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D'Puck sent me a review copy and I echo all comments above. Workable, will get good reactions, and relatively cheap. For those youngsters who wear caps this is worth buying.
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In the interest of full disclosure dpuck messaged me personally and asked me if I was interested in reviewing the effect. I received no monetary compensation, but I was provided with the effect at no cost to me.

Effect: Very interesting and visually arresting effect. It's very clear what's happening. A signed card placed in an empty baseball cap instantly and visually switches place with a deck of cards in your other hand. On the video it looks fantastic. The first time I saw it I thought the appearing deck in the cap was a gaff. It's not, which makes this very appealing. I'm gonna give it a 6/10 for effect. It can use a signed card and it looks great. Not completely mind blowing because there is an awkwardness to holding the deck and the whole thing has to happen fast. There is no room to relax with this effect, but it is good.

Method: Very straight forward with sleights that are accessible to almost every magician. I think there are a few problems with the method in the way the card is signed and placed into the baseball cap. This could definitely benefit from stronger routining or combining it into a longer string of effects. This would be a great end to an ambitious card routine, that would fix a ton of problems I have with it. The method as presented is very bold, and is going to take some bravery to pull off. It scores lots of points with me in that it is mostly impromptu. There's some setup required, so you couldn't go into this on the spur of the moment. The setup is very fast, but I couldn't just decide to do this. That limits how and when I can do it. The whole effect feels like a great idea that hasn't been explored enough. I think that this could have benefited from another year in the trenches before it was brought to release. 6/10

Production: I really don't want to get to nit picky here because the video is short. 11 minutes and change to present and explain what is a pretty cool effect. However attention needs to be paid to the sound engineering on this. There is a lot of background noise that grates on me a little. In fairness to the creator I produce videos for others and so this may just be something that bothers me. Others might not mind it at all. The one big thing this could benefit from is live performances for normal people. This would help allay some suspicions I have regarding how to perform it in the real world. I know that we can get numb to that stuff from some of the big players who edit the best reactions, but those real world performances lend an unspoken credibility to the method, especially in a teaching session where you can see the whole thing from start to finish and then discuss what happened and why back in the studio. The camera work and editing on the teach is good. 6/10.

Overall well worth the $6.95 price. Great idea. Straight forward. Could benefit from some improvements, but no one is going to be griping after they finish watching the download. The whole thing is a 6/10 for me. Better than the average effect that hits the digital download market place, but not a complete jaw dropper that makes me immediately buy it and put it straight in my show. I do look forward to seeing other material from the creator because there's definitely some good thinking here.
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Ah, is this the one that I received that spammy PM about? It seems a lot of people did, will the Café take action?
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I got it, too. Was wondering why he sent it to me, but I guess it just went to everyone?
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Gaz Lawrence
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I got a review copy from D Puck and have to say it's very fairly priced and it's a very good effect and does exactly what is says on the tin . I personally don't perform in a cap or hat but for those who do or would I have no hesitation in recommending this . Basic card skills are required but are very minimal and the visual illusion is strong and the instructions are clear and precise . I showed this to my Daughters who have seen every effect I do and they were very impressed as the timing and flow of this is well thought out and it can hit hard to a lay audience . I would rate this 65% because I wouldn't use it due to clothing restrictions ie I wouldn't wear a cap or hat when performing otherwise would mark this at 75% for the overall effect . Even I had a cap I wear on vacations when it's very hot that worked perfectly so you are pretty much ready to go as no gimmicks are used or needed . Best wishes Tarik 😊
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On Nov 2, 2016, MazingMandy wrote:
Ah, is this the one that I received that spammy PM about? It seems a lot of people did, will the Café take action?

Someone was offering a free review copy so all you had to do was say yes or delete. I did not see this as spam. Nothing was being sold.
The Café Take action for what?
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Spamming it's user base in an attempt to promote their commercial product. If they want to advertise ( which, despite supposedly offering a review copy, this still is) there are established paths for this ( like all the other 'special offer' PM's the Café themselves send.

Why should this creator be allowed to bypass the Café's mechanisms?
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Also received a review copy.

