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Yes, I too love the dual reality principle!
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Some of you might be interested to know that the "dual reality" principle is not a recent invention, Bob Somerfield for one was using it in the 1950s.
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On 2004-03-03 13:41, shrink wrote:
The only original element as I see it is the presentation idea of blindfolding the volunteer. Other than that, this is an effect I have used for at least 10 years.

The fact that the picture drawn was a tractor (which is very similar to a "train") certainly indicates to me DB is aware of Lee Earle's trick.

However, one (in my mind) stark difference between the two is that DB announces to all that nothing has been set up beforehand with the participant (and the participant confirms this). In fact, he asks the participant his name when he chooses him from the audience and says "nice to meet you".

So, if was WAS Lee Earle's method, it should have fallen somewhat flat with the participant (whereas in LE's method, the participant is just as convinced as the audience of the miracle).

But since the participant DID appear to be quite mystified, I wonder if this was something other than LE's method and PSW. Kamiruaga says in a post above that he could do it without PSW. And if there is such a method, and it would leave the participant as convinced as the audience, then that would be something wonderous to know.
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First, I don't use Lee method but I don't know why a participant should not be "quite mystified" by that method.

Second, all I will say here is ONLY that there are indeed ways to accmplish that without pre-show AND - pay attention - ways to accomplish that with pre-show that leave you free of asking the name of the volunteer and of having him/her confirm that nothing was set-up beforehand (even if in reality it was!)

Third, because I know of various methods to accomplish exactly that... this does not mean in any way that Derren was using one of the methods I know of. He could have as well being using a totally "different" method... Or not Smile
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That winky smiley is pretty creepy.

Thanks, Sludgle, I didn't think it was a "new" principle, I just meant it was the first time I became aware of it.

Derren works with entranced subjects frequently, aye, and he works with preshow work sometimes, because you'd have to. He does not use stooges other than those who are unaware they are being such; such as in Dual Reality effects.

Looking back at the previous series, I only just got him calling his aide "Fernando" prior to a chirstmas-tree trick. Cute.
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On 2004-02-28 19:28, Jonathan wrote:
Derren Brown suggests on his DVD that it was accomplished by saying how "attractive" the audience looked (except he said "a tractor").

If you believe this, I would suggest you not try this in a show because that's not going to work. There has to be a lot more to this effect than we saw. I have no idea how he got the reaction from the kid himself afterwards, but it must have been pretty creative!

Jonathan Grant

Derren also approaches the participant saying 'You, who's "steering" [staring] at me' -
Just for the record.
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Nothing you can say subliminally is going to make someone draw a tractor!! Really....
Saw Luke Jermay make someone draw a tree at Blackpool but that's probably best you can hope for. Smile
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Yeah, I knew that ...
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To me, this seems very simular to Banachek's Touches. I'd hate to give anything away, because I absolutely love the effect, and I highly recommend buying it, but it's the same principle of dual realities.
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Watched it again!

If I were a betting man id put my money on pre-show due to the answer the guy gave at the end.
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There are many different ways to accomplish this. I think though more importantly that focus should be on letting something like this inspire you rather than to work out the exact metholodgy. This will no doubt lead to sometyhing far more rewarding and original. Smile
Best Regards,
Matthew McGurk
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Wow ! 7 years later, that's an interesting post ;-)
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Must have been googling "how does the derren brown tractor effect work?" instead of doing something far more rewarding and original.
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Another one of these threads that should be buried in Inner Thoughts.
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Or buried altogether...

'Derren does it this way!'
'Oh no, he doesn't!'
'Where can I learn this technique?'

I'd imagine Derren uses the same techniques EVERYONE uses, only he has a team of expert writers, producers, editors and consultants to assist him.
Mind illusionist
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Lol funny thread this. I like what was said about framing the most, and its true. DB has changed the landscape and presentation of mentalism big time. And that's what sets him apart, making him arguably the greatest performer of his time.
Lukasz P
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If you want understand his method you must learn from his teachers . Some magician told me this and I really believe him .
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...this reminds me of something - I used to really like tractors, but they always made me feel I stopped liking them, and now I'm an extractor fan....
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On Jul 23, 2014, chlopiec wrote:
If you want understand his method you must learn from his teachers . Some magician told me this and I really believe him .

Wow ! 9 years later, that's an interesting post ;-)
"Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business."
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He's only got 14 posts. how else is he going to quickly dredge up 50 if not by dragging up old threads with short statements Smile
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