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Robert P.
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On Jul 23, 2016, Zack_Johnston wrote:
On Jul 23, 2016, John Nesbit wrote:
On Jul 21, 2016, RSchlutz wrote:
I believe this is the same effect taught in his penguin lecture. If so, I loved it!


Could you please provide a link or reference to the title of this lecture ? As it does not show up on his Penguin page.

He teaches ASE in his Penguin Live 2 lecture: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/3173


In case anyone is trying to locate it, the performance is at 35:40 and the explanation is at around 59:40.
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Purchased this a few days ago and just now got the chance to watch the video. Beautiful! I have a lot of Dan's effects and love most of them. Now this one and it is a total winner. Dan teaches this well as he always does. No excess chatter and he covers every possible detail. All Seeing Eye is so simple and yet so darned baffling! It will definitely leave people surprised and entertained.

Thanks Dan!

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For those who have purchased both the All Seeing Eye and Art of Knowing, check out Dr. Spektor's combination of the two on the penguin sub-forum. Very cool indeed.
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Videos are streaming only and cannot be downloaded.


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Q&A 1-2-3 + Hull of a Peek:

John Nesbit
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Where would "the penguin sub-forum" be located ?
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On Jul 27, 2016, John Nesbit wrote:
Where would "the penguin sub-forum" be located ?

Go to "My Penguin Magic" to access your downloadable video tutorials. Find the All Seeing Eye. There should be a button directly to the left of the effect title, labeled "discuss."
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After so many reviews, there is little to add....still, what I think of most highly in the video is the very good job of making the handling natural.
This kind of method often comes with a number of positions and moves that to the lay audience just looks funny....a magicians way of handling things....Dan does an excellent job here of making things look natural.
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Sorry if has been asked, but do I need to know a CT to perform this?
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On Jul 27, 2016, music wrote:
Sorry if has been asked, but do I need to know a CT to perform this?

No CT is required for this, all moves are very well justified as a lot of people have said once you see the full performance you know what's going on before he gets to the explanation segment.
Amazin Doug
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How does the instruction for this effect compare from the All Seeing Eye download versus Dan Harlan's second Penguin lecture? I don't have either and I want this effect.
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Thanks for the info The_Spider.
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On Jul 27, 2016, Amazin Doug wrote:
How does the instruction for this effect compare from the All Seeing Eye download versus Dan Harlan's second Penguin lecture? I don't have either and I want this effect.

The instruction on the Penguin Lecture is more than sufficient. I would say get the lecture and you will get that and so much more.
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I guess I'm in the minority here, but I was disappointed with this. (I gave it 2 out of 5 on Penguin). For the record, I am usually a fan of Dan's work.

Here are the issues I have:

1) The trailer is misleading. There are two moments that are not the greatest in terms of cleanliness and both are missing from the trailer. I think this is to give the impression that the routine is more hands-off than it is, with no weak spots. I feel mislead.

2) The first of the suspicious moments occurs when you reach for the billet and the spectator's hand. There is weak justification here and, as I mentioned on the penguin forum, it is inherently unnatural to do for a spectator something simple that they could obviously do themselves, especially when the motivation is weak. I have no issue with similar moves when done in a routine like copper/silver or a bill transposition - I do them all the time - this is not as natural. There is no REAL need to touch them and the billet here, except method.

3) The second of the unnatural moments occurs when you act like you made a mistake and go into a silly bit about "charging the eye." This is so goofy that it stands out from the rest of the routine just in terms of presentation. I would understand if a mistake was made that HAD to be corrected (such as writing on another card because you wrote on the wrong side or something), but the justification here is so weak and silly that I think it would allow some spectators to reverse engineer the whole routine. And I think magicians know this, as some are already talking on Penguin forum about ways to get around it.

Finally, I really don't get all the five star reviews for this. I will tell you though that when you go to the forum section you will see some questions about people trying to work around the issues I mention, but you don't see many people saying "I'm using this in the the real world all the time and it's getting great reactions." Make of that what you will. I will certainly exercise caution before purchasing more penguin downloads, regardless of how good the reviews are.
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Thank you for your honest opinion & review I was about to order but I don't think SO ....
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I don't normally respond to nitpicking, but (in this case) I must. "bsears" doesn't like that the spectator's billet needs to be touched for a moment to move it from one place to another (an action which the spectator does not perceive to be unnatural, by the way). Well, if touching the billet is out, then there goes every tear and peek ever devised. Yes, all of those methods where one not only touches, but handles, the written info... gosh, those must be weak, too, right "bsears?"

Sorry, man, I disagree. I've taken a time-honored technique and constructed the perfect choreography for it, such that the spectator doesn't question that moment... and even forgets about it entirely. As far as they are concerned, the procedure is hands-off. Certainly far less handling than any tear/peek. Are you actually that concerned about moving a piece of paper from one place to another?

Also, you say my "charging the eye" is silly. So what? Play it however you want. I play it a bit lighthearted... which keeps the spectators from thinking that the action has any real meaning... understand? I have literally performed All-Seeing Eye under fire, in multiple performance situations (close-up, stage, one-on-one), and NEVER had anyone suspect either moment. In fact, in every re-telling of events I've ever heard (and I've heard a lot... people talk about this one) they say, "I wrote [something] and held it in my hand, he drew this eye and gave it to me, and he... he... knew... what... I... wrote..."

What you think are weak points (because they're necessary for the procedure) are intentionally crafted to be forgettable. While All-Seeing Eye may not be perfect for everyone, it does deliver exactly what I say it does.
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I never trust any reviews I read from the companies own website. Find a couple reliable/friendly chaps here to kick around thoughts about products before you purchase. You will be much better off!

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First of all, the trailer doesn't show everything. I imagine that if any magician with experience watched the full performance they would figure it out as the core method is very standard. That being said even if you were duped into buying it, you would still love all the genius that went into this. It's really well thought out. Every single motion makes sense.
Although it's not technically difficult I would recommend staying away unless you have experience performing, as there are issues that can come up. You are very dirty for a bit and you need to stop people from doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. If you are an intermediate magician you shouldn't have any problem.
One other thing I need to add is that this won't be able to replace your center tear or peek in all your routines. This is a specific trick and the genius here really only applies to this trick. You may be able to come up with other things that it will work for as well, but you won't be able to plug it into all the tricks that you already do.
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This is one of the best billet trick without a doubt. it is a little bit quirky but makes complete sense.

with that said, I'm not really into mentalism, so I altered the premise and turned it into a drawing transportation. I feel this makes much more sense not only removing the quirkiness and mentalism aspect. But it's much much stronger since the magic happens in their hands and truly gives the impression their drawing has never left their hand. the patter about the imaginary orb in their hand makes even more sense as being a transportation device. I highly recommend the download and converting the trick as I described. it kills many times over!!!!!
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I really like the effect.Never did like a CT.
And all of the moves look completely normal too.
Thanks Dan for offering this to the community.
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Great stuff.
Problem with CT's is, you destroy the business card (and wouldn't you rather have them keep it?).
This is beautiful - and - if you wish to incorporate the reveal into a full 'reading', you're set. everything makes perfect sense.
Love it.
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