I actually wear a ton of baseball hats pretty much daily so I'm going to give this a try.

It is indeed visual and quite striking the first time you see it. 2 Basic sleights required and a ton of impact.

With that said, I would have liked to seen a full performance for a viewing audience to get the timing down of the critical, one handed moment. This routine has shades of calen moreli's hat routine and a bunch of james brown midirective based card magic. It's fun, quick, visual, and effective.

On the negative side, the video is a bit low budget and rushed in my opinion. But it does cover pretty much everything you need to know.

Solid effect and solid release.
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I don't wear a baseball hat, but do wear a pork pie hat.With a bit of tinkering it will work with this hat.

As said, it is a very visual trick. I liked it when I first saw it.It had that Wow effect.

The mechanics of the trick are relatively straight forward.

Dpuck explains them reasonably well . More explanation could be given on the second sleight.

This trick is limited to a small number of spectators because of angle restrictions.

I would like to see how this plays out with an audience.

Two things here that have a question mark over them,

Handing the card to the spectator to put into the hat( most will want to look at it) and secondly, some may question the number of cards in the hat.

In summary I think it is a good trick especially if you wear a baseball cap.

Wayne Liew
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Received this and here is my 2cents:

Method: Is it what I think it is? Yes, it is pretty straightforward but it gets the work done.
Effect: This is a great short effect as it offers a short visual moment during the revelation of the signed card and the appearing deck in cap.
Angles: In close-up situation, this could be performed for 3-4 people provided you slant your body a little to hide the exposed view. Not recommended to perform this effect for more than 4 people.
Difficulty: You need to know a basic card switch and with a little audience management, you can perform this effect in no time.
Price: For $6.95, you get a 11mins+ of online video instruction teaching everything you need to know to perform this effect. You can't go wrong with $6.59.

To wrap things up, the impact of this effect is highly based on your performance but not so much on the method. Satiesfied Smile
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Review copy. I really liked it. The effect is excellent, one of those "Whoa" moments. I like those. As a strict hobbyist and relative newbie, there is a lot to learn here in respect of angles, basic sleights, timing, a bit of audience management and misdirection. Seasoned pros will easily get all this in an instant, but for me, it will be a great exercise and learning curve.

The video is about right in length and the odd subtitle was very much appreciated. I am hard of hearing with hearing aids and could not hear everything, partly due to D's accent, but subtitles make all that side of things a breeze. I wish more DVD's would include this function.

I was very pleased he broke down that rather nifty TC. This is something I need to perfect. At a fiver a pop, this is value for money and as bit different from the usual CTW. It's everything else TW apart from the card! I like that thinking.

Good work.
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Deepak Mishra also contacted me and asked if I would review his effect Madcap Boy. I appreciate that he asked and I am glad to provide my comments, which are similar to those above. I wrote my review before I read this thread.

Deepak describes this as a visual signed card transposition. The dealer ad would say that card is signed and placed in your cap. The cap is shaken and the deck that was in your hands immediately materializes in the cap and you are now holding the signed card. I feel this is indeed a very visual transformation

Deepak provided me with the trailer and explanation, both of which are very well produced. There are clear visuals and explanations.

The trailer is from the spectator's point of view. It gets right to the point and lets you know what the effect is. The effect is very visual and revelation is unexpected. Without analytically thinking about what would need to be done, I felt it was quite magical. The two key moments which create the magic have been edited out as they would immediately expose the method to any magician or even a layman who viewed a performance more than once.

The explanation is 11 minutes long and starts with a page of time marks which would be useful for all video explanations. Deepak says the effect is easy, practical, and visual. The explanation starts with a full studio performance (well almost full, as the hand goes out of frame for a key moment). The effect uses 2 standard intermediate level sleights. They are not hard but take confidence to perform.

The key to carrying off the sleights undetected of course is misdirection. The second sleight has powerful misdirection as you take your cap off to show it to the spectator. In the bare, bones studio performance, there is not sufficient motivation or misdirection for the first move. He briefly comments the card could be given to a second spectator which could provide the motivation and misdirection, but it is not developed in the explanation. In a real performance sufficient misdirection could also be achieved by just asking the spectator to look at the cap on your head by pointing with the deck and a simple line such as "See my cap, we’re going to do something magical with this". Deepak goes into detail describing how to perform the sleights.

