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Check this out a new principle for memdeck workers:

"The Gerats Principle enables you to perform the following effect:
Two decks are on the table. After two spectators have each cut one of the decks to their heart's content, the magician is able, without handling the cards, to tell whether there will be a matching of cards (ie: 2♥/2♥)) at a certain position in the decks or not - and if there is a match of cards how many matches there will be and moreover at which position(s) in the decks the matching occurs. On top of all, if there is a match, he is able to tell which specific cards will match. "
merlin5150 II
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Which stack does this use?

Pasteboard Alchemist
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The principle can be used with any stack. What you read in the description above is, essentially, the entire premise of the principle. So, it's very specific. I appreciate the amount of work the author put into this, but I don't see myself going through the effort for this type of effect. If I didn't find other applications (I used a stacked full tarot deck, so was able to modify the principle to work with two of those--which makes the "matching" far more compelling, in my opinion) then I would have likely felt it was overpriced. But, given that I was able to find a practical use for it, I'm okay with it. Your mileage may vary.
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I am very glad this exists and that I now own it and am aware of it, but like Pasteboard Alchemist says, I'm not sure I'm likely to use this. I'm not a fan of two deck effects in general, so maybe I'm biased.

Without saying too much, I think it's weird to run through all the cards face up from the two decks at the same time...I think it has the potential to expose the stack, though that's the least of my worries. My biggest fear is when you reveal the location of the second pair, you pretty much have to say it out loud ahead of time to make the effect powerful, and it's absurdly recognizable that the two numbers you call out are half the deck (26 cards) away. I think that part of the effect will not fool more astute laypeople unless you have compelling false shuffles at the beginning, and even then I'm wary.

Really cool idea though. Maybe Aronson will take a look at this and write an epic manuscript on it. I've begun my pondering on it, for what it's worth.
Ferry Gerats
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Pasteboard Alchemist: How nice to hear that you are using the principle.
Avasatu: Thanks for the compliment that you regard the principle as a cool idea.

Btw, Avasatu, putting aside that we have different views of what a layman may or may not observe I think it is useful to mention that your problem with the 2nd match doesn’t exist if you use two decks of 51 or 53 cards as pointed out in the e-book for then there will be only one match.

What I really would like to hear from you both, did you download the update with the apps? Although I doubt whether it would be appropriate to use an app in combination with a tarot deck, on the whole I think the apps make the application of the principle much more easy.
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I didn't download the app yet, as I am not sure I will use it, but I probably will at some point soon.

I'm not sure I want to run through a full deck just to only find a single match. I may try this with fewer cards, in which case I will have to rework the details.
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Works perfectly with fewer cards. I think it comes into its own when you instead of creating exact matches you have two piles with related cards instead for example actors and films. I have a fairly commercial routine based on countries and landmarks.

The cards are stacked with following stack numbers. These need to be memorised. Really you just need to memorise the countries as the landmarks fall naturally from these.

This won't layout well on screen but should be easy to follow.

Country Landmark
1 Australia Sydney Opera House
2 Brazil Christ The Redeemer
3 China The Great Wall
4 Egypt Pyramids
5 England Big Ben
6 France Eiffel Tower
7 Greece Parthenon
8 India Taj Mahal
9 Italy Leaning Tower of Pisa
10 Japan Mt Fuji
11 Russia Red Square
12 Scotland Edinburgh Castle
13 USA Statue of Liberty

One stack has the countries in this order and the other has the landmarks in reversed order. The cards are face down. The cards are then mixed by the magician using a Charlier shuffle and then I use the Paul Curry's Swindle Switch so the spectators feel that they have randomised up both piles. The spectators can then cut the piles as much as they like. You then "lock in" the countries order but turning that pile face up. You then offer the spectator with the landmark pile to either move one card from the top to the bottom or bottom to top to change the order or to stick. Once they are done the landmark order is "locked in" too by turning it face up too. Using the principle you know that there will be one matching country and landmark (odd number of cards) and where it will be just by looking at the two cards on the faces of the piles. If you know the principle you could for example know that if “Brazil” and “Big Ben” are the top two cards then “Japan” and “Mt. Fuji” will be the match.

Where you go with this information is up to you. You could for example have a thumb writer to set a "prediction", you could have a series of photographs that you then forced the correct photo on someone. I've got a couple of apps that I wrote for my phone. One has a fake login that takes the stack numbers, does the calculations and sets the background image /wallpaper of my phone to me at the location that will match. This is done before the order of the cards is displayed. The other app uses a stooge who I show a "prediction" to at the start of the effect on the phone. When the country and landmark are shown they select the matches from a dropdown and again this sets the wallpaper.

I hope you find this trick interesting and see how you can apply the principle to workable effects.

Ferry Gerats
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the Netherlands
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Scottishsweety that is a very interesting application of the principle. Congratulations!
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