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Profile of eralph357
I got interested when my son got interested. My wife and I had gone to see Penn & Teller in Las Vegas, and when we got home we described the show to my son. He was enthralled by the description, and we found Fool Us online, and he was hooked. Once he was hooked, I was hooked too. Then the whole family went to see a live magic show, and my daughter got the bug too. So now it's a family thing.
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Profile of AGMagic
It must have been 1956 or 57 when I saw a clown performing magic at the Adopted Children's Association picnic. To me, at age 4 or 5, watching his Die Box routine was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I was hooked on magic as a spectator but didn't think about learning about it until Mark and Nanny Wilson presented their show "The Magic Land of AllaKazam" on TV in 1960.

I asked for a magic set for Christmas and got it and learned many of the tricks. I picked up some better "tricks" and started giving shows for my friends in the neighborhood. My first "professional trick was, you guessed it, a Homer Hudson Die Box, purchased from Bert Wheeler Toys (later Hollywood Magic) about 1961. I still have it but have newer, nicer, versions that I use now.

I have strayed from magic at different times in my life, but I always come back.
Tim Silver -

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Profile of chmara
I must have been about 10 when I was at a Mason's, DeMolay family picknick somewhere on Long Island N.Y. About 300-400 people enjoying a summer's outing (about 1951.) At one side of the picnic area was an old stake-bed hay truck, stakes out. While we ate a guy put up some curtains -- and set up a few side tables.

As we finished and gathered around -- he appeared in Tuxedo and bejeweled (crystal chandelier style) Turban -- and entertained us with the old routines (old even then) of disappearing milk, pumping water from a kids elbow, producing skads of various colored silks, magically healing ropes, a card snake in the basket and then a grand finale with a hilarious full scimitar head chopper. I never got his name...and only briefly saw him taking down the props and curtains into steamer trunks he tied down on the stake-bed and drove off.

That opened the wonder for me.
Gregg (C. H. Mara) Chmara

Commercial Operations, LLC

Tucson, AZ

C. H. Mara Illusion & Psychic Entertainments
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Profile of Dannydoyle
Doug Henning doing the water torture escape.
Danny Doyle
<BR>Semper Occultus
<BR>In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act....George Orwell
Terrible Wizard
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Profile of Terrible Wizard
Seeing a magic trick on the internet that told me how to do it, and I realised for the first time that I could do it too.
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Profile of Steve_Mollett
When I was 13, my best friend saw "Houdini" (Paramount, 1953) and was fired up to study magic.
I tagged along and became hooked--especially on escapology.
After a year, he quit to explore the medical profession.
I kept on escaping.
The absurd is the essential concept and the first truth.
- Albert Camus
Charles Gaff
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Profile of Charles Gaff
In the second grade in the school library was a blue book with Mickey Mouse and the gang preforming magic. The four fingers on the wrist floating pencil/wand still gets people as an impromtu quicky. Then my cousin got a fifty dollar gift certificate from magic man, the local shop. One great mentor at a children's carnival a few years later and now here I am, known in my circles as the guy with the cards lol.
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Profile of Overworked
I had a magic kit as a kid and knew a couple of card tricks but it wasn't until I was older and was attending a conference in Las Vegas, that I walked into a magic shop and bought a card magic book. Got hooked after that.
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Profile of Jesseb
I think the natural allure of the magic set was something. As can be seen from the image sirbrad posted. It's intrinsically attractive and interesting... I remember that hooking me, wanting to uncover the mysteries in the same way one wants to get to get to the end of a good book to find out what happens.
And then of course there are those early, personal experiences of wonder. My 2nd grade teacher was an ex magician's assistant and after school she would take me into a special corner of the room and teach me a few things; she made it very special and none of the other kids were allowed to be there. Then I would practice on the others... it was great. I think that fostered a particular reverence for and an excitement towards magic.
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Profile of 1KJ
My Dad had a friend who performed some magic for us every time he came over. I'll never forget the first card trick he did to my sister when I was around six. I begged him to teach it to me and he refused. I spent months and figured it out. Or, at least coming up with a way to do it. I do the trick to this day. By the way, the man went on to become a billionaire.

