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A contents list would be appreciated as if the book contains previous pieces by Looch then this would be an influencing factor in the purchase decision if you already owned them.

Any chance of a stock update on remaining copies Looch?
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The table of contents was posted much earlier on in the thread.

I think it was March 9th.


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Thanks Atlas
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When Atlas posted the initial TOC back in marc, I was still very much settling on the final order. The updated and final TOC is below:

Book 1

By Looch

By Marc Spelmann

Opening a walk around set:
• The Couple
• Relax
• Approaching a group
• My ‘RD’ Routine
• Further thoughts on approaching groups

The Poverty Spec T***b W****r:
• The Benefits
• Ergonomics

Performance Memoir:
Looch the Stripper???

Negotiating the gig:
• Don’t sell yourself short
• Set a fair & reasonable price
• Act as if…
• Don’t apologise
• Justifying your fee
• Be willing to walk away
• When to negotiate & be flexible
• Common client tactics
• Client satisfaction

FO effect:
• Memoir One: The man they call Looch – By Todd Landman
• Memoir Two: Too Strong - By Roni Shachnaey
• My Original Routine
• The Polaroid Development
• No Table?
• Presenting the Information
• Using the Gypsy Glimpse
• Using Equivoque
• Sweet Shop / Candy Store – By Roger Curzon
• Looch’s Sweet Shop
• Incorporating Readings with Neil Scryer & Richard Webster
• Spectator as Mind Reader with Peter Turner
• Additional Thoughts

Performance Memoir:
The Police & The Producer

Marked Cards in Mentalism:
• Pick a Card any Card
• Selecting from a Fan
• Dribbling the Cards
• The Ribbon Spread
• Handing the Deck to a Participant
• Dealing the Cards into a Pile
• Checking for Marks
• Use This Deck!
• Body Language
• Additional Thoughts by Peter Turner
• Marked Memorization

The Subliminal Force:
• Background
• The Effect
• The Method
• Altering a Participants Perception of Reality
• Timing
• Managing the Participant
• Applications for The Subliminal Force

Performance Memoir:
Alpha Male / Drunken A**ehole

• An Unwanted Monster? or a Lesson or Everyone?
• The Filming
• The Effect
• Method vs. Approach
• The Reaction
• Meet Dr Franken-Looch
• Influence – Stage Presentation
• Whiteboard G*****g
• Staging & Set Up
• In Closing

Performance Memoir:
Being aware of your surroundings

The Article:
• The Background
• The Effect
• Effect Timeline
• The Handover
• Marking the Envelope
• Documenting the Handover
• The Build-Up
• The Event
• Writing the Prediction
• The Reveal
• Manufacturing the Props
• The First Load
• Opening the Prediction Envelope
• The Second Load
• The Clean Up
• Psychological Illusionist or Clairvoyant?
• Thoughts on Headline Predictions

Performance Memoir:
Thinking on your feet

• The Effect
• Design #1
• Design #2
• Original Performance – ‘The Name Thing’
• The Original Handling
• Alternative Handling
• An Ultra Bold Peek
• Be Aware of your Lighting
• Performing Seated

Book 2

By Marc Salem

The Score:
• Presentation – Number Influence
• Method & Preparation
• The Cards
• The 5 ‘Yours’ Cards
• The ‘Mine’ Card
• The Envelopes
• Handling
• Opening the Final Envelope
• The Rose Subtlety
• Switching Back
• Additional Ideas

Performance Memoir:
5 hours late!

