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the Sponge
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On Dec 10, 2014, tmoca wrote:
I contacted Penguin with my concerns the day after I purchased...no reply as of today...sad....and not what I expected. With my past experience with them, I assumed they would be right on top of a reply or something to rectify the issues with this. Sad to say, nothing so far.

No problem, just resell it to someone who would like....... oh.
Chad Sanborn
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my fingers hurt from typing,
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I am so confused by all of this.
Is a force used or not? its a very simple answer. yes/no
Are multiple outs used? yes/no
How likely is the scenario that is played out in the demo?
How much do you 'guide' the choices to get the outcome you want?
What are some of the other outs?
Why do I need an iPhone app?

Im so disappointed because this seemed to have a lot of potential. But too much was left out of the description and cut out of the demo.

It seems you are better off having an asst offstage creating one to match and switching it in.
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Ok so here is what the audience sees and how it is perceived

the magician goes on about toys they had as a kid and asks the spectator to name a toy . spectator says mr potato head, he unveils under a box a mr potoato head in the original box. he then goes on to explain that there are 9 pieces and nine holes on the doll which if you do the math is 9 factorial which is over 300,000 different combinations to make a mr potato head. if you made every combination you would have enough toys to cover the island of manhattan. he then tells the spectator to take the doll and go behind a trip fold screen and to configure the doll in any way he would like(the spectators see the single spectator go behind the screen at a table configure the doll, the magician does byplay etc while this is happening. after about 30 seconds to a minute the spectator then reveals his creation. the magician then goes to re explain the improbability of having a match of the potato head and then unveils his prediction. that MATCHES perfectly.

that's what the audience sees and perceives. that out of 362,880 (9factorial) the magician was able to predict how the doll was to be configured.

this is explained in the download DIFFERENT ways to reveal the prediction if you don't want to do a duplicate mr potato head, but if you wanted to just have it be revealed as a duplicate doll you could do that. but if you wanted to have an envelope with a picture, a shirt with a picture matching , or whatever else you can imagine for a prediction reveal, you can do.

in reference to forcing the outcome, NO you aren't forcing an outcome hence the multiple outs, are there really 300,00+ ways..... to the audience yes, in reality no, which is why this is so strong, because its the concept of limiting choices while still giving the audience the perception that they could've done it in over 300,000 ways.

you don't guide their choices in any way, in fact you tell them, "configure the doll ANY WAY you want, from just switching the arms to making the doll look like a picasso painting. its up to you but you HAVE to make it different than just the normal way"

once again if you buy the download pm me and ill give you the work that I have to maximize the prediction reveal and make it seem impossible.
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Ps you don't need an iPhone app to do anything. the app they are talking about is a mr potato head app that you can make up different pictures on your phone and reveal it as a picture on your twitter for the prediction, but no technology is required for the effect
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Your chances of achieving what was shown on the demo video are 1 in 5, or 20%

The other 4 out of 5 times, you will be left with a duplicate box, on stage (as shown in the demo video) that DOES NOT contain the matching prediction.

[NOTE: Others who have purchased this effect, please correct me if this is wrong.]

Obviously a force is used to get them to choose Mr. Potato Head as the toy. This is common sense.

I feel bad...I am not criticizing Joshua's creativity. I do not disagree that the video contains some original ideas that might be useful to a full-time performer. I am not saying there aren't different ways to reveal the prediction. My whole reason to post here was simply that the demo video misleads people. You will not be able to do what you see in the demo video, 4 out of 5 times.

I'm just saying that it's not what magicians are used to. Most demo videos show what can be done when you purchase the effect.

When you watch a video of the haunted bill, and buy the effect, you can get the same results as shown on the video. Every time.
When you watch a video of the Nielsen vanishing bottle and buy the effect, you can get the same results shown on the video. Every time.

The same cannot be said of this purchase.

I thought I would be able to have two black boxes on stage (as shown on the demo), have a spectator re-arrange the parts, and lift my box to reveal a correct prediction every time. Not so.

Hope this helps,
Dale A. Hildebrandt
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Didn't Online-Visions run a contest about a Mr. Potato Head a few years ago? (Or it may have been in Half Baked: The Journal of Ideas That Aren't, but I'm pretty sure it was Visions).

Dale A. Hildebrandt
Al Desmond
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On Dec 10, 2014, illusionistJJ wrote:
Hey guys : )

(Joshua Jordan here Creator of MPH)

Concerning not explaining the how I reveal the box
This is not only explained but I, in addition, give other ways you can reveal the Mr. Potato head that might even play bigger. ---> "For example you can have a Mr. Potato Head spray painted on a king size sheet that drops down… etc." I was merely saying that you don't have to reveal it the same way I do ( Although you're certainly welcome to). All you would do is put a second physical Mr. Potato Head figure under a box like in the promo video.

I addressed this in the video for the reason that if the performer didn't want to go out and buy a second Mr. Potato Head (like I have in the video) they don't have to. I was giving cheaper/ free options and ideas. But lets say for the sake of argument I didn't address this in the video, I give out my personal e-mail at the end of the dvd if you have any questions. I don't know why some people are so mad? I am more than willing to help anyone who asks and make that clear in the video.

If anyone has any questions about this trick I give out my e-mail at the end of the DVD and I'd be happy to talk you through any questions . I would much rather e-mail you (or even talk on the phone) then go back and for on a forum where comments can be misinterpreted. Love you all, keep magic alive : )

Concerning what I saw in the video. A matching MPH. Period. That's what you and Penguin are to selling the public.

Show me how my comment is a misinterpretation?
Sean Giles
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So are they only able to remove a few of the parts or can all of them be removed and rearranged as stated in the ad?

If they can only remove 3 or 4 parts covered by m******e o**s then the effect is not what I thought it was after reading the ad.

I don't buy the 'it's what the spectators see' argument, not in the ad copy that is written for the purchasing magician.
Jamie Ferguson
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On Dec 11, 2014, Dale A. Hildebrandt wrote:
Didn't Online-Visions run a contest about a Mr. Potato Head a few years ago? (Or it may have been in Half Baked: The Journal of Ideas That Aren't, but I'm pretty sure it was Visions).

Dale A. Hildebrandt

To add to the history I've done some more research...

The first instance of the 'Mr Potato Head as a prediction premise' I found (apart from the Online-Vision reference above) was recorded in writing by Greg Arce on Dec 6 2003 then again by Scottish mentalist Derek Heron on Sep 25th 2007.

Hope both of these gents are credited properly?
When the chips are down, the duvet is uncomfortable.
Bill Cushman
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After my post above, I was thinking it sounded like something from Arce or Riggs. Thanks Jamie! Where did Greg publish this?
KC Cameron
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After viewing this download again, Joshua DOES mention a way for the prediction MPH to match the changed MPH.

The problem is he tries to give a lot of possible solutions, and spends too much time on other solutions. This confuses the matter.

The manner he uses gives a 20% chance of a matching MPH, but that is because the other outs are very effective too. He DOES supply an easy way to get it to 100%
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