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On Jun 4, 2015, ed rhodes wrote:
On Jun 2, 2015, Magnus Eisengrim wrote:
Commentary from the Atlanta Journal Constitution


Clever, but I think models (and strippers) are the only areas where women actually make more than men.

Well, I sure hope someone is protesting THAT!!!!
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On Jun 4, 2015, Darth_Prime wrote:
On Jun 1, 2015, acesover wrote:
On Jun 1, 2015, balducci wrote:
On Jun 1, 2015, acesover wrote:

Did not see this coming.

What did you not see coming? Jenner's interview in Vanity Fair was announced a while back.

A line from the interview: "I'm not doing this so I can hit it off the women’s tee."

Oh, wait, don't tell me ... You're upset about the 'no pants' thing again.


What I never saw coming was Bruce on the cover of "Vanity Fair" in a woman's bathing suit. That is what I never saw coming. Guess you knew all along. That is because you are so clever and sophisticated.

I am not upset about anything. Who said I am upset? I am a little startled that he looks so good. Smile

She is not Bruce though, She is Caitlyn, Bruce was a facade she was forced to live as

As long as you brought it up. Who won the Olympic Gold, Bruce or Caitlyn?
If I were to agree with you. Then we would both be wrong. As of Apr 5, 2015 10:26 pm I have 880 posts. Used to have over 1,000
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On Jun 4, 2015, Intrepid wrote:
Older than the "Family Guy" episode was this bit from "Married with Children" twenty years ago. A case of art imitating life, or life imitating art?

As I mentioned earlier, Jenner was transitioning since the 1980s. And kept it quiet, out of the public eye, for decades. Everyone whining about how he/she is an attention hog seems to miss that point.

But clearly, even though the public was unaware of what was going on, some people in Jenner's personal life and some people in Hollywood knew the score. Their private in-crowd winks / jokes / nods of acknowledgement are only know becoming evident to us common folk.
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We, all of us, need to be tolerant.

I believe Zach is dead wrong about homosexuality and transsexuality but don't need to disprove his religious beliefs to contest his views on that.

He's only 15. I was still an altar boy at that age - not because I believed mind you, but because there wasn't much else to do in a rural town of 200 people, but it just shows you never know where the future will lead a 15 year old - it's up to him, to make the best of his life, how he sees fit and hopefully he makes the best of this wonderful life, despite all the trials and tribulations it brings, and if he does that as a Christian what business is it of ours, so long as he doesn't infringe on our right to live our lives. If he makes what we think are rude or inappropriate remarks about Caitlyn Jenner, I don't think it's a problem to caution that good manners cost nothing, but people shouldn't be censored from giving their honest opinion - nor should we be censored from arguing back.

This hurling of accusations about pedophilia back and forth doesn't do a thing for the discussion - not all religious, not even a sizeable percentage, from my observation of the world, are pedophiles - and the same is true of homosexuals. The only studies I have seen suggest the vast bulk of molestation occurs when heterosexual male family or friends molest girls, but that doesn't make heterosexuality wrong, or all heterosexual males pedophiles.

There was homosexuality in Rome, like in just about any other culture I've ever read about, but it doesn't seem to have been of greater incidence than now, or at other times - it's just more scandalous, so it gets attention. They certainly kept having kids, which in those pre turkey baster days probably indicated heterosexual activity, and I'd guess Caesar and Mark Antony were attracted to Cleopatra because she was a female, though if her make-up was anything like in the movies perhaps she scammed them by pretending to be a drag queen.
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On Jun 5, 2015, acesover wrote:
NYCtwister said: Let's get back to the OP which is about Caitlyn Jenners situation, and how Aces can't believe how good she looks.

OK. let me addres that comment of mine.

Most any guy looking at that photo of Bruce or Caitlyn, take your pick and not knowing all the facts, will I believe he or she Caitlyn or Bruce again take your pick looks rather sultry (look it up) as a woman. Compounded by the fact that he or she is 65. If I had a woman on my arm that looked like that I certainly would not be embarrassed of the eye candy and I am sure I would, I should say we as a couple would get a few stares. Come on now...not knowing what is under that bathing suit one has to agree that it is a fine looking creature from a guy's perspective. But knowing what I know. I would not have Bruce or again take your pick Caitlyn on my arm. Besides to me, my wife is even more attractive.

Hope that helps explain my comment of "looking good". I certainly don't take it back. Let me add. I think Destiny looks just as good.

It's not a "take your pick". it's Caitlyn
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