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Did my telling you how utterly diabolical this effect was at the pub following your Davenports lecture prompt you to release this little gem? If so, can I claim commission? Smile

Despite knowing the method, I'm still going to buy this as I'm sure there's a handful of little extras that are priceless (it's also deserving of my hard earned cash)


Everyday, in everyway, I am becoming better and better
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On Jul 31, 2016, Ian Rowland wrote:
Michael -- please contact me by email and I'll be happy to make sure you get what you paid for!

- Ian

Thank you.

“Belief matters more than truth. Every moment, belief in imaginary things alters lives while truth sits unnoticed and waits.”
—Hakim, Loreweaver
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I recently made the purchase. Simple yet very elegant..
Northern California
George Hunter
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Will you be creating a discussion forum for those of us who bought 50/50?

Ian Rowland
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Hi George. No, I wasn't intending to. . Working Magic.
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An incredible piece of work/tool can't praise this highly enough. Hat's off to Ian for sharing this masterpiece!

Go buy it now guys, I would bet my last dollar that you will simply adore this Smile

Best Wishes Michael
As a mentalist you must always ask yourself what if! And throughout your life you should seek to ask and answer this question over and over again, only then will your wildest dreams become a reality!

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I was up late last night reading this Ebook - After the first read through I sat and stared at the floor for a good 10 minutes playing it all out in my mind. Then I sat back and breathed a huge sigh. It was a sigh brought out of total respect.
The kind of sigh you give when you see a world class footballer score a goal you could NEVER score, or a boxer punch someone in a way you know would have KILLED you! Or a singer hit a note that sends your whole being into MELTDOWN!

It's that moment of clarity, of genius, of something special that you didn't even know you wanted to find.

This effect is a MONSTER!!!

Without wanting to sound smug, It's definitely more at home with a seasoned performer. Not because it's difficult or involves any complicated handling of any kind but because a seasoned performer will understand the simplicity of it's strength.

This is thinking on a different level. This is from a mind that get's the meaning of words and how to use them.

I'm blown away by this thinking and, if I'm being honest, has made me doubt my own ability to create miracles and left me feeling inadequate. Which is ironic because my audiences will have a very different view of me when I perform this.

This shouldn't be a limited release - this should be acknowledged as a legendary effect, that inspires and raises the bar of creation.


Congratulations Mr Ian Rowland.

sometimes people can surprise you!
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Just about to take the plunge on this one. Would like to know if it uses....erm.. linguistic finesses. In other words, would it work in any language, regardless of how that language position words in a sentence?
Ian Rowland
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Hi broothal!

If you check out the description for '50:50 Fantasia' on my website, this point is addressed: "The booklet is in English but the routine will work in any other language. I have had customers try this in German. Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian and Hebrew so far! It works!"

So, yeah, it works. . Working Magic.
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D'oh... Sorry - it says right there on the website. Shame on me for not reading it through.
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Michael Murray very kindly gave me the heads up on this, and I'm so glad he did otherwise it would of slipped under the radar. Thanks Mike.

What can I say about 50:50 Fantasia?

This is bloody brilliant, it reads great on paper, but plays 10 times better in real life. Iv'e fried two people with this today, they were clueless.
This is how real mind reading should look.

I honestly can't find any flaws in this routine, it is perfect in it's simplicity.

Do yourselves a favour and get this while you can, don't let it slip under your radar.
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As a big fan of Ian's work (his Penguin Live lecture is one of my favorites) - I was confident that this would be a high caliber release. I was ABSOLUTELY correct in my "prediction"!

As other's have said, this is elegant, simple, and DEVASTATING.

If you don't mind going a bit "dark" in your show combining Ian's technique with the presentation of Rick Maue's "Heads & Tales" is a match made in heaven...granted you aren't gambling with money and material possessions but the stakes are EVEN HIGHER!


"The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before." Neil Gaiman

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So, so, so good! Absolutely love this routine. Just brilliant thinking. Best "single effect" release of 2016 so far. Outstanding job, Ian. Posted a short review on my website:
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Hi Robb I loved your review reminds me of nearly exactly what I bet when I first havr it a trial with my mate I put my car keys in on the bet (I rent my house so that's not an option).

I concur with everything you said.

Dr Rob
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I second the praise for this effect.

At first, I was kind of hesitant to purchase this effect.
But my curiosity won, so I bought it.

And I don't regret it for a second.
In fact, I would happily pay double the price for this, it's so good.
It's simple, elegant, insanely clean....
it has great drama built in and you can have a lot of fun with your participant.
I can't believe that a simple 50:50 bet can be so strong.

One question though;
I like the idea of giving away a consolation prize at the end... it's a nice gesture and also "softens" the "I win - you lose... nananananaa"-factor a bit.
What kind of consolation prize would you use?
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I am also a very happy customer. I had the pleasure to perform it twice this week close up. It went great!
I changed the presentation a little bit, to fit my personality. Probably the best propless 50:50 guess I ever came across.

Regarding Alexxanders question; I also have a problem with the " I win lose" situation, and thought what
consolation prize to use.
Maybe a can of Sauerkraut? Smile
Dr Spektor
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Give the person a lucky coin. Either do a flip and tell them to call it.... And no matter what they say say "correct! This is a lucky coin" and gift it after you sign it.... Or do a coin bend and give it to them. Keeps a 50% theme.
"They are lean and athirst!!!!"
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Wow, there are a lot of people I trust recommending this. I guess I’m just perplexed as to how a single one-time 50/50 revelation has got you all so excited. Could anyone elaborate, if possible without delving into exposure of presentation and/or method?

Ian Rowland
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Dear Scott0819:
I'm not sure what sort of elaboration you're after, especially if you don't want anyone to blab about the presentation or the method.
The relevant product page on my website has 664 words of description and 'elaboration'. Various people have thanked me for being so honest in the text rather than just grabbing every dollar (e.g. being open about the fact that it's unsuitable for beginners, and that close-up guys can use this item but it's something you'd only do once per gig).
If you want any more elaboration, feel free to email me and I'll do my best to help you. . . Working Magic.
David Thiel
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I take a page out of Osterlind's book and give them a lottery ticket that "I feel pretty good about."

The more I work with this the more I like it.

Ian: you crafty fella...good on ya.

Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Except bears. Bears will kill you.
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