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Hello Everyone -

Over the last year I have been practicing and buying magic tricks right and left. It has been a casual hobby but lately my hunger is getting bigger and bigger. And I decided to step back and make some observations and changes in what I am doing.

And here is what I have come up with.

1. I have a lot of magic. Over the last year I have purchased a lot of gimmick tricks and things that I don't use. like: the raven, gimmick card and coin tricks, DVDs , and so on. Most of it I don't use or play with because I got bored with it. I keep coming back to classics like cups and balls and so on.

2. I have not really mastered anything. I can do a lot of tricks well enough to get by and impress my friends. But I have not really mastered any one piece of magic.

3. The small tricks get the best reactions.

Now here is what I am going to do about it.

1. As of a few days ago I decided to sell the tricks that I don't use. And focus and master a few good tricks. And I am going to practice a lot ..

So far I decided to master the following tricks and what I am using to reference. I am looking for more information on the magic tricks that have blanks.

cups and balls - using Ammar's vol.1 and vol.2 w/ riser mini cups

sponge balls -

Ambitious card - using Daryl's Ambitious Card DVD. I have actually been practicing Ambitious almost everyday every chance I get. I have a deck of cards at work and when I am sitting on the phone I am sitting there with my cards. I have noticed a difference in how it looks and feel more confident about it. Basically that is my plan on mastery.

3 shells -

3 card Monte - Daryl does the Full Monte

rope magic -

Now what I am looking for is a good non gimmick coin trick. Any suggestions?

And also maybe 1 - 3 more classic tricks that I should add to my list. I really want to stay away from gimmicks and gaffs.

Any other advice is welcome

Thanks -

Chickens and Beandip
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Whatever floats your boat, I don't think too many people are that worried about your magic agenda. As for the coins, there are lots of non gimmicked coin tricks. What are you looking for in particular?

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It seems like you are going for the classics. I am doing the same.
I am working on a nice coins accross with a 2 in the hand/1 in the pocket clean up. See Dan Watkins site for some great ideas http://www.coinvanish.com. I can optionally start the routine with the production of 3 coins from the first coin.
Magic is fun!!!
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Howard Wiles
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Hi Richard.
You've reached the same conclusion as me.
I bought a number of gaffed/gimmicked items and they are just that..TRICKS ! anybody can do them.
I decided to get involved with effects that need a skill or sleight and decided coins were a good starting point and also just recently..like you..Cups and Balls.
I've bought the MagicMakers "Paul Fox" type from calmagic.com and Ammars Cups and Balls Book.and a Wand from Penguinmagic.com. Take a look at Carl Andrews Table Hopping Cups and Balls DVD, good for a beginner and moves into a sponge ball routine. I considered the Shells but I don't want to get too many on the go at once. I really want to concentrate onC+B at present.


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You already have a pretty good list of effects there -- maybe you should take just three of those and work on the routining, patter and all that before you start working on anymore, if you want to truly master them - I think that might be your best bet.

And after a year of buying tricks I am sure you have seen a coin effect or two that caught your eye, find out which ones you really liked and learn.

Good luck.
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I am going assume that you are looking for an apparently non-gimmicked effect... since you have spent your obligatory first year in "magic-trick-purchase" mode (didn't we all start this way?)

For gimmick effects, maybe you can choose something from your war chest that ends clean?Copper/Silver/Brass or Roth's Shelled Coins Across come to mind...

For truly non-gimmicked routines, dig through Bobo's book, Gadabout Coins is strong, so is Coins Though Table. How about a Flurry or Spellbound routine? Matrix or Coin Assembly?

Learn something new everyday.
Han Solo
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For a coin routine how about a coins across or coins through the table?
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MJ Marrs
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If you're going to focus on ONE, then go for a good shelled coins across routine (Roth). Technically, it involves a shell, so it's not 100% nongaffed, but you end clean with four coins (which can be examined until the cows come home)in the spectator's hand.

A bonus for going with this routine is that you'll always have coins for "Shadow Coins" and a nice matrix routine if you decide that you want to learn a couple more routines in the future.
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Alright where can I find ..

Roth's Shelled Coins Across ??

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What about copper silver transposition? This can be done in spectator's hand. There is a sequence where spectator is given both coins to hold in one closed hand behind their back. They reach behind back with other hand & pull out either one of the 2 coins in closed hand. This is given to magician who then once again transposes the coins. References are many. Bobo, Johnny Thompson Classics of Magic tapes, David Roth videos. The above sequence may be from Fred Kaps. David Roth explains this on his Tannens tape using a gaff, but you can do it gaffless also.
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If you want some good coin routines that are not to terriably difficult you should check out unexpected visitor by doug brewer. it has a shell coins across in it with a great transposition at the end where an english penny changes into a chinese coin. I think the book is for sale for $10 or something like that at the magic warehouse.

as for the 3 shell stuff, I would recomed the bob kohler tape, and then the bob sheets tape. the kohler one has a great routine and it is prett simple once you know the basic moves. the sheets tape has a few moves that are really good and deceptive but he kind of leaves the developing a routine up to you. which is good once you know how a routine should flow but if you have never done the shells before you might be tempted to just keep doing move after move, with no real presentation or routine.
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For the coin routine ,i recomend chink-a-chink
I learnt it about 4 weeks ago and its gotta b one of my favourite effects

Joker 808
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There are many non-gimmicked coin tricks and I have found most of them in Bobo's modern coin magic. This includes 'Gadabout coins', 'Coin through ring' and 'Four coins to a glass'. There are many many more but these are just a few of my favourites.

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Jonathan Townsend
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I submitted a coins through table (or two) to Apocalypse in the early 1980s. The version using the e] predates the release of Roth's Shelled Coins Across. Come to think of it there is also a rather direct looking Coins Across routine of mine in there too. A quick inspection of the index for the magazine will show material from Roth, Kam, Neighbors, Stone and other notables.

It does help to get through the material in Bobo's before looking for more. I probably would not have made the discoveries unless I had made the investment in time and effort to read and learn from those older books.
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Dai Vernon's winged silver in select secrets is a good coin routine. So is copper silver by John Scarne. And the Kangaroo coins by Dai Vernon that is a coins thru table routine. These three are in the stars of magic.

I hope this helps,

Glenn Bishop
Glenn Bishop Cardician

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Pete Biro
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The message one above says it all. No nead to go into all the hot new stuff. Learn copper silver in someone's hands, coins thru table or winged silver.

Like Goshman's secret. Learn one or two things and do them better than anyone else.

NOW, MORE IMPORTANT THAN PRACTICE... do this stuff for real people over and over and over and over.
STAY TOONED... @ www.pete-biro.com
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