• The Original Routine
• The Method
• The Switch
• The Psychic Participant
• The Newspaper Article
• To Leave or Not to Leave?
• Enigma Variations by Atlas Brookings
• Natalia by Marc Spelmann

The Scene:
• The Effect
• Method & Execution

Performance Memoir:
Mustang Mary

The Spin Force:
• Types of Coins
• Execution
• Variations on The Spin Force
• The Slap – A Perfect Convincer
• Coinfabulation
• Fish & Chips by Laurence Hookway
• Coin in Hand – A New Approach to Reading Behaviour
• The Lucky Talisman by Atlas Brookings
• Other Applications for The Spin Force
• The Teek (Touch Peek)
• The Trap Door Peek
• The Clip Peek
• Twist & Turn
• Orchestration by Michael Murray
• Coinfabulation Updated

Reconnaissance & The Art of Harvesting Online Information:
• How much is Too Much?
• Stereotyping & the Written Word
• Birthdays & Important Dates
• Additives
• Opportunistic Mentalism
• Atlas’ Story

Performance Memoir:
Being aware of your surroundings

• The Routine
• The Method
• Alternate Routine
• Alternate Method
• The No Confirmation Confirmation Principle

• The Effect
• The Method
• The Turnover Peek
• The Riffle Peek
• Open or Closed?
• Tracking the Card
• The Equivoque

Performance Memoir:
Junglist Massive

CM Routine:
• What the Audience Sees
• The Breakdown
• Using the ‘Colormatch’ Pens
• Message Words & Customizing Your Routine
• The Envelopes
• Marking the Envelopes
• Selecting the Pens
• If you Fail to Receive a Signal
• The 50/50 Questions
• Handing Out the Envelopes
• The Discrepancy
• Reading the Drawings
• The ‘Sneak Thief’ Peek
• To Write or Draw?
• Killing Dead Time
• Laurence’s Suggestion
• Sitting or Standing?
• How much is Too Much?
• What if you don’t have the ‘CM’ Pens?

Performance Memoir:
The King & Queen

Cue & Hay:
• Thinking about things a little differently
• My first Q&A
• Traditional Q&A versus Audience Reading
• A Psychological Q&A – The SCAM
• Wedding Q&A – Happy ever after…
• The Anonymous Secret
• The Desirable Q&A with Dave Moses
• The Interesting Q&A
• Close Up Q&A
• Billet Gazing – A one on one Q&A routine
• Further thoughts by Iain Dunford

Performance Memoir:
Man vs. Machine
My Mentalism Products:
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Well I think that table of contents will gives enough information for you to judge if it is worth the asking price.
There is no holy grail!
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I'm sure that this book is full of really valuable material but something "tickles" me a little bit, when I read "the vast majority of the material in the books does not appear anywhere else, nor will it ever." or "There will be NO reprints or subsequent editions". I appreciate Looch so this is absolutely not an offense, but I remember I've read on here on the MC that "influence" would never be published. Finally, here it is (although the access to it is quite limited indeed), so I sometimes wonder how much we can trust those "never". This is just a thought I wanted to share Smile
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Are you still on target for a release this month? I wondered how long I had to preorder. Also, is this being posted from the uk or the u.s? I'm in the uk so was curious of the postage cost

All the best
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Hi Russell

Did you not sign up to be notified? Orders have been going in since last week! I've been like
A deranged minion packing these up lol. I post from the UK, postage is £15 as its 2.5kg
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Oh bugger! In did sign up. I think your messages must have been lost in spam Smile. Missed the preorder deal then.
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No it's still on go to the website and read all about the offer Smile
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The price is stiff but everything I had from Looch was first class. Time to save up..
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On Jul 15, 2015, ReviewerMaster wrote:
The price is stiff but everything I had from Looch was first class. Time to save up..

That is the spirit! Instead of complaining, take action and do something about it! Smile
Gumar Oz DuBar
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I'm not sure if this has been addressed, and usually I'd have the assiduity and persistence to sift through the 10 page thread to find the answer - alas I don't have the time to devote to that now, so I'll just ask, trusting in the generosity of another.

How much of the material is restricted to the UK? In other words, will ALL of the information/effects/etc in The Black Project be applicable and usable to USA performers?
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Everything can be used by US guys Smile
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I can't think of anything I've seen Looch put out that was restricted to the UK so my guess is that most, if not all of the material is going to be universal. I'm sure Looch will chime in and confirm that but if you look at his past releases you will see that he is known for simple, direct, practical and workable material of the highest quality. But for the timing and my finances this would be a no brainer for me, well it is still a no brainer but these will go, I'm just hoping I can get the funds together before that happens.

