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Craig Krisulevicz
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Philadelphia, PA
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I'm just curious, what sparked your interest in magic? What type of magic are you interested in? And finally, what brought you here to The Magic Café?

Who is John Galt?
Justin R
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I've always enjoyed watching magic but didn't practice or perform myself. A little over a year ago the idea that I should learn magic occurred to me while watching Harry Anderson on a rerun of "Cheers" ( I know he didn't actually do magic on the show but I knew he was a magician in real life).

2nd question- all close up, about 50% cards 50% all other close-up.

3rd question- after I got into magic I did a search for magic message boards and found a few of them. The Magic Café is without a doubt my favorite ( It's the only one where I'm a member).

Good questions by the way,I'm interested to see everybody's responses.
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Northampton UK
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>What sparked your interest in magic?
I've always been attracted to things on the edges that deliberately play around the line between fantasy and reality, particularly big physical things that happen to people that seemed not so much perils as bizarre, surreal adventures.

>What type of magic are you interested in?
Escapes, illusions, anything skilled, creative and character driven which can provoke an emotional response.

>And finally, what brought you here to The Magic Café?
Having been a lifelong magic fan, I'd dabbled in escapes (in clubs) and a few pseudo-illusions (at home) but wanted to get better with my live effects, then it sort of snowballed. I asked a dancer friend to help me out with my illusion build projects to find that she'd been wanting to get into magic too and we're also on the same page creatively, so now we're both sort of committed to becoming magicians to the best of our ability in order to perform and realise some of the theatrical ideas we've had. So I came looking for some magic boards where I could learn as much as possible, this one is certainly the most comprhensive I've found.
Daniel J. Ferrara Jr.
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Long Island, New York
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My father took me to a magic shop when I was about 9 years old and that's when I became interested in magic. However, I'm almost embarassed to say that the thing that really jump started my unhealthy addiction to magic was the "Jaw Dropper" videos from that late night commercial that used to play all the time.

I am mainly interested in close up magic. I like impromptue effects that are strong like crazy mans handcuffs.

I found the Café by accident while doing a search for street magic. What a wonderful mistake.
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On 2004-02-26 22:54, financedragon wrote:
I'm just curious, what sparked your interest in magic? What type of magic are you interested in? And finally, what brought you here to The Magic Café?


I got interested in magic when I was a kid because it was so cool that things could be completely different than they appeared. Also, the puzzle aspect (How could you do that?) was cool. I mostly did card tricks off and on for many years. Then, in the last couple of years, I've gotten more serious about learning magic.

I do a lot of card tricks, I also like paddle tricks and I play with IT a bit. I'd like to learn more coin magic.

Searching around on the web, there are a lot of different resources. Magic Café has a fairly high signal to noise ratio, so it's become a favorite. I still read more than I post, though.

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St. Louis
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I've enjoyed magic for as long as I can remember. I even had one of those kid's magic set when I was 9 or 10 (I'm 36 now). Even though I have a degree in computer science, I've always enjoyed the sense of wonder when magic is done well. (Paul Harris captures this pretty well in his Art of Astonishment books.)

(As an aside, I've always disliked "pretentious magic". You know, the people who have to turn each trick into a Broadway production, complete with dancing girls. To me, Mack King, Penn & Teller, et. al. better express their talents. Similarly, I generally prefer close-up magic to stage productions. Just a personal opinion.)

Last June I was in Las Vegas and bought a Scotch and Soda at Houdini's. Well, I was hooked. This was "grown up" magic that was much better than the kid's set I had. Within a few months I had bought several hundred dollars worth of stuff off the web and starting planning to do shows.

I do exclusively close-up magic. I've done several kids shows, so things like rope magic work well. I realy the enjoy the material on Daryl's Fooler Dooler's DVDs. They describe pretty well what my material is.

As far as the Café... there was a reference to here from the Penguin boards (where I had bought stuff). I like Jester's comment about the signal to noise ration here. I completely agree, hence I hang around.

Craig Krisulevicz
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Philadelphia, PA
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Interesting post everybody!

Me personally, I first was interested in magic once my grandfather showed me the classis 21 card trick and out of this world when I was only seven years old. I knew I was going to be hooked on it forever, and it has turned out to be my favorite activity.

As for what magic I do, I strictly perform and practice card magic, particularly gambling effects and routines. There a whole essence behind this genre of effects that really draws me to them.

What brought me to the magic Café was actually a search on the net for John Kennedy's card through window. I clicked on every link possible to gain knowledge of the effect, and now, here I am. This place is wonderful!
Who is John Galt?
Chickens and Beandip
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I was really lazy one day when I had to do a report on something. I saw a houdini book and did a crappy report on him. As a hide the crappy report attempt I did a magic trick. Maybe it was too good for a person who never did it before. I did the regurgitating threaded razor blades. It went perfectly until the end. I over did the jingle of the hank and my secret was revealed. That is not immediatly where it sparked, but I wooould always watch the documentaries on the discovery channel about magic. Again that is ot where it was sparked. "I" devised a controlled way of shuffling to get a card/s to the top without anyone suspecting. That didn't do it either though. I found a book in my house called Magic with cards, where I learnt the key card, THat was pretty much the only trick I knew with cards.
It was actually the magic store being in the same location as the place that sells concert tickets. I was looking around and someone started doing a demo. I was amazed and got hooked.

