't written yet)

2/ #37 - A Picker Mystery

Best wishes,

'Curiouser and curiouser."
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The Bascom Set and the Bible. If the Bascom set isn't allowed due to it being multiple books then Greater Magic.
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Corfu, Greece
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Anything by Martin Gardner
"Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield (or "The Alchemist" by Paolo Coelho)

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Inner circle
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That makes me think of Eliphas Levi's comment on a man in a solitary jail with nothing but a deck of tarot cards.
Does the book "Tarot" count as mentalism "book?"

I would have to give serious thought to the second, but not mentalism. Presumably something both entertaining an philosophical that I can read over and over and still get something. I Ching? A really good yoga book?
...or maybe a really good omnibus edition of a comic book run.

If I'm killing time alone on a desert island alone, I'm probably more interested in personal development.
"Love is the magician who pulls man out of his own hat" - Ben Hecht

"Love says 'I am everything.' Wisdom says 'I am nothing'. Between the two, my life flows." -Nisargadatta Maharaj

Seadog=C-Dawg=C.ou.rtn.ey Kol.b
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My mentalism-related book would of course be magick.
But I guess that IS cheating.
So I think I would go for Tarbell.
My other book would be "Krabat" by Ottfried Preußler.
It's the one book that defines my idea of how real magic would look like.
Dark, mysterious, heavily romantic.
And in the end love is stronger than the dark arts...

All the best,

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Greg Arce
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Inner circle
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For the second book I always have to go with the great answer that Hawkeye Pierce (Alan Alda) gave when asked this same question: I'd bring the dictionary because I figure it has all the other books inside of it.

One of my favorite quotes: "A critic is a legless man who teaches running."
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Loyal user
New Orleans
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Magick volume 3 It has some of my favorite performers and I haven't read it as much as I need to.


the latest Stephen King Novel.
Mental Threads....

Invoking your thoughts one thread at a time...

Creator of Voodoo Dowels
Al Desmond
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Secret Mountain Lair in Conifer, Co
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Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields
Bold and Subtle Mentalism by David Hoy (I think I got the title right).
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New user
Atlanta, GA
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I'd be tempted to take Mind, Myth & Magick...maybe then I could actually finish the entire thing. But I think I'd go with The Artful Mentalism of Bob to decide between V1 or V2...I guess Volume 2.

Like tpratt38, I'd probably opt for a Stephen King book but might go with one of his short story collections for variety. Probably Different Seasons, since it has four terrific pieces including the stories that became Shawshank Redemption and Stand by Me.
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Special user
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My non mentalism book would be the SAS survival guide.

My mentalism book would be....switch craft maybe, mainly because its so long.
I love post its Smile
Tony Iacoviello
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Eternal Order
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I was going to post the SAS Survival Guide as well (I love my copy).
My mentalism book would be Annemann: The Life and Times of a Legend. I have not finished reading my copy.
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Inner circle
within a triangle
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1) Theater of the Mind. It was the first real mentalism book I bought as an adult, and it still remains my favorite.
2) Complete Works of Shakespeare. I figure I'll have lots of time to memorize monologues.
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New Zealand
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My mentalism book was 100% going to be PS3, but then I saw seamagu's post and switchcraft would be awesome and not just due to its size.... also its awesomeness!

But..I'm gona stick with PS3 for my mentalism book and The Naked Jape by Jimmy Carr and Lucy Greeves for non-mentalism.

PS3 has given me so much, nuts and bolts stuff as well as subtleties, it's almost perfect... could be a little longer but that is being very very picky and selfish

The Naked Jape, this is a great and wickedly entertaining read (its like Jimmy Carr is in your head reading it to you!)it also has THE best collection of jokes ever.
Art Vanderlay
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All I Read Was Corinda And Now I Have
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1 Garden Of The Strange

2 The Lord Of The Rings

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