A sports cap is used for the transformation. I do not think that all sports caps have the necessary construction to perform the effect, however, the type needed is easily found. As Deepak comments, there are some angle considerations with the cap and the effect cannot be performed surrounded. I image it would be easy to make a modification to the cap to eliminate the angle issue. It may also be possible to find a cap constructed in such a way that the angle issues are much less.

So what's the conclusion for Madcap Boy. If you like the plot, this is a very visual and magical effect. The price is right and it can be found at Penguin for $6.95, where you can see the trailer. I'm not sure I would say it is easy, but it is not hard and well within the reach of any intermediate level performer. The misdirection to hide the necessary moves can easily be placed in the routine. The angle issue may limit the effects practicality in certain settings. With appropriate audience management it would be a fun effect to perform.
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If you are a magician with a little knowledge and experience then this is a really fun trick that you'll enjoy playing with. I know I have.

If you are an inexperienced magician with no knowledge then this will teach you quite a lot about magic without you having to spend a fortune. Beginners will, obviously, learn the trick and the techniques that are needed to execute the trick. But they will also learn a lot about audience management, misdirection and performance skills.

I highly recommend this to everyone of all levels.
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Got this as a review copy , first I've to say for the price , this is a good buy , and it's worth it . The secret is one which I'll never think of , the use of the cap as is quite ingenious .

However some caps may not be able to accomplish the effect , but I suppose most caps should work , since I found several in my house that works perfectly .

The tutorial video is about 11 minutes , short and sweet videos are my favorite . He covered everything in detail in this short period of time . It's too , shot nicely and structured neatly for viewing , I definitely enjoyed watching through .

The trailer itself is pretty honest , it is what it is , and when done to the spectators in the real world , that's what it'll look like . Some angles needs to be covered though , but overall the angles are pretty good . I might even try this out on a upcoming show after most guest leaves just for fun before the event . I would say this isn't the easiest trick , requires some confidence in execution , and beginners may need some getting down before performing it smoothly , but for most magicians with a little bit of experience the entire effect should be relatively easy to perform in no time .

If you like what you see , go get it , for its price you can't be disappointed , it may be a very little tricky to perform , but you'll get it down in no time . As for the angles , they can be easily controlled . If I were to pay the full price for it , I won't be disappointed . Furthermore , you get to perform something unusual that uses caps .
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Did anyone NOT get asked to review this?
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On Nov 10, 2016, MazingMandy wrote:
Did anyone NOT get asked to review this?

Hahaha you are awesome man one is left Smile I am giving it for free to everyone I care about(everyone) Smile yeah I know I love you too Smile
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I've had time to review and play with this and it works as advertised. There are basically two sleights involved. One is very common. The other isn't really a traditional sleight - it's just something you need to do during the routine. That will take the most practice. Not hard, but you have to practice to get is smooth during the choreography of the routine. D'puck shows a nice addition at about the 8 minute mark that makes the move much quicker/easier. The first sleight is very common. D'puck teaches his method but I recommend learning it from David Williamson who has the absolute best version of the sleight I've ever seen.

As for the cap, you can wear the cap all day and you are ready to go at a moment's notice. So you don't need to leave the room to set up the cap before performance. As for angles, that will be dictated by the type of cap you have. I can't go into much detail because I don't want to reveal the method but if you have a traditional cap with the two plastic pieces that snap together in the back, your angles are more limited than if you have one of the newer style "one size fits all" caps that are solid all the way around and don't have the two plastic thingies. If you have the later style cap, your angles are probably good up to 180 degrees.

The method itself is simple and it works. The visuals are killer. So if you wear a cap and like card magic, I don't see how you would be disappointed with this effect.
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Agreed with the comments here. With the right type of hat this is an excellent effect. In my opinion this could be an interesting extension to the homing card finale'. If you perform the homing card and end with transposition of he deck in your pocket, it could be interesting to have this happen in the open with this.

By the way, your "NP Technique" coin work looks very nice, Deepak.
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