[edit] Looch got there first lol

Mark Chandaue A.I.M.C.
Harpacrown is available from
Harpacrown Too is available from
Ophiuchus is available from
Totally Free Will is available from
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One more day to get through, then......... Three days hanging out with Michael Murray, Atlas, Looch and numerous other great guys at 2MINDS convention in Newcastle.

Looking forward to collecting my copy of 'The Black Project'.

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On Jul 13, 2015, MagicAtlas wrote:
I guess my point was that limited editions aren't always printed to keep things away from people who are just curious, or as sales tactics, but there is an actual moment when a printer asks you how many copies you'll need and you have to make a guess at the figure as retooling and reprinting are also typically expensive enough to not be viable options. You want to get the order just right and that's difficult. If there is a perceived gap in supply and demand, it is because a creator will have erred on the side of caution when it comes to printing the run of books.

Those are all legit points, Atlas, and I appreciate your perspective. However, perhaps I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that most mentalists are not getting super rich in this business. I would guess that most full-time working pros are NETTING under $50,000 a year. That's not horrible but it's not great. Most don't have company pensions, savings plans, health insurance, paid vacations or any benefits (obviously). Of course there are a few superstars raking in hundreds of thousands or even millions (DB), but on average, we're more or less "starving artists".

While many have said that a "pro" would pay this much for a book because one gig would pay for it, well, I strongly disagree with that logic. First, a REAL working pro works *** hard for not a lot of money and isn't going to spend $400-500 on a book without strong conviction that it will produce a professional return for them.

Ironically, it's the hobbyists and part-timers who can drop a lot on books and tricks because performing is not their full-time job. I know SO many guys from my "magic club" days that were engineers or doctors or lawyers who would buy every trick and book that came out and got a boner when some "limited edition" expensive product hit the market... But they made big bucks with great benefits working their day jobs, so please everyone, drop this BS argument that "pros" will happily pay a lot of information.

Now, that said, I appreciate a well written book. I love great books on magic and mentalism and will pay a decent price for them. What I don't like these days is the HYPE. The slick videos, the micro-sites, the contests, etc. It's all too much. You can argue it anyway you want, but it's the commercialization of our art taken to a whole other level.

In the "old days", books, videos, lectures, etc. were sources of supplemental income for performers or creators. These days it's a business unto itself with a lot of the product being churned out by guys that have never worked a paying gig in their lives yet justifying the prices as material suitable "just for professionals"... Even though they're not pros themselves! But they are good marketers and have built upon a facade of success at least. Kind of ridiculous, really. (I realize this doesn't apply to Looch, just making a point...)

And think about this... What if everyone just SKIPPED the marketing hoopla, the "exciting" videos, etc., thereby cutting their costs. They could sell their product for less and still make the same money! I don't want to pay for Looch's "Black Project" website or some video production... I want to pay for the information. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I feel bad that Looch's book has become the center or this argument I'm making. I really do love his work and, by all appearances, he is a great guy. But that doesn't invalidate my point.

My final point... Atlas, have YOU ever paid $400 for a single mentalism book? Honestly? Or has Looch? If not, however did you guys succeed?! (If you have paid $400+ for a book, which one?)
Jack Straw
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The free sample effect didn't work for me at all (and yes, I understood it with no problem), so I wouldn't buy this even if a bag of money fell off the armoured truck.
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Ha, ha! Very nice Jack! Well, I disagree with you there. The sample effect /method DOES work with some practice, but it is not my favorite. I'm sure there is a lot of material in the Black Proejct you'd love and I would love as well. I've just been in this weird world of magic / mentalism so long and this trend over the last few years of ever escalating prices and limited this or that has me questioning things.
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Cheer up guys - could've bought Lloyd's "CHANGE"! Smile
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