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I'm fairly new to mentalism as I have not yet dealt with a very large crowd but I have a gig coming up in about a year and want to know, how do you guys hide your swami's? In 13 steps corinda mentions how sometimes it can be worn throughout the performance but I don't think that would work well with the use of a TT writer, what would you guys suggest? Thanks
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Curtis The Mentalist
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It's doubtful you'll get any real answer here since your question deals with methods and you don't have sufficient posts for the "Inner Thoughts" forum, where questions of methods belong. Just an FYI.
Mr. Woolery
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Generally, you hide it like you hide anything. This involves several factors.

1) know when you will be using it
2) know how to ditch it when needed
3) know when NOT to ditch it
4) don't be guilty about it

And I think that last one is what busts the most people. We get so worried about whether something is showing or not that we start behaving unnaturally and that draws attention to the very thing we want to hide.

Want to know how to keep it invisible? Record yourself doing a performance of the material where you would expect to wear it. This is just setting up your camera phone in your living room, not a live performance. Go through the motions without having any gimmicks on at all. Pretend the situation is exactly as you are going to present it. (Meaning if you are using the NW to do a prediction, you start with a dummy prediction.) The goal is to see what your audience would look at and see. Now, wrap duct tape around your guilty digit and do it all again. How often does the duct tape actually show in your video? What would you have to change in order to hide it?

Now, after you have finished blocking this and practiced it a few times, video it a third time. See how guilty you feel with the camera watching? Get over that and your tool will finally be invisible.

But for any details, yeah, you need at least 50 posts and then check in down below.

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Piggybacking on Patrick's post above pay close attention to hand actions, placements, etc.
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If you can swim in 3 feet of water, you can swim in 300 feet of water. Practice using it. Get used to it. Do it for people. If you can do it for a few people you can do it for a few hundred. When your post count gets up to the 50 minimum take this down stairs for more detailed assistance. Good luck.
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Philemon Vanderbeck
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Wear it even when you're not performing. See if people notice it.
Professor Philemon Vanderbeck
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Know when to put it on and when to ditch it.I think 13 steps does talk of angles when using a TT.....pointing TT towards the audience, keeping it behind the pad/ dollar bill/board etc etc.
Most importantly don't BOTHER.IF YOU don't BOTHER ABOUT IT, NO ONE ELSE WILL.
If you bother about it, you will invariably draw attention towards it.
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Blocking and timing...
I've asked to be banned
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Curtis The Mentalist
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Well shut my mouth...!
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During his Penguin Lecture, Andy Nyman recounted how after years of watching the weather report on TV he finally noticed that the presenters carried a switch in their hand to change the weather screen behind them. He couldn't believe he had not noticed it before but realised that, since they had not drawn any attention to the object in their hand, it had became "invisible".
I really liked this anecdote and it changed my approach to palming, switching etc. As Mindshrink says, "you need to stop bothering about it".

I recently saw myself doing an effect that was filmed by a work colleague on her phone. Once I had got over hearing the awfulness of my voice on video I noticed that I had kept a Sharpie pen in my hand for the duration of the effect. There was no reason for it to be there and I must have changed it from hand to hand about 10 times. God knows why I didn't just put the bloody thing down! However, no one questioned its presence and no one was "burning" the pen or following its every move. I could instantly see that since I had treated the pen as being completely irrelevant and of no interest (which is was) the audience had done the same thing.
In practice this is probably harder to do when you are conscious of the object but it does give an indication of what you should be striving for.
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I agree with Curt. I can remember a time when a question like this asked by a newbie member would result in the poster never coming back again! Sure is an unpredictable place.
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Thank you, the advice is all very well appreciated
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Use it as your opener then ditch it
GrEg oTtO

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It is all about attitude
David Thiel
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Interesting times for sure. I clearly remember the days when this kind of question from a guy we didn't know would result in charred earth...and the softly moaning remains of a newbie who really had no idea what he had done wrong. Smile I am glad times have changed because the question was posed with respect and honesty.

I have never gotten the hang of NWs. I find them very hard to get on, keep on and use. But the fact is that what they do is critical for many of the things I do in my show. I use a retractable TT NW that I got from Mark Strivings. It's a perfect little device...very easy to use and it comes with a listo option that works perfectly for large audiences.

Having said that...let me make the following suggestions:

1) Practice with your choice often. Draw numbers. Letters. Write names...and practice doing so without looking at your hand or the pad. The image I want to convey is that I am holding the pad close to me to protect my prediction...even as I am you-know-whatting it. Use it until you are completely comfortable that you can use it perfectly.

2) Try to be moving about as you use this device. This makes it much more difficult to detect. (I think I got this idea from Richard Osterlind. But it's a wonderful way to keep the burn off of you.)

3) Practice over and over getting it on and off easily. There are bands, adhesive varieties, NWs, TTs...the perfect match is out there. You just have to find it.

4) Personally I find using it close up is much more difficult. So I did most of my practice work in those environments: surrounded by people who are watching you carefully. It's a great training ground for developing a sense for who is watching you and how to only let them see what you want them to see. By the time I used it on stage, it was bulletproof.

I think the mistake many make with this device is that they don't accord it the respect it deserves. It really is a big chunk of your show that comes out of a tiny item. Mastering it really pays off again and again.

Hope this is helpful, Borj.

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There is an effective introductory rundown of TT technique on episode 6 of Dan Harlan's Tarbell series at Penguin.

Also, the teaching of the (magic) effects includes ideas for moving and hiding the device useful in an NW capacity.
Matt Pulsar
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