Uncle Joe
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Profile of Uncle Joe
I was working in an entertainment marketing office and had free tickets to a Chuck Jones illusion show.
After I saw him and the magic I was hooked.
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Profile of Escamoteur
As a young child I saw a magician named Bob Greenberg performing at a Sunday brunch my parents took us to. I remember him doing the Chinese sticks/wands and Cups and Balls. The next day I was in the school library in that 793.8 section many of us know all too well. I cannot remember the book, although I do remember red and blue on the cover. I was hooked. Shortly after, the "Hat Full of Magic" set was on my Christmas wish list, and a lifelong addiction err I mean hobby had begun.

ed rhodes
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Profile of ed rhodes
I was always interested in magic. I used to watch Mark Wilson's Magic Land of Alakazam and the odd magic trick on Captain Kangaroo (who hands WERE those, anyway?) I also looked at a few magic books in the library, "Spooky Magic" comes to mind, but I never really got bitten until I found out about my Uncle Bob. Robert O'Neil was a "semi-professional" who worked for RCA as a television repairman. He came in for a visit and did some magic. Egg Bag, the Necklace trick, the bra trick (yeah, that was the level of his humor) when I expressed amazement and enjoyment of magic, he got me the same Adam's Mr. Magic kit you saw earlier in the thread and then I was hooked.
"There's no time to lose," I heard her say.
"Catch your dreams before they slip away."
"Dying all the time, lose your dreams and you could lose your mind.
Ain't life unkind?"
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Profile of levitate
As my username suggests, the moment I saw a magician perform a levitation. As a child few things excited me more than the prospect of being able to defy gravity. Flight would have been ideal, but I'd happily settle for floating. The effect in question was a form of Balducii levitation. Following that I saw someone perform "hover card" and was amazed at how gracefully the magician made the spinning card float given that there clearly weren't any strings! I don't do much in the way of levitation in my own routines but perhaps that will change if I get some good recommendations. Yigal Mesika's work looks beautiful on video.
Terrible Wizard
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Profile of Terrible Wizard
Coming across a trick shown then explained on the internet. It was very simple but fooled me, and after I realised the explanation was simple I thought, 'I can do that.' Developed from there. This was only a few years ago, and I've been off-and-on with magic since.
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Profile of glennmagi
I know I had an interest in magic before I saw them but Bill Bixby in The Magician TV show was incredible for me also was Doug Henning.
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Profile of Signet
I am a Licensed Practical Nurse. I worked in nursing homes, but finally landed a a pretty sweet office job with the benefits department of a major company. I thought I was set. Then things changed. My mother passed away in 2010. My father, who lives in the other side of our duplex, started to have declining health. I was paying a lady to watch him, while I was at work. He got to the point where he needed constant care. He's a war vet, so we got on a program with the VA. They pay me, not that much, to take care of him. This is how we got to where we are today.
He's in the early stages of dementia. I started taking care of him in 2012. Around 2016,he started really declining. This really stressed me out. We also had trouble with our neighbour. His started when I had to put a ramp in for my father. The neighbour claims it causes water to go in his yard.
Anyway, I started getting sick to my stomach all the time. I would throw up constantly. I had every test they can do. All came back negative. The doctor sad to was the stress. He gave me nerve pills, which did nothing. I prayed to God t help me. He next day, there was a story in the paper about a local magic shop. I was interested. I went there that day. Guess what? The more I studied magic, the less I got sick. Within a month, I as cured. Magic literally saved my life and kept my father at home. God bless magic, especially those coins.
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Profile of mikesmithmagic
My interest/journey began on Saturday 9th June 1979. My Dad insisted I sit and watch a show on TV rather than go out to play, he said I'd love it. I certainly did, it was the first episode of the Paul Daniels Magic show. Christmas that year I got my first 6 effects, all from the Paul Daniels TV Magic Tricks range. I've never looked back, like a stick of rock, magic is written through the centre of me.
"I seriously love the disarming flexibility of Mick Wilson's of those rare card-handling procedures that exemplifies the concept of 'why run when no one is chasing you'. SDP is an open-handed utility tool that conjurers will use to great advantage when creating new effects in the years to come."

Mick Ayres, South Carolina, 2016
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Profile of bdungey
When I was a kid, I remember seeing the regular 'uncle' magic - thumb tricks, simple coin tricks and the rest.

Specifically, when I watched David Blaine perform The Raven on TV, I was just wiped.
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