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Hello Everyone!

I’d like to share with you some of my early experiences with hypnosis with you all. I’ve been studying hypnosis for around 4 years, but until recently had not performed hardly any of it due to typical young hypnotist fears (“what if it doesn’t work? This person didn’t get hypnotized.. am I a failure” etc.). I have been reading as much as I could on the subject, watching as much as I could on the subject, and paying attention to the minor speech discrepancies that separate hypnotic suggestion from everyday language. As per the Magic Café’s suggestions, I started by reading Jon Chase’s Deeper and Deeper, as well as Anthony Jacquin’s Reality is Plastic. I really like how simply and down to earth each of these books put the ideas of hypnosis. One thing became immediately clear to me – if I was going to hypnotize people, I had to put their safety first. As such, I decided that I would always re-read/re-watch bits of lectures about abreactions before I perform.

Fast-forward a few years (I was a senior in high school (age 17) at this point in time), I had been asking a ton of questions on the Magic Café about hypnosis and the language/components involved. I finally felt that I had done enough research to try some basic phenomena with friends. I was backstage during a church-musical (I was responsible for moving sets with a few people, but the choir was running through all of the songs so we had a break), and I decided to give it a go. I started out with magnetic fingers/hands, then stuck my subjects’ hands to the floor. I then progressed to sticking their feet to the ground and telling them to try to grab my wallet (which was on the floor a few feet away) for the money inside it. They couldn’t do it. I think I was just as astounded as they were. I tried to do a bit of amnesia, but it didn’t seem to work. I decided to take a break from performing hypnosis after this exhilarating experience to reflect and do more research. This was about the time when James Tripp posted large sections of his Hypnosis Without Trance on his Youtube channel. I watched the entire series, and decided that I would stick to a more traditional trance model of hypnosis, while keeping in mind his ideas about implicit language being a driving force in hypnosis.

Last year (at the age of 19), I was hanging out with a large group of friends in my college dorm late at night (no, we were not drinking ☺), when somehow odd talents came up. I mentioned that I had been studying/performing magic for 5 years, and that I dabbled in hypnosis. Naturally, everybody was interested in the idea of being hypnotized. I dispelled false rumors about hypnosis being “mind control” and ensured that everybody would enjoy the experience. Looking back, I likely took these pre-talk ideas from Anthony Jacquin and Jon Chase’s books. I decided that I would perform for a few hours, going slowly and making it much more of a conversation than a show. I went through magnetic fingers/hands with everybody, then tried a hand-shake induction with a couple of people that I thought would be the best subjects. One guy was laughing the entire time he was in trance, which I linked to going even deeper into trance. By then, I had discovered that I had a few hyper suggestible subjects. I started out by making everybody as relaxed as I could (i.e. “You will notice that you feel like you have just gotten the best massage of your life”). I proceeded to run through hand stuck to knee/table (and made it rise and fall in the air), then did some amnesia work (forgetting their name, assigning gender opposite names, forgetting certain numbers, etc.), followed by a compulsive liar sketch. Everything at this point was going super well, and everybody was having a wonderful time so I decided to try some more complicated/far out ideas. I did an invisibility sketch where my subjects could not see me, and I would start throwing things around the room (while making sure that they were staying in their seats). Possibly my favorite sketch involved a T.V. (which was turned off). I told my subjects that they would be watching the funniest T.V. show that they had ever seen, and would describe it to the audience in great detail; however, when I said a trigger word, their favorite character would di in a terribly gruesome way (which they would describe to us). But after I said another trigger word, their favorite character would be brought back to life. I could go further into the reactions that I got, but this post is running long anyway (but if there is interest then I would be happy to elaborate).

After I made sure that all suggestions had been cleared from everyone, I finished my show with a relaxation/motivation trigger. I told my subjects to touch a spot in between their eyes, and told them that whenever they touched this spot that they would feel incredibly relaxed and motivated to accomplish their goals. This suggestion has stayed with people since then, and I still occasionally get thanked for implementing it.

Since that night last year, I have done roughly monthly shows for various groups of people around my college’s campus, and have gotten quite the reputation for it. Thanks for all of the helpful ideas and insight that you all have posted in this forum, I know that I have greatly benefitted from it. Thanks for reading!

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Well done. Great to hear someone with the balls to go for it, and I hope you go from success to success. Tony
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Even the miles are starts with single step
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Please do share more. I am very interested because I have been practicing mentalism for the better half of this year and I have read a few books on hypnosis that uses classic methods. I would like to learn as much as you and really look forward to hearing more about what you were successful with. Yeah pm me please with the rest.
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Great post. I have always been intrigued but skeptical about it. I may look further into it.
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Wow, that is really inspirational, thank you for sharing your hypnotism experiences with us Mahu. I had always been skeptical about it however I did notice that it largely depends on the subjects that you are performing to. I started to really appreciate its power through watching Derren Brown's shows. I can clearly see (from your experiences that you related to us) that hypnotism has its rightful place in the world of magic! Now I am keen to learn more! Smile
I Love You God Smile
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