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Anyone else prefer using a Brainwave deck instead of an Invisible Deck for finding a stated or chosen card?

I used to carry an Invisible Deck to use as an out "just in case." But to me the Brainwave is much stronger, so now I always use that. Anyone agree or disagree?
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Brainwave is better for working I think, you have a solid reason to not use that deck for any other effects so I carry brain wave deck instead of invisible deck
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I love the Invisible deck and always take it with me when I hit the streets. I have a blue one and always perform with a regular blue deck.

My normal routine involves the AC, then I do some other stuff maybe doing some TT, but always end with card based mentalism. I slowly progress into the invisible deck so while trying to read a persons hand to find their card (which I peeked of course Smile ) I pocket the deck beside the invisible. Then I tell them to just think of a card and pull out the invisible. Since it is completely identical the spectator has no idea I just switched it. It is an amazing finisher.
Bill Hallahan
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The "Invisible Deck" is a presentation using the Ultramental Deck. It seems that the name of the presentation has become the name of the deck.

I've only performed using the Invisible Deck, but I think the Brainwave Deck is stronger because both Steve Brooks and Whit Haydn gave that opinion.

Also, Dai Vernon, who knew about the Invisible Deck, created the Brainwave Deck. I've heard he knew a bit about magic. Smile

While at first glance, they might seem the same, the different color card-back at the end of a routine using the Brainwave Deck seems to rule out any type of sleight-of-hand, making the routine stronger. Both can be very strong with the right presentation.

Using the Magic Café search engine, I found the following topics on this subject.

Brainwave vs. Invisible Deck

This topic was created by Steve Brooks.
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Whit Haydn posts here and corroborates what Steve Brooks found.
Brainwave vs. Invisible

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This topic is not a comparison of these two decks.
Invisible/BrainWave Deck
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I prefer the Ultra-Mental.
I don't use Don Alan's presentation. Rather, I isolate the selected card and take the deck out of play for a miraculous prediction a la Darwin Ortiz.
The Brainwave Deck needs the selection to relate to the rest of the pack to showcase the different back.
Not necessary with Ultra Mental, and therefore, more versatile in my opinion.
However, if you are truly comparing and contrasting Alan's Invisible Deck Effect using the Ultra Mental Pack to Vernon's Effect with the Brainwave deck, then it's
a toss up I suppose. Both strong.
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Thanks, Bill. I need to remember to use the search feature. Only 15 years of threads on this subject that I could have found! Smile

It's interesting to see threads from different years have different consensuses over which is better, ID or BW. Fascinating.
"Dana Douglas is the greatest magician alive. Plus, I'm drunk." -- Foster Brooks
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Personally I use an ID over a BW as it's more reliable for me to perform.

Regarding the odd back you get with a BW, you can also do the same with a ID set up (effectively an upside down brainwave); there's a few ways to display the backs of the ID
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I'd love a Brainwave setup where I didn't have to count to find the pair... I have a few ID setups that make it easier, no "math" (or just hold it up facing the audience). Something similar for BW would be great.
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Harry Robson uses some subtle markings to aid in locating the right pair with minimal counting. Also, his "Professional Brainwave" uses the same back color throughout the deck - this eliminates the "kicker" but makes the deck more suitable for strolling or table-hopping where some spectators might see the effect more than once and wonder about the deck changing color. Very nice DVD explaining all this in this set:

...in the Land of the Free, and the Home of the B'Wave.
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The Invisible Deck is always a strong one, and I've been doing it for years. I rarely do Brainwave, although I do like Pop Haydn's routine that is included in his Chicago Surprise notes
I j
Brent McLeod
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Brainwave is a fabulous effect but my own experiences I have found Invisible Deck gets a bigger response especially in corporate walkaround etc...
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On Aug 21, 2016, Brent McLeod wrote:
Brainwave is a fabulous effect but my own experiences I have found Invisible Deck gets a bigger response especially in corporate walkaround etc...

That is actually quite a paradox when you think about it.
Doc Svengali
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Both are obviously very powerful effects and many advantages are cited in the many threads alluded to above for each method. I prefer Brainwave for a few simple reasons. It is a breeze to move very quickly to within a few cards of the chosen card because with pencil dotting sevens and aces (or kings), each side containing 26 cards are divided into four sections (two through seven and eight through ace for each of two suits per side). There are no mental gymnastics involving the number 13. The spectators cannot see the faces of the cards and perhaps notice that all the cards are either odd or even (this is not very difficult to notice). I also find the visual display of a spread deck with all backs containing one face up card more striking and "clean" looking than the ID display showing all the faces at once. Finally, the single different colored back rules out sleight of hand "on the fly" after the card identity is revealed, and is consistent with your placing the card reversed in the deck ahead of time.

My presentation is somewhat different than most. I draw attention to a locked metal box that sits in view throughout the performance, and hand the key to an audience member for safekeeping. I explain that I placed a single card reversed in the deck in the locked box last night. I am aware of the identity of the reversed card so I perform no magic at all. A spectator is assisted in using their own powers of mind in discerning the identity of the card, with my help in that I project a mental image of the reversed card. It is the spectator who reads my mind and does the magic. Of course, it is remarkable that they are always right, no matter what card they name. Smile
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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I have used the invisible deck many times, and have to confess I have never handled a Brainwave deck. After reading through this thread, among others, I now have to really get one and see what it can do for me. This is just one of the many reasons this forum is so great!
Senor Fabuloso
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I no read 15 years of post on this topic. It come up again and again I think because people still want to know what the new felling are.

For me I like the ID because it look very mental like I knew before. With BW seems a little like magic with the back changing color. Also the ID has suspense before seeing the card face and with the BW it looks over when they see the card and I don't think the color change is no climax. Just what I think if it's good for you do what you like. I also have way to hide the thing they can see in ID if you want to pm me?
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