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Fiction from *The Weird Adventures of Daniel Rumanos*:

I hadn’t seen Luna Gardner in a couple of years. She used to hang out at Ascension Goth Night in Baltimore. Now she was a 21-year-old student at Frostburg State University in Western Maryland. She suddenly called me one night to request my assistance with a problem that most people, I suppose, would find rather bizarre, but was just the kind of thing which has become my everyday work.

She told me that a large, shadowy creature had been "bothering" some of the college girls walking in the woods adjoining campus. Touching them with its long, cold, tendril-like appendages.

I immediately recognized this as what is called a *lust-elemental*, but did some research on the Frostburg area before leaving for there in order to perform the appropriate exorcism. It seems that Frostburg had been the site of a disproportionate number of UFO sighting going back for years. Now UFOs have no direct connection to elementals, but the resultant psychic energy of their presence could indeed have aided in giving such a creature the ability to manifest in such a seemingly corporeal state.

The next day, I arrived at the Frostburg bus station by mid-afternoon. The spirit-haunted town of Frostburg is 2000 feet above sea-level, and is known for being cold and damp. However, the sun was shining as I walked from their downtown area to the university campus.

Along the way, I couldn't shake the phantasmal feeling of being watched, and once had the eldritch impression of something blocking out the sunlight for just an instant -- but when I looked at the sky there was nothing unusual there.

When I got to the university, Luna and her friend Jenny met me just outside of their dormitory. Luna is about 5'4" with jet-black hair, and is quite attractive despite being slightly overweight. She introduced me to Jenny, a thin, pretty blonde of 18. Jenny had been a victim of the ghastly elemental's attacks on two different occasions, and told me with a trembling voice how the hideous thing had caressed her with its sickening, unholy tendrils.

Neither Luna nor Jenny could understand why a lustful spirit would single out Jenny in particular. Not that she wasn’t desirable, but after all, they reasoned, she was a virgin!

I tried not to be too amused at the moralist mentality that would make someone think that abstinence was somehow protection against sexual assault by ravening monsters. So I just explained the facts to them as swiftly as possible: "In reality, lustful entities of this sort tend to *target* virgins and other sexually frustrated individuals. Witness the numerous medieval accounts of the incubus attacking nuns at convents!"

Nevertheless, I couldn't resist adding, with a wink: "Really, Jenny, you should get that 'virgin' thing taken care of as soon as possible!"

She blushed but gladly didn't seem at all offended. There was a time, not so long before, when I would have certainly offered to take care of that particular problem as well. But now, I cared only for my lovely Katrina, whom I knew I would be seeing again soon.

At sunset, the two girls showed me to the particular area of the woods where the repugnant monster had most often been seen. I prepared a Magic Circle, lit the candles and incense and began the Rite of Exorcism, first invoking the Bornless Spirit to strengthen me with power: "Hear me, and make all spirits subject unto me, so that every spirit of the firmament and of the ethyr, upon the earth or under the earth, on dry land and in the water, of whirling air and of rushing fire, and every spell and scourge of the Vast One may be obedient unto me!"

After this supremely awesome conjuration, it only took my now-enhanced force of will to cause the horrifying lust-elemental to appear before us. It did so, a huge, grotesque monstrosity, its phantasmal, shadowy form merging into seeming physical existence in horrific greenish-brown slimy putrescence covered with its masses of disgustingly nauseating feelers.

I spoke the words of banishing to compel the malevolent fiend to vanish and not return to harass the innocent. It attempted to lurch towards the girls, trying to cause the fear and loathing in them which would empower its lustful potency. But it was constrained by the Circle and began to fade from sight, finally dispersing entirely. The exorcism had been successful.

The creature now gone, I said the words of ceremonial closing and broke the Magical Circle. Then, when I extinguished the candles, I suddenly noticed something quite peculiar. The area was pitch-black, unnaturally dark. It was as if even the starlight had been blotted out. I lifted my eyes to look at the sky and saw that this was indeed the case. Something was *in* that sky -- something huge and solid enough to block out and totally obscure our view of the heavens.

Suddenly, without sound or warning, we were then flooded with light. It was from the seemingly endless number of large, flying-saucer shaped UFOs which filled the sky!

I heard Jenny scream and looked at her and Luna. They both fell into a faint as a flash of light appeared and disappeared around each of their heads. I knew that this was their memories being erased. They would remember nothing of seeing the skies of Frostburg filled with astonishing alien spacecraft.

Then I heard a deep, sonorous voice. I knew that it was being projected directly into my consciousness, yet it seemed to echo all around the surrounding hills.

"Your wanderings are now at an end, one who is called Rumanos," it said. "It is time that you should return."

Then I knew -- I fully *knew* -- what was occurring. It was the fulfillment of the prophecy of the demonic heart. There in Frostburg -- that "city of ice" -- I remembered Algol, the Demon Star: Actually a system of three stars and the numerous planets circling them in the Constellation Perseus.

As the glow surrounded my body from the transport-beam that would take me on board the commanding spaceship, I knew that it was to this distant, ancient, incredibly and amazingly advanced extraterrestrial civilization that I would now be taken. Algol -- the *Demon Star* -- the place of my origin; the home of my people.
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I liked your story. Pretty creepy. Kind of like Lovecraft meets Whitley Strieber.
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Very good, incredibly atmospheric!!!
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