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Ray Haining
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Very interesting.
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On May 18, 2015, Zephury wrote:
I once thought that three-fly was a poor constructed, lacking in magic, anti climactic, failure of theatrical quality mess..

However, when I seriously got in to coins, I purchased Ponta the Smith's "Sick" DVD. Everything on there seemed outrageously difficult to me. A friend had recommended it to me, saying that he was one of the most skilled coin workers around technical wise and that the dvd was very difficult. My mentality with magic has always been to tackle the hard things first, so that's why I chose to start with that DVD. (I had read Bobo's before the DVD and didn't practice it too extensively).

Watching the performances from the exposed views alone were impressive to me, I couldn't believe the way he was able to manipulate coins. I took some of the most difficult pieces and began to work on them first for sake of just a challenge. I thought his spell-bound routine and single coin vanish appeared to be the most difficult but I quickly gave up on the single coin vanish and didn't have a matching Chinese coin in side to my whole dollar coins so I decided I'd start with three-fly. Not for the sake of performing it, but just because it looked really difficult to me at the time.

I spent a couple of weeks on it and absolutely mastered it. However, I end it differently than he does. Instead of the finger tip muscle pass, I let the coin go in "slow motion" showing it visibly and then saying that I was just kidding, having the coin jump back in to my other hand before finally making the last coin jump. I imagine if you're not familiar with this, I wont make very much sense in this paragraph, but if you do understand this... If anyone knows, I would like the source of who devised that step if anyone could provide it for me please. I reference it quite a bit and would like to give proper credits. I originally got it from Michael Vincent's Routine.

After mastering it, I said what the heck... I did it a few nights table hopping and the reactions were amazing. Though I wasn't totally satisfied. I explored more presentation ideas and finally came up with something I felt made it more of a complete piece. I divised my own way for producing the 3 coins at the start that I believe to be cleaner than any of the other 3-coin productions leading in to a three-fly that I've seen... excluding gaffed productions. Gaffed coin productions for a three-fly are pretty hard to beat. I'd say a laymen would be fooled just as badly though. I ended up working on three-fly extensively for months and now at this point, I can say that I'm really happy with it.

I didn't give it much credit originally but through just using it and seeing what kind of reactions it gets, I've come to appreciate it more and realize that people do enjoy seeing it.

I however rarely use it as a stand-alone effect. I usually open table hopping sets of parlor shows with it. I still don't think three-flies have a very powerful finale... It gives a laugh if presented properly, it provides astonishment but it doesn't quite make people jump out of their seats like my other finale's do. It's still something well worth doing in my opinion.

Here's a link to a video for three-fly that has EXCELLENT presentation. Don't mind the spanish website, the idea of presentation is still there. If you can come up with such a theatrical presentation, it can indeed become a masterpiece like this.

I saw it posted here on the Café recently and it really impressed me.

Thanks Zephurh! I really appreciate your clear and honest response.
Much love
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I love 3 Fly routine.

Although I love it very much, I have to admit that it lacks magical moments. It does not have silent and magical moments like 4 coins across does, but instead 3 Fly is fast paced and very entertaining(IMHO if 4 coins across is done in fast pace, the whole routine is ruined). It has surprises built in it and I consider it "easy-going" routine. I doubt anyone does it with serious face and boring manner.

Sometimes I prefer 4 coins across, but some other times I like 3 Fly better. As I said in some other thread before, I love Gary Jones's version of 3Fly. Surprising, entertaining, yet magical. Does not have strong punches as 4 coins across does, but it is a great piece.

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Personally I agree with what David Roth said, as well as the issues pointed out by a number of posters above; e.g., discrepancies, too much hand touching, etc. However I believe that those are all magicians' concerns and criticisms. While I love the suspense generated by most "closed-hands" Coins Across routines, I have found that the sudden and extremely visual movements found in 3-Fly routines get the biggest smiles and reactions from spectators. I think that most spectators are surprised and amazed by the visual aspects, suspense be da*m*n*ed.



PS- I have also found that most people who do comment on how they think 3-Fly is done suspect an extra coin is used. Not because of any flashing - just thinking logically. (I normally use Mark Mason's "Come Fly With Me" for planned performances and Daryl's 3-Fly III for impromptu work, though I have used David Gabbay's Sanchez Fly too more recently.)
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I remember seeing 3 Fly routines when I first got into magic and had zero knowledge of any coin sleights, and simply just wasn't impressed by it. It just didn't seem straight forward and simple enough to me. As in after I was done watching it, I don't think I could have told you what the premise or plot was exactly. Maybe Im just a meathead.
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That would be a presentation problem, not a routine problem. The magicians should make it clear what magic is happening.
Reality is a real killjoy.
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I find 3 fly magical and entertaining. The way I like to do it is for a mid sized group. Say like a group of 5 to 8. I also find it more effective to do it quite sorrounded. After several versions (as the older coin guys in the Café know) over the years, I finally came up with some handlings (nothing new .. but under utilized in 3 fly) and presentations that make it both clear and entertaining while engaging with the audience. This is a gaffless version. Having people in front and on my sides allow me all the more to do my moves and make it look fair and clean as I do the moves. I get to use open hand displays to show both hands palm up and show how many coins are on which hand. I get to show the people on my right front and side as well as the left front and side spectators. I allow them to know what will happen. The first time , exactly when... but not where. The second transit... where.. but not how and when. The last transit involves the audience. Yes it is a 3 fly and it is chest high. I will try to make a video of an actual performance soon. This starts clean and ends clean. I am hopeful that this will inspire workers to enjoy and find the real magic in 3 fly. I have thought about this for ages. You will enjoy how the management is put together.

I am sure some of the oldies are seeing it already based on my description.

Cheers and mabuhay from Manila!

"If you can't teach an old dog new tricks, trick the old dog to learn."

-Rannie Raymundo-
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I love it as well it's very magical and visual and when done well it is indeed pure magic
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On Aug 7, 2015, rannie wrote:
...I will try to make a video of an actual performance soon. This starts clean and ends clean. I am hopeful that this will inspire workers to enjoy and find the real magic in 3 fly. I have thought about this for ages. You will enjoy how the management is put together.

I am sure some of the oldies are seeing it already based on my description.

Cheers and mabuhay from Manila!



I look forward to seeing it!

All the best
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Rannie if it is like most of your magic then I wil enjoy it. Cannot wait to see it on video.
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