Right now cards are my "strong" point. I am delving into the world of coins too.

I found this website through the llpub site, and I found that site through their catalogue, which I got from an Ammar dvd, which I got from the magic store, which I found through my love of music.
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I guess I got into magic when I went to america and I saw some magic there and bought some tricks (floating dollar and Svengali deck
I am mainly interested in card/close up but I like any magic
I accidently found it when looking for magic shops
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I got interested in magic from one Christmas when my parents brought me a magic set. I used to play and perform with it all day! since then I have just been progressing and taking it more and more seriously. I like any kind of magic! I heard about this webite through a friend at school!
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Pattingham, UK
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I've been interested since about 6 or 7 but only into cups and balls and things like that. As I got older I could see that cards and suchlike have a good impact-anything that the audience are familiar with is a good starting-point. So, I guess I am more into cards, but anything close-up is good for me too. I found this ebsite from a friend who is interested in magic, too.
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic-Arthur C. Clarke
Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced-probably NOT Arthur C. Clarke
The Magician
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I became interested in Magic after my friend lent me his David Blaine video Mystifier.

I like close up magic and escapology

I found this website on google when I was looking for other Magic forums
The Magician

Expect the Unexpected
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Howard Wiles
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My old man..he's 83 got into Card Tricks some 40years ago I remember him pouring over RRTCM and performing at parties and small gatherings when were away on holiday.
I came across the book a couple of years ago and started "dabbling" myself. I've got all the classic gimmicked decks, a few gaffed coins. Also been through Bobos book and Thirteen Steps.I now think I prefer Slight of Hand magic rather than gaffs or gimmicks and have just ventured in the World of Cups and Balls.
I must say the crowd on THe Café are a great help and a mine of information.
Long may it continue.
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I first got interested in magic when my uncle performed Out of This World when I was pretty young. I was fascinated, and this really sparked my interest. I mainly work with cards, and I found the Café while searching on the internet for magic forums.
Lord Anacho
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Kessel-Lo, Belgium
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My interest re-sparked after seeing the movie The Prestige. Funny thing about movies. I enrolled in mathematics classes at the British Open University after seeing the movie Contact. Who says that Hollywood can't be educational?

Ciao for now

"The secret impresses no one. The trick you use it for is everything" (Alfred Borden in The Prestige)
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What got my interest was that same movie that Lord Anacho said. The Prestige. I recently saw it with a friend and havent stopped messing around with the idea. I can't say I'm any good, but I'm trying!
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Inner circle
Agent of Chaos
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I've been interested in magic for as long as I can remember. When I was young I had a magic kit, a "cool uncle" who taught me some magic tricks, an older cousin who also did some magic tricks, and a garage to put on neighborhood magic shows.

Unfortunately I never really got to see any professional magicians as a child. So my interest in magic was never as "laser focused" as some people who later went on to be great magicians themselves.

I left magic for about 20 years when I hit the teenage years, and have only recently gotten back into it. Essentially, right around the time I joined the Magic Café, was when I got back into magic. The reason I got back into magic was because my sisters started having children, and I wanted to, in turn, be the "cool uncle" who could teach the kids a few magic tricks.

I realized what a fool I've been to leave magic at an early age, because this is what I wanted to do- as a hobby, or possibly as a profession.

As to what brought me to the Magic Café, their used to be another Internet Magic Forum called "Magictalk" (worth checking out the archives, BTW). And much as a "Friendster" was ultimately supplanted by "MySpace", so it is with the Magic Café.

The Magic Café has a much cleaner graphic outlay, and the thread system is much easier to follow than on "Magictalk". It's demise is a little unfortunate because Magic talk did have its good features as well...
*due to The Magic Cafe's editorial policies, words on this site attributed to me cannot necessarily be held to be my own.*
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South African in Taiwan
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I wanted to become a pianist but broke my hand when I was 14 due to a really bad attitude. My mom's best friend's husband was the South African magic champion and I took up magic to learn hand exercises to get my fingers back to normal sooner and never played more than 10 minutes of piano a day after that.
Heard about the Café from another magician here in Taiwan while doing a show together at the World Trade Center (Taichung) a few years ago.
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Sarnia, ON, Canada
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For me, it was James Randi that got me interested in magic. I find it very interesting to study how people can be fooled.

My main interest is coin magic, though I'm not terribly good at it. I'm only very slowly getting so I can do the classic palm.
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Toronto, Canada
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Hmm.. I'm not too sure exactly. Kind of settled one day that I wanted to learn magic. I was always interested in the glamourous magic shows- lance Burton, Copperfield, but personally I'm always suspicious of the stages. Thus I'm going for close-up magic (also something that I can do on the fly, and in bars Smile

I found the Café by accident- just searching on magic forums, and found one that actually had regular users, was organized, and I found everyone very helpful- so I stuck around! Keep it up everyone!
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